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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and sexual M/M situations.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Wading out naked, Xander found the rushing water of the creek was nearly
thigh high in the center. Despite the relentless heat, the water was cool
and felt amazing against his sweaty, scummy skin. Apparently Spike was
right. He REALLY needed a bath.

Following the blond's orders, he had washed and rinsed his shirt and trousers
before hanging them out to dry. Together they had then returned to the
creek, feeling their way on bare feet, across the rocky, sandy bottom.

After thoroughly wetting themselves down, Spike briskly rubbed his hands
together, dissolving the gritty soap powder in his palms before spreading it
all over Xander's compliant body. The boy sighed as the gravely, coarse
powder cleaned the smell, stains and sticky substances off the surface of
his skin. The feel of the slippery soap was heavenly as Spike spread it,
touching his chest, his arms, his legs and all over his rigid, throbbing cock.

"Just lovely, Pet. I can't wait till we get to Oklahoma and settle in our own
bed where I can fuck you all deep and proper. You ever been fucked before?
Ever let another man push his prick up inside your butt before?"

Xander whimpered. He closed his eyes as his mind drew an illustration of
Spike's words. It was as if Spike had looked into Xander's deepest most
shameful fantasies and shown them to him in full color.

Xander's eyes dropped to stare at the water although he made no attempt
to stop Spike from cleaning him.

"No. My Pa says that is evil. He says it is against God's will. There was
two fellas lived in a shack outside of town. Most folks said they was doin'
that very thing and one night some church folk snuck out and burned their
place. They wasn't hurt but they was run out of town. Pa says that is
wicked and men like that will burn up in Hell."

Spike chuckled as he dipped his hands in the cool water and splashed
it all over Xander, rinsing the soap off his skin till his fingers left a
squeaky trail behind them.

"That ain't true, Love. There is lots of people like us. Women too. Besides,
these are hard times. Whose to say we don't have the right to be happy?
Your Pa? Fuck him. We ain't botherin' nobody. Way I see it, we found each
other cause this is the way it's supposed to be. You and me. Together.
What do you think, Xan. You believe your Pa or me?"

Relief at Spike's logic and rationality flushed through Xander and the boy
threw his arms around Spike's neck and pulled him in for a deep, open
mouthed, tongue filled kiss as his hips jutted forward and twisted around
till his cock found and pressed up against it's mate.

When he pulled back to breathe, the pupils of his eyes were wide and dark,
his chest heaved and his fingers experimentally ghosted up and down Spike's
nubby back bone.

"You Spike. I believe you. You tell me the cows is purple and the sky is
green and I reckon I will believe every word. I ain't a smart man but I sure
know smart when I see it, and you are. I figure I'm lucky as shit just to
be riding at your side. I'm your's, Spike. Me and you. I'll stand beside
you till they put my dead body in the ground."

Spike smiled that bright, wide smile that warmed Xander's heart and caused
a hitching twitch in his manhood.

"I think you're the cat's pajamas too, Xan. Now, if you are all clean, I think
we need to get out of this water before your skin gets any more wrinkled.
You said you were full, does that mean you don't want nothing more in your

"Oh, fuck!"

Xander shoved Spike aside and quickly began shuffling, trying to get out
of the creek without slipping and sliding on any of the moss covered rocks.
When he got to the shore line, he stood, his body glistening in the
moonlight and the water running in rivulets down his chest, legs and dripping
from his wrinkled nut sack. The thick nest of coarse, black pubic hair
fascinated Spike. It was such a contrast to his own softer, blond mound.
Spike took a moment to admire the beauty of his boy before he pounced.

Together they tumbled, laughing and falling into the soft high grass where
they rolled together, kissing, touching, gasping and dry humping frantically.
Instinctively, Xander spread his legs. He wasn't sure why but he knew Spike's
place in life was between his thighs.

Then, unexpectedly, Spike stopped. Xander was stunned and confused.
All he needed was a little more. A little more pressure. A touch more friction.

Before he could beg, before he could yell, scream or protest his outrage,
Spike quickly squiggled around and rolled over. He positioned himself on
his side with his nose just inches from Xander's dripping cock and he nudged
Xander's balls with his nose, sniffing.

Xander gasp and immediately did the same.
"Holy Gee hosophat! Hell yes! What do I do? Tell me what to do"

"Just follow my lead, Love. If what I do to you feels good, you do the
same for me."

Spike's pink tongue then snaked out and licked the long, thick vein that
ran the length of the boy's heavy cock. Xander moaned and did the same.
He was overwhelmed. He had heard men talk of women doing these things
but he never thought it was true. He couldn't believe anyone would be
willing to put his meat in their mouth. Now, it felt like the most natural
thing in the world.

No longer waiting for Spike to take the lead, Xander opened his eyes
and stared at the fleshy fat head in front of him. He gripped it and
licked, greedily eating the bubble of clear mucus that oozed from it.
Spike shouted at the hot rush of want and surprise the boy's initiative
sent spiraling through him.

Now following, Spike did the same. He then relaxed his throat, opened
his mouth and swallowed as much of the huge cock as he could.
Automatically Xander's hips thrust forward causing Spike to gag, pull
back, nod and shove it back in.

Knowing he had been forgiven, Xander wrapped his own full lips around
Spike's dick and he sucked the head experimentally. It tasted good.
Salty, tangy, warm and wonderful. He let more of the meat in and he
began to suck. Spike let his toy fall from his mouth and he moaned.

"Oh, fuck, Xander. Suck me. Suck me. Fuck your mouth is so good.
Eat me. Yeah, just like that, eat my cock."

Spike then remembered his own task and gobbled the boy's waiting dick
hungrily. Together they blocked out the world around them, dismissing
the dangers, the poverty and the misery of the times. The only thing
that mattered was each other and the pleasure they could give and

The sounds of the crickets, the tree frogs and the night owls blended
flawlessly with their moans, groans and snuffling. The saliva ran from
their mouths as they suckled and licked. Their fingers sought as much
heightened sexuality as possible as they roamed, touching balls, butt
cheeks and even the forbidden, hidden holes.

When Spike's fingertip breeched the tight, wrinkled opening, it shot
through Xander's bowels to his balls and out the piss slit of his cock,
erupting in spurt after spurt of hot, milky love juice. As the first blob hit
the inside of Spike's cheek, it triggered his own orgasm. Unsure what to
do with it, Xander let it fill his mouth and run out the corner to pool on
the ground.

With a relaxed, boneless sigh, both men released the softening flesh in
their mouths and the flopped over on their backs, neither was able to
put into words what was in their hearts so they reached out, clasped
hands and didn't try.
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