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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include Violence, bad language and M/M sexual activity.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

The two men stood in their position of concealment in the dark of the alley.
Spike tipped his head to the left, causing a loud crack, then repeated to
the right. He straightened his suit jacket and squared his shoulders before
looking deeply into Xander's eyes. The boy's entire body was vibrating with
poorly controlled excitement. Spike was becoming concerned that the top
of Xander's beautiful dark head may just explode if they didn't move soon.

Everything had been said in the car earlier, and there was nothing left to
discuss. Spike gave a questioning tip of his head and Xander answered
with a grin and a nod. Before Spike had the chance to reach for the knob
of the back service entrance to the office of the Western Union, Xander
shocked the hell out of him by spinning around and slamming the sole of his
shoe against the cheap wooden door.

As the door splintered and exploded inward, Xander rushed through, waving
his gun high in the air and screaming.

"Get your hands up! This is a stick up. Get your fucking hands in
the air NOW!!"

Spike was inches off his boys heels. He pointed his shotgun everywhere
and nowhere in particular. It took only seconds to evaluate the situation.
There were only two customers. One old man and a young woman. The
clerk behind the counter was a fat middle aged man who had jumped to
his feet and the security guard, who had been sleeping in a chair by the
front door, tipped over and tumbled to the floor. Spike immediately
pointed the weapon in his face.

"Don't be no hero, old man. Get yer arse over on the wall and stand with
them two. Ya'll do as yer told and don't nobody get hurt. Keep a bead
on 'em, Pet. The teller and I need to have a word or two about that bag
of money he keeps in the safe."

Spike grabbed the teller by the scruff of the neck and shoved him into
the back room, out of sight. Xander's hand shook as the adrenalin flooded
his body and he prayed Spike would hurry back. The security guard was
bent over and holding his fist to his chest and moaning. The young woman,
who was only interested in living, was helping him sit on the floor calmly
as though being confronted by some wild eyed kid with a 6 shooter was
the norm.

The other customer was obviously a poor farmer. His worn overalls and
torn shirt were the perfect accompaniments to his haggard face and
sunken eyes. Xander had seen that look on a hundred men he knew
and he understood that life had beaten this man down so far that the
thought of this being his last day on earth brought him no fear.

Reaching onto the teller's counter, the farmer retrieved the twenty dollars
he had brought in and he offered it to Xander. Xander smiled and shook
his head.

"We don't want your money. The fucking government done already robbed
us all. You keep what you got and you tell people that Spike Barrow and
Xander Harris don't steal from the poor."

The farmer smiled and stuck the money back in his pocket.

"Thank you, son. I'll tell 'em. Youse good boys."

Just then Spike charged back out, alone. He had a brown canvass bank
bag in one hand and the shotgun still tightly clutched in the other.

"Let's go!! NOW!!"

With no further comment, the two rushed out the way they had come,
jumped into the waiting car, where Spike threw it into gear and slammed
his foot down on the gas. With a loud roar of the engine and a cloud of
dust and gravel behind them, the two robbers headed for the quickest
way out of town. Xander was literally bouncing in his seat.

"FUCK! Holy hairy hamster nuts! FUCK! Did you fucking see that? Hell,
fuck, of course you did! Jesus fuck that was amazing! God Damn, Spike!
That was fucking great! Hey, what happened to the teller?"

Spike kept his eyes on the road ahead and his voice calm.


"The teller. He went in the back room with you but when you came out
with the money he wasn't with you."

Spike shrugged.

"Oh, just gave him a bit of a tap on the back of the head. You know, buy
us some time before he wakes up and phones the State Police."

Xander relaxed and smiled, satisfied with the logic of the response.

"So now what?"

Spike finally turned to face the eager boy and he grinned.

"Now we cross over into the next county. There's a small farm there
that the bank took off a family, tossed 'em right out on there arses.
Anyway, it's empty. We are going to park in the barn and lay low for the
night. There is a creek nearby that we can wash up in and some free
range chickens that we can catch and cook. As long as we keep a low
fire on the far side of the barn, we should be safe. First light, we hit the
road and find us another car. This one is too hot to keep. Every copper
in the state will be looking for it."

Xander continued to twitch and wiggle in his seat. He stared out the
window looking at everything and nothing. Suddenly, the world seemed
more alive. The birds sang louder, the colors flashed brighter. He felt
as though he had been asleep for the last 18 years and he was finally
awake. It was the most amazing fucking thing in the universe.

And it was making him horny as hell.

Xander squeezed his legs together causing his swollen cock and sensitive
nut sack to tingle and giggle happily in his uncomfortable pants. His hands
landed in his lap and he pushed and pressed against the tent that had
become very obvious. Spike glanced over and smirked at the little show.

"Problem Pet?"

"Huh? No."

Xander jerked his hands away from himself as if his knuckles had been
sharply rapped with a ruler. As one of the older, bigger boys in his class,
impromptu hard ons were one of the reasons he finally gave in to the
embarrassment and taunting and quit going to school altogether.

Spike heard the shame in the boy's voice and he wasn't having it. With
one hand still on the wheel of the machine that was flying down the dirt
road, his other hand slid across the seat and settled on Xander's thigh.
It then moved up slightly till his little finger bumped and pushed against
the heavy round bulge causing Xander to gasp.

"No need to be shy, Pet. The excitement of a good robbery sometimes
makes me hard too. The thrill. The rush of taking what you want. The
danger of almost getting caught. Or worse. Make's the prick just want
to stand up and scream, yeah?"

Xander scooted over to give Spike's hand better access and he answered
in a quiet, breathless voice. He was amazed how well Spike seemed to
understand and know him after only a very short time.

"Yeah. It want's to scream. Can we do that thing again? You know,
where we touch our dicks together?"

Spike removed his hand and placed it back on the steering wheel as a
look of considering concentration wrinkled his brow. Xander again began
rocking and pushing on himself as he waited for Spike's answer.

"Hmmmm. Don't know, do I? I mean, yeah, it was pleasant enough, but
here's the problem, Pet. We are going to be hiding out. Undercover as
it were, and it wouldn't do for you to be yelling my name while in the
throes of passion. No, I think this calls for something different. Something
a scant more muted. Now there wouldn't be any shouts of joy during the
big moment if we both had our mouths full, would there?"

As the understanding of what Spike was proposing dawned on Xander,
his eyes bugged wide, his mouth gaped open and finally, he lurched,
bending at the waist as his cock twitched and pumped load after load
of hot, thick cum into his scratchy cotton trousers.

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