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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 9/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong sexual content.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

The three travelers hit the dusty road with Spike at the wheel and Xander
plastered at his side. Andrew had been maneuvered up against the passenger's
door by shear force when it became apparent to Xander that he was going
to try to claim the coveted spot next to the driver. The ensuing wrestling match
had been brief as Xander had him by a good 20 pounds and three inches.

In the mean time, Spike used his muscle and dexterity on the antique gear
shifter and, despite the gas pedal being pressed flat against the floor, he
held the truck at it's top speed of 30 miles an hour. The only thing more
frustrating and maddening than the vehicles lack of cooperation was the
nonstop bickering of the two next to him.

For the rest of the morning, they had argued over everything from who
had the biggest foot size, and even Spike knew that 'foot' was a thinly
veiled euphemism, to who could drink the most root beer before vomiting.
Spike was ready to shoot them both. He wished someone would invent
a Victrola that would fit in a car so he could turn up the sound and drown
them out.

Finally, the nagging, annoying voices stopped. Spike had no idea why,
as he had tried his best to ignore them, he was just glad they did.

"SPIKE! Are you even listening to me?"

Spike rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically.

"Sorry, Pet. You two still discussing who has seen the most warbles
hatch in a cow's neck?"

Xander scowled. He had easily won that one at least two miles ago.

"No. I said, Andy and me is hungry. Ain't none of us et all day and we's
starved. You must be too."

Andrew leaned forward to see around Xander's big head and offer a
tid bit to the driver.

"Aunt Mable's Diner is just up the road a ways. I been there before and
they got real good food."

Spike glanced over at the two faces staring at him. He had to admit, he
was hungry but there was no way they could just stroll in and have a seat.
He was too hot right now and the State Police and Texas Rangers were
known to spend a good part of their day sitting in diners.

"Yeah, o.k. We can stop but only one goes in. Get a sack full of sandwiches
and some cokes, cold ones if they got 'em, and we hit the road again.
You got it?"

Immediately, Xander and Andy glared at each other before Xander calmly
laid his hand possessively on Spike's thigh.

"Spike and I will wait in the truck while you go in."

Andy grinned.

"Nope. I'm a hostage and ya can't send the hostage. I might tell on you
fellers. Aunt Mable gots a phone and she could call the State Police. I
gotta stay with Spike and you gotta go in."

"WHAT? Why you little........."

Spike cut off the argument before it could begin. He dug into his trouser
pocket and pulled out a couple bills which he handed to Xander just as
the diner came into view. He carefully maneuvered around to the side
of the building, facing the road for a quick getaway, and he pulled the
brake, keeping the engine running.

"He's right, Love. We don't know this boy and we can't take the chance.
Just go in and get the food. We need to keep moving."

Xander tried to come up with logic and reasons. He thought about
alternative's and came to the same conclusion Spike had. If they were
to eat, it would have to be him.


Xander jumped out of the rumbling, rattling pick up and he ran for the
door. Within a half an hour, he was back, his arms laden down with
sacks of food and his hands held bottles of Coca Cola. All of which he
was ready to toss to the ground when he saw that Andy had scooted
over and was now glued to Spike's side.

For a half a second he thought about a resumption of the verbal volley.
His brain and possessive heart were sending his head a list of orders,
commands, and reasonable requests as to the truck's seating
arrangements but he could see by the look on Spike's face that there
was no more time or patience for foolishness.

Xander quickly hustled around to the driver's side and he stuffed all the
food in the window and onto Spike's lap. He then returned to the
passenger's side and the grinning boy in the center of the torn bench
seat. Without comment, Xander pulled the door open, jerked the boy
out of the truck, tossing him to land on his scrawny butt in the dirt, and
he climbed in. Andrew was stunned. Quickly he leapt to his feet,
dusted off his pants and climbed back in. Spike was delighted and
Xander was already digging in and shoving a hot hamburger in his mouth.
Within minutes, they were back on the road.

By one o'clock, they were fed, had stopped for a roadside pee and were
again aimed in the direction of the state line. Andrew had rested his
head against his window and was sound asleep. Xander ran his hand
affectionately up and down Spike's leg. He now regretted bringing the
stranger with them and he wanted Spike all to himself.

"Why Oklahoma, Spike? Who you say we going there to meet?"

Spike glanced over at their hostage. He seemed to be sleeping but you
could never be too careful.

"Remember I told you about my brother? The one married to Drusilla?
Well, his name is Liam but ever since we were kids, I've called him Buck.
Well Buck and Dru have been staying at a roadside cabin just over the
state line. We are going to meet them there and stay a few days. Buck
and I got a bit of,....project in the works."

Xander's eyes lit up. He had seen pictures of those roadside motel
cabins but he never thought he would ever have the kind of money it must
take to stay in one. They had beds. Real beds and Spike had made bed
related promises that had Xander blushing red and hot. He scooted a
little closer and his voice dropped to a hoarse whisper.

"A cabin? With a bed?"

Spike chuckled and widened his legs to let Xander's hand explore and
wander further.

"Yep. But this isn't a holiday, Love. Buck and I have business to discuss."

Xander tried to look serious.

"Oh, of course. Still, you can't talk business all the time. Sooner or later
you have to get tired and when you do........."

Spike grinned at the boy beside him as he turned his face and kissed
the full, warm lips. He couldn't imagine what he had done right in his short,
criminal life to deserve someone like Xander.

When Spike turned his eyes back on the road, Xander's voice took a
more serious tone.

"What about him? What about Andy? There's big reward money on
your head. If we just let him run off, he might tell."

Spike nodded slightly, his own voice low and quiet.

"We are going to keep him with us for now. After Buck and I get our plan
together, we will all be hitting the road and we leave him behind. By the
time he gets back home we will be long gone. Buck and Dru will head
north and you and me will find another car and head west. We should
have enough money to live good for a couple years, Pet. Change our
names and live clean. Just you and me."

Spike took his hand off the wheel and laid it overtop Xander's. Without
hesitation, Xander grabbed on and the two locked fingers. Neither noticed
Andrew's eye squint open.

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