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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 8/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and sexual M/M situations.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander would have been perfectly happy to stay right there, by the creek,
for the rest of the night, but Spike wasn't having it. He smacked the boy
soundly on his damp, bare ass, startling him awake.

"Get up, Xander, we can't be out here. It's too dangerous. It's too exposed.
We need to go back to the cover of the car. In the morning we can check
our weapons and make sure every thing is clean and loaded. Then we hit
the road."

Xander reluctantly agreed. He knew Spike was right and that their very
survival depended on Spike's knowledge and experience. Grudgingly, he
dragged himself to his feet, brushed off the grass that stuck to his body
and he went about the business of pealing his clothes off the tree branch.

When they returned to the barn, Xander went on in and laid out the damp
clothes to finish drying. Spike went to the back of the barn to make sure
the fire was out and he scattered some branches and leaves over the pit
to conceal it. Then, with a yawn, he joined his lover in the cool, dark barn.

He inhaled, drawing in the pure honest smell of the hay and straw. It all
seemed so good and honest. He couldn't understand how everything had
gotten so crazy. Finally, with a shrug, he climbed into the backseat. He
nudged Xander to encourage him to scoot over and he settled his smaller
body comfortably on top of the boy he had fallen so hard for. Xander
wrapped his arms around Spike protectively and together, they quickly
dozed off.

At the crack of dawn, Spike was wide awake. He left the barn to take a
much needed piss and a look around to assure himself that all was safe.
When he returned to the car, he dressed and woke his lover, tossing his
clean trousers and shirt in his face to wake him.

Xander moaned and fumbled to tug up the pants and pull down the shirt.
While he did that, Spike reloaded both their weapons then shoved open
the barn doors. After dressing, Xander climbed over the back of the seat
and settled happily in the front. Within minutes, they were backing out
and turning onto the county road.

The sun was bright in the sky and Xander was humming a tune. He couldn't
remember the name of the song or even the words but from the look of
contentment on Spike's face, Xander's rendition was all that was needed.
Finally, Xander asked.

"So, what now? We headed straight for Oklahoma?"

Spike lit a morning cigarette and blew out the smoke before spitting a
tobacco leaf off his tongue.

"Nope. We have little housekeeping chore to do first. We need to ditch
this car and find us a new one. Something different. Every copper in
the state will be lookin' for us in this thing. Then, we are off for a family

Xander sat back in his seat and thought about that. He had no idea how
to steal a car, but apparently Spike did so, that was cool, but the family
reunion? That sounded just a bit too boring for the new life he had envisioned.
Still, for good times or bad, he was in this to stay.

"O.k, yeah, so where do we get the car?"

When he looked at Spike, the blond was already smiling.

"Not a car, Love. A truck. An old clunker of a pick up truck."

Xander looked in the direction that Spike was pointing and noticed a rusty
Chevy truck pulled off to the side of the road while it's driver stood to the
side, apparently taking a leak into the weeds and wild flowers. When Xander
turned back, it was in time to see Spike reaching under the front seat and
pull out his sawed off shotgun which he laid on the seat between them.

He then slowed the big, black sedan and stopped, on the wrong side of
the road with the sedan facing the pick up. He reached down and
pulled the lever that would pop the hood and he slid out, careful to keep
the weapon close to the side of his body.

"Stay cool, Xander. Follow my lead and maybe no one will get hurt. We
only want the truck. We don't kill nobody less we got no other choice."

Xander violently nodded his agreement before scrambling out and joining
Spike with their heads under the raised hood of the car. As expected,
it took only minutes before a small voice spoke behind them.

"Howdy. I'm Andy. You fellers havin' car trouble?"

Spike spun around on his heels and, with one hand, pumped a shell into
the chamber of the shortened shotgun. He didn't need to point it to make
the intention clear. Seeing the owner of the truck was nothing more than
a very young freckled face boy, Xander quickly raised his hands.

"Look, we don't want no trouble. We just want your truck, that's all. Give
us the keys and you won't get hurt, ain't that right, Spike?"

Spike dramatically rolled his eyes and the hand with the gun dropped to
his side.

"Well, shit, Xan. Why don't you just tell this fucker who I am."

Xander had the decency to look chagrined but the boy in the bib overalls
was thrilled.

"Wow! You really Spike Barrow? The famous bank robber?"

Xander beamed with pride.

"He sure is! And I'm his partner, Xander. You probably ain't heard of me
yet, but you will."

Andy scowled.

"Spike Barrow ain't got no partner."

Xander stepped forward and balled his fists up at his sides.

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

"Does too!!"


"Enough!! Jesus Fuckin' Christ! Shut the fuck up! Both of you! Xander,
get in the fucking truck and let's go!"

Andy immediately scampered around, flinging his small body against the
side of the truck and blocking Spike from taking possession.

"Sorry. Cain't do that. My Pa would tan my hide iffin I let you fellers take
his truck."

Before Spike could suggest the logical solution would be a shot gun shell
to the back of Andy's blond head, Xander jumped in with an idea of his own.

"Hey, I know. He can't be mad if we kidnap you. We take you with us
just for a day or so and then when we let you go. Yer Pa will be so relieved
to get you back that he will forget all about beatin' yer ass. That'd be all
right, wouldn't it Spike?"

Spike shook his head in disbelief.

"Hell, no, we ain't taken no whelp with us. He's still wet behind the ears.
He will slow us down."

"Ah, come on, Spike. One day. Period. No more and then we dump him!"

Andy grinned and twitched.

"Yeah, you can dump me. It'll be great. Wow, I'll be riding with the great
Spike Barrow!"

Xander scowled as he added.

"And Xander Harris."

Andy stuck his tongue out but before the argument of 'does, does not' could
again begin, Spike intervened.

"Oh, for Christ sake. Both of you, get your arses in the fucking truck and let's
just fucking go!"

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