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Advance Notification Of S/X Story Postings

From tomorrow (2nd June) I will begin posting the first of my full length stories here on Bloodclaim.

These are my first attempts as a solo writer.

Details: So far I've only written full-length HAU. The stories feature my interpretation of a HUMAN Spike. (IE Never a vampire and NOT BTVs William, though  that name is used just to confuse things!)

All stories are completed before posting. (No WIP)
All are rated overall NC17. (Though you are warned that only one or two chapters may actually qualify for this rating.)
All stories are 100% SPANDER. No multiple pairings, Xovers or Threesomes etc.

So far all stories are based on movies re-written as S/X and are as follows:

Romancing The Stone
                                              } These feature Spike as: William (Spike)  Stone and are the first in a possible 'Stone' series
Jewel of The Nile

The Wolf and The Hawk    An S/X version of Ladyhawke

The above are completed and I am at present 8 chapters into another Rutger Hauer movie Flesh & Blood

Each story is between 20-30 chapters and will be posted new each month, the chapters posted daily until complete.

June- Romancing The Stone  (Written for the UX film challenge and what started me writing.)
July -Jewel of The Nile (Sequel to the above but can be read alone.)
August- The Wolf and The Hawk  (Ladyhawke)
September- Flesh & Blood

Looking forward to posting.

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