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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 2/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Please note that these are not the same characters as would
be in BTVS so please don't complain that they would never do the
things portrayed in this story.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Spike had a grin on his face and a tight grip on the steering wheel as
they sped out of town. He kept his eye on the bumpy narrow road while,
at the same time, stealing glances at the hyperactive boy beside him who
had rolled down the window and was hanging half his body out and
whooping into the wind like a wild dog.

As soon as they crossed the city limits, he snapped the wheel to the left,
turning the hulking machine onto a smaller, dirt side road while holding his
speed at a breakneck acceleration.

Xander was clinging on for dear life. He had never felt such a surge of
excitement rushing through him as he had today. He couldn't believe
what he had done. Never before in his short years had he even considered
taking a piece of penny candy from Webber's market and now he had not
only run off with a stranger in a stolen car, he had wiped out the till in
Pete's cash box.


Xander was on his knees with his chest and body out the window. He could
smell the fresh cut hay and the manure covered fields as they flew by.
At first he thought he was hearing an echo of his own voice as he shouted
into the wind but soon realized it was the far off sound of a police siren
closing in behind them. Dropping back into this seat he turned to the driver.

"Listen! They're coming!"

Spike just laughed and tightened his grip on the wheel.

"I know, Pet. Hold tight."

With no other warning, Spike jerked to the right. He left the well worn
dirt road and the tank like sedan headed for the tree line. Without slowing,
he expertly maneuvered around an oak tree, between two maples and
finally came to rest in a strategically hidden clearing that was surrounded
by tall, overgrown lilac bushes where he shut down the powerful engine.
He then held a finger to his lips and Xander sat quietly.

In no time they heard the sirens of the town sheriff fast approach and
speed by their small area of perfect concealment leaving a thick cloud
of dust as evidence of how near they were to being caught. Neither
man moved as they listened to the piercing noise as it peaked. They
waited as it continued on till the sound was far away and, finally, no more
than a distant, fading din.

When it could no longer be heard, Spike calmly got out of the car, leaned
against it and lit a cigarette he had rolled earlier and tucked in his shirt
pocket. Xander, too, jumped from his side of the car and he ran around
to the driver. His entire body vibrated with the exhilaration. It was all
he could do not to squeal and clap his hands.

"WOW! Fucking WOW! Did you see that? Did you see how close we came
to getting caught? Well, shit, of course you did. I mean you were driving.
WOW! Where the hell did you learn to drive like that? SHIT! I wish I could
drive like that! Now what? Now where do we go?"

Spike inhaled deeply on his cigarette and blew out a thick cloud of smoke.
He chuckled at the boy's babbling and gave him a chance to run out of
steam before dropping his cig to the ground and grinding it out with the
toe of his shoe.

"Now nothing, Love. I move on and you go back home. You can tell them
that I stole the money and kidnapped you to make my getaway. Now,
you have a nice little story to tell the grandkiddies someday."

Xander was still breathless and bugeyed but he was not confused. The
thought of a reprieve, a save, never entered his mind. He had chosen
this and the idea of going back to his pitiful, boring, mundane life was far
more frightening than hitting the road with a reckless thieving nomad.

"NO!! No, I can't go back! Please, don't make me. I want to go with you.
I want to stay with you. I won't be any problem, I promise. I don't eat
much. Well, yes I do, but I promise I will quit. If you take me with you,
I'll never eat again."

Spike looked the boy up and down, assessing him. Considering him. Wondering
if he really did have what it took. He had surprised the hell out of Spike
when he stole the money but the things Spike had planned took bigger
bollicks than that. Robbing banks took bollicks the size of coconuts. Still,
checking the size and weight of the boy's bollicks might be fun and if it
didn't work out, he could dump him along the road.

"Do you have any idea who I am, Boy?"

Xander was startled to realize that he didn't. Polite introductions had
hardly seemed doable in the rush of the moment. Besides, these were
hard times. The depression had broken society into several distinct factions.
The hard working honest men like his father and Pete who had their pride
and their clear consciences to comfort them in their poverty, the rich men
who remained distant and aloof, and the criminals who had found their own
way to survive. No one really criticized them, not even the poor.
Everyone had to do what they had to do.

"Nope, I guess I don't rightly know."

Spike turned to face the wide eyed innocent boy and he slowly, menacingly
slithered forward till he closed the gap between them.

"Names Spike. Spike Barrow. Maybe you've heard of me?"

Instantly, the breath that Xander had been gasping, stopped. His mouth
fell open and his brain, recalling all the newspaper articles he had read,
snapped the pieces into place.
Young. Blond. Foreign accent. Ruthless. Reckless. Deadly. Deadly.

"Sp...Spike Barrow?"

Spike leaned forward. Xander leaned back, pressed against the side of
the car and Spike waited for the screams, for the look of terror to flash
in the boy's eyes and for the struggle to free himself.

Instead, what he got was a slow rolling of emotion that caused slight
ticks, variations and muscle movements around the deep brown eyes.
Finally, they settled, calm and relaxed.

"Glad to meet you Spike Barrow. I'm Xander Harris."

Spike did the only thing he could. He grabbed Xander by the face and
pulled him in for a searing kiss. Like a jolt of lightning, it slammed through
Xander's body and shot to his cock and nuts. He had never known a kiss
like this. When he was little, he had seen his daddy kiss his mother.
Tight, closed lip pecks on the lips. It was how he had kissed Anya when
he took her to the picture shows. It was what he knew. It was a kiss.

It was a kiss that hadn't even gotten his prick hard. A condition noted
and remarked on by Miss Anya and one she took to be highly insulting and
personal. It was what he thought he was expected to do. It was a kiss.

He didn't know what the hell this was! But it was magnificent!

It was opened mouths. It was probing, pushing, tasting tongues. It was
spit, hot and wet and tinged with tobacco and grape soda. It was a feeling,
a driving urge that shut down his brain and thrust his hips forward in a
desperate need for a human hand to grip and strip his dick.


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