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Romancing The Stone

Title: Romancing The Stone (Apologies to Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner)
Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, possible humor, blatant use of movie misquotes, OOC, varying chapter lengths. UNBETA'D
Rating:Overall NC17 Individual Chapters PG to NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X (Is there any other?)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This was written for the Film challenge on Ultimate_Xander

Note2: This follows the general plot of the film with a few important deviations!

Note 3: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for kicking me up the ass into writing this and holding my hand through the writing and posting process. Without her it would never have been written. *Hugs*
Summary: Alexander Harris is a highly successful author of romantic novels under the pen name Xander Harris. His stories have a twist, his hero is a 500 year old, ensouled vampire called Angel and the love interest is always male. Shy and retiring he lives a quiet, orderly life in the town of Sunnydale where he was born and raised. In contrast his younger step brother Lindsey McDonald lives an exciting life traveling the world and lurching from crisis to crisis. When Lindsey lands in a spot of bother Xander's money can't solve, it's up to Xander to launch a rescue mission. Along the way he meets the handsome, roguish, soldier of fortune William Stone. Question is, is it the best or worst thing to ever happen to him?

Chapter 8/20

Rating:NC17 overall

Spike tossed the drained bottle into the undergrowth just as shouting and a spate of gunfire came from across the river. He grabbed Xander's hand and yanked the startled man to his feet, towing him into the tall vegetation. The jungle closed round them.

The noises faded and Spike whirled to face Xander. "What the Hell do you think you were doing?" He snapped. " I told you to stay down behind me. You could have been killed!"

Xander frowned. He'd just saved their lives and Spike was yelling at him!
"Well a fat lot you'd care!" Xander retaliated. "Deals off. Quit following me!" He mimicked.

"I'm under stress!" Spike yelled, waving his arms.

"Well what the Hell do you think I am?" Xander retaliated, hands on hips.

Both men's chests heaved.

Spike snorted and opened his mouth to speak. His eyes drifted over the brunette, drinking in the sight. Flushed cheeks, eyes wide, disheveled, damp hair falling in his eyes, half scared to death, half angry. Spike thought he looked bloody gorgeous.

Spike always did have impulse issues.

He reached, grasped his waist and yanked Xander against him. Startled by the blond's sudden move, Xander's hands rested on Spike's chest. Spike pulled him flush against his body waiting to see if Xander pushed him away.

He didn't.

To Spike's delight the hands moved up and rested on his shoulders. Each could feel the other's heart beating and their warmth soaking through damp clothes. Soft, brown eyes gazed into piercing blue. Spike leaned forward and gently placed his lips on Xander's. Fingers closed tightly on his shoulders, lips parted and Spike deepened the kiss. His cock hardened.

Xander was in heaven. He'd been kissed before, not often and never like this. This was a hot, wet, lip tingling, heart stopping, cock hardening kiss. He melted against Spike. His heart hammered against his ribs. He was light headed, though he reasoned that might have been lack of food. He felt Spike's cock hard against his own.

Feeling Xander's erection, Spike's hand slid from Xander's waist, over his hip and round to cup his buttock. He squeezed. Xander moaned. Spike broke the kiss and moved back slightly. Xander's eyes opened slowly. "Did you just cop a feel?" Spike smirked. "Yes." Xander smiled shyly. "Just checking." Spike's face spread into a wicked grin. "Do you mind.?"



Spike squeezed harder. Xander tried not to whimper, he failed. Spike rested his forehead against Xander's. He spoke slowly. "If you ever place yourself in danger like that again; I will personally shoot you."

Xander stifled a chuckle. "So you do care?"

Spike was way out of his depth. He'd known this lovely young man less than a day and yes, he was shocked to find he did care. The truth was, he was a sucker for people who needed him. More times than he cared to remember in his life people had used him and then tossed him aside. That was partly why he was here in the jungle, why he loved the solitude of the ocean. His brain screamed that he was heading for heartbreak. He would take Xander to a town, there he would use the telephone, get a bus and leave his life. Xander's world and his could never exist together.

Spike drew back. "Of course I damn well care. You're carrying my money."

Xander felt as if Spike had punched him in the stomach, he lost his smile. That was it? All Spike cared about was that the money might have ended in the ravine along with his mangled remains? He stepped away. Spike's hands slipped from his body. He was such a fool, getting lost in the pages of one of his own romance novels.

