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Romancing The Stone

Title: Romancing The Stone (Apologies to Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner)
Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, possible humor, blatant use of movie misquotes, OOC, varying chapter lengths. UNBETA'D
Rating:Overall NC17 Individual Chapters PG to NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X (Is there any other?)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This was written for the Film challenge on Ultimate_Xander

Note2: This follows the general plot of the film with a few important deviations!

Note 3: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for kicking me up the ass into writing this and holding my hand through the writing and posting process. Without her it would never have been written. *Hugs*
Summary: Alexander Harris is a highly successful author of romantic novels under the pen name Xander Harris. His stories have a twist, his hero is a 500 year old, ensouled vampire called Angel and the love interest is always male. Shy and retiring he lives a quiet, orderly life in the town of Sunnydale where he was born and raised. In contrast his younger step brother Lindsey McDonald lives an exciting life traveling the world and lurching from crisis to crisis. When Lindsey lands in a spot of bother Xander's money can't solve, it's up to Xander to launch a rescue mission. Along the way he meets the handsome, roguish, soldier of fortune William Stone. Question is, is it the best or worst thing to ever happen to him?

Chapter 9/20

Rating:NC17 overall

Spike tossed another packet of weed on the fire, inhaled the smoke then slumped back against the side of the plane. Xander lounged beside him. Both men were relaxed and pleasantly light headed.

"So you're using this map to rescue your brother?" Spike questioned. Xander nodded. "The map's the ransom."

"No Pet, the map leads to this 'El Corazon', The Heart, whatever it is, that's the ransom." Xander shrugged. "I don't care, I just want to deliver the map and get Lindsey." Spike looked thoughtful. "Seems to me if you got this Heart first you'd really have something to bargain with and it says it's in Cordoba Province, well we're sitting right in the middle of it." Xander held out his hand. Reluctantly Spike gave him the map and watched as he slipped it back in his bag.

Spke took another swallow from the bottle, lost in thought.

Xander shifted onto his side so he could see Spike better. "How long have you been in Colombia? Did you come here from Britain?"

"Two years give or take a month. Nah, lived in the States since I was twelve . Got dual citizenship and everything." Spike replied.

Xander blinked lazily. "Have you always trapped birds?" Spike shook his head. "Seemed like a good way to make money. Reckon I lost about twenty thousand dollars in that bus crash and eight months work."

Xander frowned "What will you do now?" Spike smiled. "Get a new jeep with your Traveler's Checks. Start again."

Xander stretched . "Is that all you want to do?" Spike looked at him. "No. What I want to do is get a yacht, sail around the world. I love the sea, the vastness of it, the solitude, the peace."

"Sounds lonely." Xander pouted, Spike sighed. "You don't have to go to sea to be lonely, you can be lonely anywhere." Xander nodded. He could relate. "Will you take anyone with you.?"

"No. Never met anyone I'd want to share it with." Xander rolled onto his back. "That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard." He mumbled as he closed his eyes.

Spike took another sip and set the bottle aside. Maybe it was loneliness, the flickering firelight or the fact he was wasted, but Spike felt a deep attraction to the brunette. He'd enjoyed the kiss, he wanted to taste him again. He wanted more and life had taught him to grasp opportunities when they arose.

Spike leaned over and Xander's eyes flickered open, they were almost black. Damn he's more wasted than me. Spike knew the noble thing to do was stop, that he was probably taking advantage, trouble was he didn't really do noble. He lowered his head and pressed his lips against Xander's.

Xander's eyes fluttered shut and his heart hammered in his chest, convulsively his fingers curled tightly into the back of Spike's T shirt. His lips tingled, his breath hitched and his body arched up.

Spike moved, his smaller body blanketing the larger one. He lapped at the seam of Xander's lips. When they didn't part he nipped at the lower one and as Xander yelped, his tongue forced entry. For a moment their tongues dueled and then Xander gave up the struggle allowing the blond to plunder his mouth.

Xander tasted like honey, sweet, delicate, pure. Spike's need soared, he pulled Xander's shirt out of his slacks and pushed his hands underneath, feeling his warm, bare flesh for the first time.

