Elana Kelly (rihosko) wrote in bloodclaim,
Elana Kelly

Fic Search: Under a Spell/Kid!Fic

I'm looking for 2 things. One, a fanfiction that I read a while back (loved) and can't find anymore. The second reccomendations for general fanfiction ^___^

Firstly, I'm looking for a fanfiction where both Xan and Spike are turned into little children to save them (from otherwise certian death). They grow up together, in the coven Willow heads, as surrogate brothers (Alex and William, or something like that). They have an elder sister. Dawn is in the picture -- something about college. Eventually, there is an issue/problem/something I can't remember. Their sister is bitten by a werewolf. After that, eventually, Spike turns back into a vampire (though not technically back to who he used to be) and Xan becomes something simmilar to the hyena spirit. I could go on, but I'd just like to re-read it ^__^

Other than that, I'm looking for fanfiction that have to do with spells/curses/ect. over the 2 (memory loss works as well) though NOT Female!Xan or Spike or Kitten/Puppy. Other than that, I'm quite willing (and hoping) for most any reccomendations.

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