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Hard Times for Spike and Xan chapter 10

Chapter 10
Title: Hard Times for Spike and Xan   
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 10/18
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander and Spike's lives spin out of control. How do they fix it?
Warning: male/male sex
Disclaimer: I don’t own
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. In this one, Warped plays Spike and Nightmare plays Xander (its usually the opposite). This was also Nightmare’s first rp EVER.


'It's your body preparing for me.' came a strange voice from behind him.

Xander spun around in his head to face... himself... in vamp form. 'Wha?'

'Let me start at the beginning, ok?' vamp!Xan folded his arms and looked at the human!Xan. 'After you got stabbed Spike brought you to the Magic Box, where Giles found a spell that would make your love’s blood heal you. Spike, being your love, was the one to give it to you. But what happens when a vampire feeds a dying man his blood, Xander?'

'...he turns...' Xander answered in a small voice.

'Right. Spike's blood gave you a demon. Me. Now, normally your soul would be gone and I would take over. But the chant that Giles said anchored your soul to give your body time to heal. Once your body was healed you weren't dying anymore so your soul stayed, but so did I.'

'I'm... a vampire now?' he started to feel a little sick.

'Half-vampire, yes. Your soul cant go anywhere so you don’t have to worry about losing it and killing everyone.'

'That’s good I guess.'

'Moving on. Our body is in so much pain because it is changing to that of a vampire. This happens in between when the person is turned and when they rise, so they don’t feel it. But you didn’t get that time. Our body still functions as a full humans would, but it will be better. Hearing, seeing, smelling, moving, like a full vampire can. We'll be just as strong too. Even be able to see at night.'

'What about blood.'

'We only need a little bit. Not sure exactly how much though.'

'So... what happens now?' he didn’t think he could handle another voice in his head.

'We merge. We become one.' vamp!Xander unfolded his arms and walked towards him.

'When is the pain gonna stop?' Xander had to know, he didn’t want to go back to that.

'It should be done now.' vamp!Xander pulled human!Xanders head to his and touched their foreheads together. They both closed their eyes as they felt a surge of power.

Xander blinked his eyes open, still extremely tired. He felt something pulling him in his mind to look to his side. There was Spike, looking at him with a worried expression.

"Sire." he whispered before he fell back into the darkness of sleep.

Spike fell to his knees when Xander called him 'sire'. "No... l didn't mean to... no. Please don't tell me he isn't the same," he covered his face as he cried.

Giles looked at Spike and Xander worriedly. "Oh dear," he then smacked his head, "Spike, I'm terribly sorry. I should have told you. Since you are a vampire, and you gave him your blood. He may be half vampire, or... full. I am not sure. We will have to find out." He patted Spike's shoulder. Then, he sighed, gently tapping Xander's cheek, "Xander, please wake up, your giving us a scare."

He was deeply asleep when he felt the sudden touch to his face. Instantly awake, he vamped out and grabbed the wrist of the hand touching him with his new reflexes, growling deeply in his chest.

His new senses assaulted him and he tightened his grip, now panting. He could feel, smell, and hear the blood rushing through the man before him. It was amazing. He then picked up on another smell, one that screamed 'Home. Safe. Protected. Protect. Love. Sire.'

He turned his head to the source of the smell. He saw his Sire and took in how upset he looked. He growl intensified 10-fold and he turned back to the man whose wrist he continued to hold, thinking that he was the one to cause his Sire pain.

Spikes head jerked up when he heard the growl, and he stood up. "No... Xan," he growled back and pulled Xander's hand off of Giles, "He is your friend, almost like your father! He helped you and me!" he yanked Xander off the table and pulled him against his body, "I want you to apologize to him. He never did anything to you Xan. Are you even my Xan anymore? Or are you just a blood sucking fiend?" He was so sad and confused as he looked into his love's eyes.

Xander starred into the blue eyes of his Sire. There was something wrong. Something missing. Or something he's supposed to remember. He looked deeper into the eyes and tilted his head. There was something right there, he knew it.

He saw a memories flash before his eyes. Him and his Sire in bed, he was sitting on top of the blonde and making him laugh. But something was different. He wasn’t his Sire there.

There was another flash and it showed him in the same bed with the same blonde, nuzzling each other. He wasn’t Sire there either.