Strong hands stroked Xander's sides then thumbs rubbed across his hardened nipples; he moaned and arched. His mouth was filled with the bitter taste of JD and underneath the mellow, smokey taste that was uniquely Spike. Spike drew back slightly to let Xander breathe.

Xander panicked, afraid Spike was just playing with him. He used his weight to roll Spike onto his back and fused his lips to his. His fingers scrabbled to loosen Spike's belt and pull out his T Shirt.

Spike was taken by surprise, but he was amused and content to see what Xander would do. He ran his hands up and down Xander's back, then he pushed one under his slacks and squeezed his bare arse.

Xander fumbled with Spike's tight belt and when Spike squeezed his ass he gave a whine of frustration.

That was like a signal to Spike. He grasped Xander's wrists and forced his hands behind his back, using his strength he rolled Xander onto his back his hands trapped by his own weight. Spike sat up; a knee either side of Xander's hips.. He chuckled at the disheveled, pouting man beneath him. "Not going anywhere pet." He unbuckled his belt and yanked his T-shirt over his head.

Xander pulled his hands from under him and stroked Spike's muscular chest. Spike's eyes rolled back in his head and the groaned as the large, soft hands ran over his chest making the skin goose and pebble.

Xander levered himself up and dropped kisses where his hands had been. When he lapped at Spike's left nipple Spike's eyes snapped open and he yanked Xander's belt free. He pushed Xander down and kissed and sucked at his neck and throat.

Xander mewled and he pulled the blond to him. Spike yanked open Xander's shirt, the remaining buttons popped off and rolled across the floor. Spike kissed and licked his chest, he lapped at his left nipple and then nipped gently with his teeth. Xander yelped in surprise and arched. Spike did the same to the right and then licked a trail down. He sucked and pointed his tongue and fucked his belly button

Xander's blunt nails raked Spike's back then his hands grasped the jean clad ass and he pulled him as close as he could. His cock felt harder than he'd ever known, his balls full and heavy. Xander wriggled and whined. "Oh God Spike fuck!

And Spike really wanted too, he was hard and aching and he wanted nothing more than to flip Xander onto his stomach, tear down his pants and bury himself balls deep in his arse, fucking the brunette into the floor. demonstrating how he earned his nick-name; but he had no lube and he wasn't about to hurt the brunette.

Spike looked up into the flushed face and almost black, eyes. "Shhhh pet, leave it to Spike." He purred. He unfastened and unzipped Xander's pants and pulled them down to his knees. His cock sprang free and jutted proudly from a nest of dark curls, pre cum dribbled from the slit. Spike bent his head and lapped, the taste of Xander burst on his tongue. Xander groaned and bucked up.

He unfastened his own jeans and yanked them down. His hard and dripping cock slapped against his belly, he braced his hands on the floor of the plane. Spike lined up both cocks and moved his hips. As the cocks slid against each other, both men panted and cursed. Spike moved faster and harder, Xander matched his movement, tossing his head and grasping at Spike's shoulders.

Spike wasn't going to last much longer. Already lightning licked down his spine and his balls drew up. He pushed a hand between them and wrapped his fingers round both cocks. His fingers slid rhythmically up and down. Xander writhed, his head rolling from side to side, eyes closed chest heaving. "Fuck Spike I'm gonna..." His balls drew up and he shuddered and cried out. "Fuck Spike!" Ropes of cum spurted and pooled on his belly.

Spike pulled at his cock and flung back his head, grunting as he came. His cum splashed and pooled with Xander's, he slumped and then rolled to the side. "Fuck Spike, that was amazing." Xander panted, Spike nodded in agreement, moments later Xander snored softly.

Spike found some rags and used water from his water bottle to wet them and clean them up. Xander didn't wake, just moaned and muttered as Spike gently put him away and fastened his pants. Then he saw to himself.

He stirred the fire and took a swig from the bottle. He looked at Xander sleeping peacefully and his eyes drifted to the corner of the map peeping out of the Xander's bag. He reached over and pulled it out. He studied it, cursing that he didn't have a photographic memory.

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