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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 10/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong M/M sexual activiey.

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

The rest of the day and the trip were made longer and harder by Spike's
insistence that they stay off the main streets and keep to the back roads.
The roads, usually unpaved, alternated between dusty dry and muddy wet.
Xander and Andrew had, more than once had to get out and push when Spike
got the balloon wheels stuck in a mud hole, leaving their shoes and pant legs
mucky and uncomfortable.

Luckily, Spike knew exactly where they were going and explained that he
and Buck had stayed there before. By late afternoon they turned onto
a single wide path and drove past a huge painted sign that touted the
fun and family friendly experience of staying at the Paradise Cabin Motel.

Andrew and Xander both sat straight up on their seat in the truck and
watched eagerly out the window as Spike slowed. To the two young men,
it looked like pure, unadulterated luxury. Spread out all along the length
of the access road were 12 small, identical wooden cabins, several
occupied and some not.

Looking like miniature, clapboard houses, they were clean and contained
the very basics for a pleasant vacation away from the struggle and sorrow
of every day life in the city.

They sat at least 20 feet apart which allowed for a small semblance of
privacy for the occupants and prevented families with young children
from annoying nearby romantic honeymooners. Each cabin had a small
porch on the front and a picnic table in the back next to the convenience
of a strung out clothes line for wet laundry. In the back field at the rear
of the cabins was a matching row of outhouses.

Xander couldn't believe his luck. He never imagined he would stay in such
a nice place as this. It cemented his belief that hooking up with Spike
was the direction his life was destined to go. Andrew, too was overwhelmed
as he whistled long and low.

"Woo wee. Is we really stayin' in one of them there cabins?"

Xander huffed at the boy's ignorance and he tried to adopt an attitude
of bored indifference as though staying like this was second nature to him.

"Huh. Of course we are. Spike and me always stays in the best places,
ain't that right Spike?"

Spike chuckled. He thought about calling his boy on it, but refused to
embarrass him like that.

"That's right, Pet. Nothing is too good for my Xander. In fact........oh,
wait. Up there. That's the one."

Spike spotted the familiar Ford that Buck took so much pride in, parked
to the side of the last cabin. The building was slightly larger than the rest
and sat a bit further away from the other buildings. Probably situated for
newlyweds who may get a little louder than the parents of the innocent ears
sleeping in other cabins wanted to deal with.

For Spike, the seclusion offered not only the chance to speak freely but
the cabin's position at the edge of the woods provided a fast escape into
the underbrush if needed. As usual, Buck had it all covered. Spike pulled
the beat up truck around and brought it to a stop on the far side of the
Ford. Before getting out, he looked at the other two.

"Now, listen up. Buck and I have business to discuss and I don't want
no problems. Dru will fix us some supper and I expect you two to get
some fire wood and give her a hand. And both of you, quit yer bitchin'.
Buck ain't as even tempered as I am so be quiet and don't go pissin' him
off. Understand?"

Both boys clamped their mouths shut in preparation and vigorously nodded
their heads. Then, before climbing out, Spike leaned over and planted a
gentle kiss of promise on Xander's lips.

"You'll be all right, Love. Just do what I say and stay away from the bastard."

Before Xander could ask, Spike turned and jumped out heading straight for
the cabin. Just as he reached the small porch, the door flew open and much
to Xander's dismay, a tall, thin woman with long black hair rushed out and threw
herself into his arms. With a genuine smile of affection on his face, Spike held
her in a tight embrace and he swung her round and round before setting her
down on her feet and kissing her on the lips.

Immediately Xander began shoving and pounding on Andrew trying to force
him out of the truck. When the passenger's door opened, both boys tumbled
out and fell to the ground where Xander instantly popped back to his feet
and ran to catch up to his lover. Andrew was scurrying to do the same.

Just as Xander claimed his spot next to the blond, the door again burst open
and a wall of a man charged out. He grabbed his wife by her arm and
snatched her away from his brother, which suited Xander just fine.

He looked the man up and down and couldn't imagine this being Spike's
brother. His hair, eyes, and skin were both dark where Spike was light.
His body was bigger, bulkier and he towered over the slight, tight blond.
Xander knew without a doubt that he had gotten the pick of the litter.

Spike stepped in and he gripped Buck by the wrist.

"Damn, Buck. Don't hurt her, she was just glad to see me."

Liam jerked his wife back and steered her toward the cabin where he
pushed her in.

"Get in there and fix us somethin' to eat."

He then came back to where the three stood and he loomed over the
two strange boys.

"Who the fuck are they, Spike? Jesus, fucking Christ. Why don't you just
call the Texas Rangers and the State police and tell them where the
fuck we are?"

Spike slid his arm around Xander's waist reassuringly and tugged him close.

"This is Xander. He's with me and if you don't like it, then fuck you. He
did the Western Union hold up with me and he's just what we need on
this next job. The other one is Andrew. He's our hostage. We got him
for the truck but when we leave here, he's taking the truck and going
home. He ain't gonna say anything are you, Andrew?"

All eyes turned in the direction of the young boy and he thought he may
faint. It was just beginning to dawn on him that he was in the presence
of two of the most deadly bank robber, killers in history and it was turning
his legs to jelly and his stomach to knots. When he finally realized that they
were waiting on an answer, he squeaked one out.

"No sir. I ain't gonna say shit. You ain't gonna shoot me is you?"

Spike rolled his eyes and clamped a hand around the back of the boy's neck as
he turned him in the direction that Drusilla had been launched and he pushed.
He then nodded at Xander as he ran a hand down Xander's arm.

"Go on in, Love. Help Dru fix some food and keep an eye on Andrew. I need
to have a talk with Buck. We won't be long."

Xander wavered as he looked back and forth between the two men. He didn't
want to leave Spike alone with the big hairy grouch but knew Spike could more
than take care of himself. For a brief minute, it occurred to him to object to
having to engage in 'women's work' but he remembered Spike's warning.
Reluctantly, he brushed his hand across Spike's before backing onto the porch
and into the cabin.

Buck snorted and pulled a rolled cigarette out of his shirt pocket.

"We ain't got no time for one of your boy fucks, Spike. If he ain't up to this, he got
to stay behind. I ain't gettin' me or Dru killed just cause you want some butt cunt
squeezing your dick."

Spike reached over and snatched the cigarette out of Liam's hand and he took a
deep drag on it before throwing it to the ground and grinding it with his boot.

"You got a lot of fucking nerve. Did I ever complain about you bringing Dru along?
Fuck, Buck, half the fucking time she doesn't know where the fuck she is but you
expect me to keep an eye on her and a gun on the fucking bank teller. Do I ever
complain? I ever fucking threaten to leave her behind? No and I expect you do
treat Xander the same. Besides, he can shoot and drive good as you any day.
He is just what we need. Now, are you ready to talk about the fucking bank
job or not?"

Buck's lip quirked then burst into a great big grin and he scooped Spike up in his arms
till the blond's feet dangled inches off the ground.

"Fuck you, baby brother. I have missed the fuck out of you. God damn I'm glad you're here. Yeah, your little butt hole buddy can stay though I still don't know why you
want that stuff instead of some sweet, juicy little pussy. Fuck, you always liked it
when we shared Dru, didn't you?"

Spike laughed and slapped his brother on the back.

"Yeah, but please don't tell Xander about that. Now, if you are all through with the
bull shit, let's get down to brass tacks. Let's talk about the First National Bank."

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