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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Please note that these are not the same characters as would
be in BTVS so please don't complain that they would never do the
things portrayed in this story.

Warnings for violence, bad language and M/M sexual content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

After wiping his messy hands off in the tall warm grass, Spike again kissed
Xander's lips. This time it was calmer, nearly chaste in it's application.
He then smiled at the dreamy eyed boy.

"The coppers are gone, Xan. I can't stay here any longer. It's time to go."

Xander immediately snapped to full alertness. He hastily tucked his limp
satisfied manhood back in his trousers and hurried to place himself between
Spike and the driver's side door.

"Wait. Don't leave me here. I want to go with you!"

Spike's intense stare bore into Xander as though he were trying to read
the boy's very soul. He the grabbed him by the shoulders and he shook
him to make sure he had his full attention.

"Listen to me Xander. You have to be positive. This is no romantic
adventure. If you come with me you have to be prepared to do things
you have never done before and you have to do them on a moment's
notice. Any flinch or hesitation could get us both killed. Do you understand
what I'm saying?"

Xander was no fool. He understood exactly what Spike was telling him
and he knew, in his heart that he was ready. He wanted this new life
and he wanted it with Spike.

"I'm sure. I'm ready and I won't let you down. I promise."

Spike took one more moment to assess the boy, then with a nod of his
head, he signaled for him to jump in. It was time to be on the move.
Staying here, they were sitting ducks. Spike fired up the stolen sedan
and cautiously pulled out onto the road. With no other vehicles in sight,
Spike turned in the direction of the county line and he stomped down on
the gas. Xander grabbed for the dashboard as a maniacal grin covered
his face.

"So where are we headed? Bank robbery? Gas station holdup? Payroll

Spike relaxed behind the wheel as the boy beside him babbled.

"Actually, Pet, we're headed north for a bit of a family reunion up near
Oklahoma but first I need to stop off in Homerville and pick up some cash
at the Western Union."

Xander grinned easily.

"Oh, somebody wire you some money?"

Spike snorted.

"Yeah, Love, the tooth fairy."

Xander's eyes bugged and his mouth gaped open as his brain developed
a clearer picture of what wasn't being said.

"You're....we're gonna rob 'em? Holy shit! Can I have a gun? I'm gonna
need a gun. Not as big as your gun but, yeah, I gonna need a gun."

Spike shot a critical glare at his apparent side kick.

"You ever shoot a gun before? Cause, to be true, I was planning on you
staying with the getaway car while dash in and out."

Xander spun his whole body around in the seat to face the driver.

"NO! Please, Spike. I promise, I can do this. I won't let you down. Me
and Oz, that's my cousin, his real name is Danny but we all calls him Oz,
anyway, before he joined the army, we used to go squirrel huntin' all
the time. I can pick a tick off a squirrel's left nut at fifty paces."

Spike frowned. Concern and consideration wrinkled his face as he gave
it thought. Finally, he came to a decision. If Xander was to go with him,
he might as well know now if the boy had the bollocks it took. If he didn't
and if the robbery looked like it was going south, he would leave the boy
behind. Dead or alive, it had to be done.

Spike turned his attention back to the road ahead and his grip tightened
on the wheel.

"O.k, but you do exactly as I say. Any screw up and I kick your fucking
arse, you hear me boy?"

Xander was too geeked up and excited to do more than nod so violently
Spike was afraid he may scramble his brains.

"Listen, Pet. Pay attention. We are going to slip into town by the back
road. We park the car in the alley that runs along side the Western Union
and we leave it running. I checked it out earlier and the layout is simple.
One room. One teller behind a desk. There is a security guard but the
bloke is neigh on to 110 years old and doesn't carry a gun. We use the
back door, the one off the alley. We go in fast and hard. We hit 'em
quick, bag the money and get the fuck out before they know what
happened. Two rules. Rule one, is our survival. We do what we have
to do to get away. Rule two is get the cash. The cash is important
but it NEVER comes before our survival. You got it?"

Xander's stomach fluttered wildly. The vague idea of cops and robbers
was one thing but the stark reality of plans and rules and specifics was
a shock that ran a cold chill through his overheated body. He stared
at the profile of the man beside him. Could he really do this?
Should he jump and run? His brain swam in indecision till suddenly, slowly,
Spike turned and face him with an easy, trusting smile and all Xander's
doubts and concerns melted away.

He blew out the oxygen he was holding and the muscles he hadn't even
realized were tight as fiddle strings, relaxed. The next two hours were
spent in discussion. All possible scenarios, both pro and con, were
examined. Spike popped open the glove box and told Xander to retrieve
the old 6 shot revolver that was in there.

By the time they had reached the city limits of Homerville Texas, the
day was late and the relentless heat of the past week seemed to be
easing. Slowly, Spike drove down Main street and he pointed out their
target. It was exactly as Spike had described and Xander stared
out the window with such intensity that his breath fogged the glass.
His hands were shaking and his legs felt like rubber. Xander prayed that
once inside, he would not embarrass himself by passing out, throwing
up or peeing his pants.

It was late enough in the afternoon, most people had returned to their
homes to prepare dinner and the streets were nearly deserted. After
another pass, Spike turned the corner, circled the block and he pulled
into the alley. Reaching into the backseat, he pulled up his sawed off
shotgun and he jacked a shell into the chamber. He then looked Xander
in the eye.

"Look at me, Boy. Are you sure you can do this? If you aren't certain,
you stay with the car and wait for me here. Don't you go and fuck up,

Xander held his head high. He spun the barrel on his revolver, assuring
himself that it was fully loaded and he took a calming breath.

"Lets go."
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