His face change back from his demon form and he continued to look into the blue pools before him.


Spike let out a sigh of relief, "Yes, Xan." He hugged Xander closely, "I thought you were gone." He let out a deep breath, even though he didn't need to.

Giles cleared his throat and gave a sad smile, "I'm sorry Xander. I didn't think the spell would make you a vampire… it's my fault…" he trailed off, his face pale and grief-filled, he moved and sat down on one of the chairs, "I should have known. I'm so sorry."

Spike looked at Giles, "Mate, you didn't know. It wasn't your fault. He is okay anyways."

He smiled at the brunette, "Xander, you mean so much to me, I was so scared I lost you."

Xander was happy that he was ok too, he was just to distracted to show it. He was staring at Spike's neck for some reason. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. His cock was filling out and he was panting again. Without him knowing, he had started to growl and his eyes turned yellow. He licked his lips and finally vamped out. Still starring and still growling.

Spike tilted his head as he looked at Xander, and then he smelled the arousal, and his eyes flashed gold, and he smelled deeply, just staring at Xan with eyes full of lust.

"Rupert, we are... going. Get a hold of us later."

He growled as he grabbed Xander and ran with him fast to Xander's apartment.

"Pet, want you so bad," he purred, vamping out as he looked at Xander, then showed his neck more, "Oh... did you want this? Come on... take it." He growled.

Xander tackled Spike to the floor and bit him savagely. Purring and growling at the taste of his Sire's blood, taking deep pulls.

It was better than chocolate and Twinkies combined! It made him lightheaded and harder than he had ever been in his life.

He began to thrust against Spike, drilling him into the floor, while digging his nails into his shoulders, through the shirt and skin.

Spike growled as his body shivered, "Xan... Xan... oh, God. You need to stop." He gently pulled Xander off of his neck, "Don't want to take too much of my blood. I might die." He chuckled. "Go upstairs and get into the submissive position." He smirked, "On your hands and knees on the bed. I am gonna fuck you into the mattress baby," he growled as he snapped his teeth in Xander's direction.

At first he whimpered at the loss of contact and blood. After Spike told him what he was going to do, he was a bit more accepting. Xander smirked as he got up and ran to their room. He ripped his clothes off, not bothering to take them off carefully. They were covered in blood anyway. He jumped on the bed and got on his hands and knees, shaking with the need to touch himself. Knowing that his cock was leaking so much pre-cum that it was dripping on the bed.

Spike let out a slow breath. Just seeing his loved one like that, got him so hard he could hammer nails into wood. He closed his eyes and stood up, taking off his clothes and throwing them anywhere.

"I'm gonna get ya." he growled as he slowly walked to the room, his hard cock bouncing with his steps. He looked in the room and he had to swallow deeply at what he saw, "You’re beautiful," he purred as he stepped up to the bed and crawled up behind Xander. "Gonna take you and eat you up." He chuckled as he spread his loves cheeks and shoved his tongue into the puckered hole, letting his fangs graze against the very sensitive skin.

"Spike!" Xander screamed and came when Spike shoved his tongue into his opening. Thinking of and feeling Spikes fangs, right there, made him see stars. The cum shooting out and coating the bed.

'Fuck I'm gonna die all over again.' it was that intense

To his surprise his cock remained as hard as ever. 'Vampire stamina rules.' he already decided that that was worth the whole half-vampire thing.

Spike couldn't help but chuckle when he felt Xander cum and squeeze around his tongue, which was lazily pushing gently into the spit-covered hole. "Oh are a gorgeous site. So beautiful..." he purred as he pulled back and just looked at Xan's body.

He grabbed his lover's body and flipped him over and grinned down at him, "Ooh, pet... is that for me?" He leaned down and softly licked the tip of the brunettes cock, "Mmmm, so good." he purred, lightly biting his bottom lip shyly, his eyes wide and looking at Xander like he was prey. "What do you want me to do to you, baby?"

"Spike, Sire" Xander could barley breathe let alone think and Spike wanted him to answer a question?

He couldn’t stop his shaking hands from racing up and cupping his vampire's face. "You,... I want you.... So bad."