"Of course, the money." He agreed sharply.

Spike saw the look of disappointment on Xander's face. He wanted to apologize, to explain, but he didn't, he couldn't. He drew his machete. "We'd better press on." He said quietly, Xander nodded.

Spike turned and began to hack a path through the undergrowth, perhaps with more vigor than was strictly necessary. Xander trailed slowly behind. It started to rain.

An hour later soaked to the skin, tired and miserable Xander continued to trudge after Spike through the undergrowth. "Does it ever do anything in this God forsaken country but rain?" Spike grunted in reply. He was worried, it was getting late in the day and nighttime fell without warning in the jungle. He reckoned they had about an hour to find some sort of shelter for the night. He stopped. Xander looked at him. "Why have we stopped?"

"We need to find shelter for the night." Xander frowned. "It's still light, we should press on." Spike felt a prickle of irritation. He was doing his best and he was still annoyed with himself for upsetting Xander. He buried the machete in a tree trunk and stepped aside. He gave a sweeping bow. "Be my guest, Tarzan."

A few hours earlier, Xander would have laughed, now he just scowled and brushed passed Spike. The blond folded his arms and waited. Xander grasped the machete and pulled, he pulled again he huffed and gave it a yank and it came free. Arms still folded and head cocked to one side, Spike couldn't help but smile as Xander began to delicately cut a path through the jungle. Slowly he followed.

The jeeps swept back into the compound and pulled up outside the Police Station. The beat up Lada hadn't moved but now it had been joined by half a dozen shiny, black jeeps. Each jeep held five uniformed men. The policemen looked at one another.

O'connor stepped down from his jeep and smirking strode toward his men. One rushed up and saluted holding out a uniform. "Su coronel uniforme." O'Connor nodded. Took the uniform and entered the Police Station.

Progress was painfully slow, but Spike didn't mind. Xander's soaked slacks clung to his buttocks giving Spike a perfect view of his arse. For a while he was lost enjoying the view. Suddenly Xander gave a sharp cry and recoiled. Spike darted forward. "What? Are you ok?" He grasped Xander's shoulders. Dumbly Xander nodded.

Spike looked passed Xander. A skeleton with the remains of a few strands of dark hair still attached to the skull had been thrown through the cockpit window of a mangled plane. Spike strode nearer. The jungle had began to swallow the plane. Xander followed. "Must have been here for years." Spike shook his head. "Nah. At the rate the jungle grows, the animals and insects I'd say a couple of months, three tops."

He led Xander along the side of the plane, looking in the windows. The tail end of the fuselage had broken away and the inside was starting to be overgrown by the jungle. Spike looked inside. Xander hung back. "Are, are there anymore people inside?" He stammered.
"No this was a cargo plane." Spike climbed inside. "Well, lookee here. Looks like some's missing a shipment." Xander peered. "What's that?Spike was holding a square object encased in plastic. "I'd say five to ten in the States. Five to eternity down here."
"Oh weed." Xander nodded. Spike looked at him in surprised amusement. "You smoke it?" Xander looked defensive. "What? I went to college." Spike grinned. "Well Pet I think we've found our shelter for the night."

Spike moved further into the belly of the plane. The light was fading and he wanted to check there were no dangerous animals. Xander followed picking his way carefully. He found a clear spot and set down his bag. Spike rummaged behind the pilot seat and found a large holdall. He pulled it out, set it down and opened it. "Well, well. Gotta love the fly boys." He pulled out a bottle, opened it and took a swig." He looked at Xander. "Here, you look as though you need this."

Xander took a swallow and immediately gasped and coughed. Spike grabbed the bottle back before he spilt it. "So, you going to tell me what's really going on with your brother?"

"I already did." Xander said defensively. "His partner died and I've come to help him make the arrangements to fly the body home." Spike shook his head. "Yeah sure." He made a space "We need a fire. You got matches or a lighter in there?"

Before he could stop him Spike was searching Xander's bag. He pulled out the map. Xander made a grab for it and Spike jerked it out of reach. He raised an eyebrow. "Xander, I think you and I need to have a long talk."

Defeated, Xander nodded. "Alright."

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