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Fic search

Hello people! ^^

Sorry to bother you with another fic search, but there is a fic I wanted to re-read, but I can't find it anymore.

I remember that somebody made a wish (Anya?) and Anya created a new dimension where Xander was in fact a girl. He/she was in a relationship with Spike but more about sex than anything, and after Xander managed to 'accept' that he wasn't going back to his own dimension (Giles and cie actually didn't really believed that this 'verse had been created from scratch just to change Xander in a girl), he began to more or less accept Spike as a boyfriend (I think Spike helped him with the transition boy/girl.

I thought it was one of Lit Gal's fanfics, but while she does have one where Xander becomes a girl, it wasn't this one >_<

Rings any bell, anybody?

Thanks in advance!
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