Spike smiled sweetly and kissed Xander's hand, which was cupping his face. "I want you too, Xan... so much." He leaned down and hungrily kissed Xander, his tongue shoving into his brunette lover's mouth, "I am gonna take you and I know you are gonna love it." He sighed into the kiss and pressed one wet finger into Xander's slightly slicked up hole, and pressed it inside, moving fast and shoving against Xander's prostate. "Are you gonna take all of me baby?" He groaned, "I know you are gonna love it. I know... I can feel how much you want me."

'God, that finger!' Xander thought.

"Spike, yes! All of you! Want you! Forever! Please!" He was seeing stars as Spike hit against his prostate over and over again. His cock was leaking heavily and pre-cum was pooling on his stomach.

"Spike... hurry... gonna pop!" His balls were drawing up, preparing to release his seed once again.

The blonde lover chuckled and used one hand to squeeze the base of Xander's cock, to keep him from coming too soon. "Ah ah ah, pet. Don't cum with out me," he grinned.

He gently prepared his lover with two other fingers before pulling them out slowly, to draw out the pleasure longer, and then got his cock slicked up, and he moved, getting it aligned with Xan's winking hole.

"Ready for me, honey?" He licked his lips seductively and slowly pushed in, being careful with his lover, wanting their first time with Xander bottoming to be perfect. "Is this good?" he panted.

Xander felt like he was about to cry. It felt like a piece of his soul was falling into place, without him even noticing it was gone before this.

"Yesyesyesyesyes," he chanted, not really able to think or stop his emotions. "Loveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyou"

Wanting more of this amazing feeling, he pushed down on Spike's prick.

The feeling of Spike's balls against his ass and the knowledge that Spike was in all the way, is what finally broke Xander. He threw his arms around the man above him, pushing his face into the blonde’s neck and shoulder, and cried.

"You're inside me, Spike. Spike, I love you,” he said brokenly.

Spike hugged Xander close and he gently thrust into his lover, "I love you too, pet." He moaned quietly, holding him close and letting him cry as they made love. "So beautiful. So amazing. I am so glad I have you, and I am never gonna give you up," he soothed, kissing the side of Xander's head. "So tight." He groaned, his eyes closing as he thrust a little harder, and deeper.

"Uhhh. Spike,.. more. Please." Xander was thrusting down on in time with Spike's thrust squeezing as he pulled back. "Glad I-Fuck!- Glad I have you too, Baby. Mmmmm. Love you... so much... Never leave... never let you leave." Xander pulled his lover into a deep kiss, trying to convey all they feelings he could into it. He sucked on Spike's tongue and reveled in the taste of it.

Spike gladly moved faster, his hips pistoning into Xander deeper, and he swiveled his hips, filling Xander more, and pushing against his prostate again and again. "Oooh, you take me so good, pet," he moaned, kissing Xander again, " perfect." He gasped, "I'm getting closer love. I can feel it..." His body shivered as he used one arm and lifted Xan's leg up to fuck him deeper.

"Spike!" Xander yelled as Spike drove deeper, faster, harder, hitting his prostate. His toes were curling and his back was arched, head back, and throat exposed. "Gonna cum. Spike!" His hole clapped down on Spike's cock as he felt his cum begin to fill his own cock. "SPIKE!" he screamed.

He had never cum so much in his entire life. What seemed like gallons shot out of him and landed on his chest, face, hair, and even on the bed, above his head.

Spike growled as he lunged down and bit Xander's neck, not so harsh that it would hurt Xan, but just enough that it would make it so much more erotic. He groaned as he came hard into Xander's willing, and quivering body.

After he came he pulled back and gently licked and nuzzled Xander's neck, "I love you so much, pet," he purred, his softening cock plopping out of Xan's full hole. He felt his cum leaking out of his lover.

The sensation of Spike's cum leaking out of him made Xander shiver. His cock twitched but went limp, not having enough energy to harden once again.

He smiled when he realized that he had started purring at some point. 'Hey, I can purr' he thought fuzzily. He cuddled into Spike and began to purr louder, drifting off to sleep.

Spike smiled as he watched Xander fall asleep in his arms, 'Perfect. I always wanted to feel this complete.' He nuzzled the top of Xander's head. "I love you," he whispered into his lover's ear, knowing that in his love's subconscious, he could hear Spike say that.

He shifted just a little to get them more comfortable and he started to fall asleep, purring along with Xander.




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