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okay, i'm officially a big, goober, dummy-head. at least once every 6 months i get a hankering for this fic and i can never find it in my bookmarks.  the one with Isis as a snake.

i've also got a craving for supportive scoobies. fics where the girls are behind the spander. dawn seems to play match maker in alot of fics but what about buffy, wills and tara? does anyone have a rec where slayer and/or witch(es)  hook our boys up?  (i've been t hru the oblivious/denial section of spanderfiles)

and last, but not least, there are alot of fics out there where xander takes an injured/post initiative spike to angel for help. but do you have a favortie where spike takes xander to l.a.?  i'm looking for something like "i didn't want it"  spander with a brotherly or patriarchal angel(us).


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