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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 11/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong sexual M/M content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander wandered around inside the small cabin. He noted that it was basically
only two rooms. One was a bedroom with two full sized beds and the other room
was a sitting area with a couple chairs. In the far corner of the sitting room was
a wooden table and a sink with a hand pump for water. That was where Dru was
fixing their supper, singing and swaying as she did.

Xander sat for a moment on the foot of one of the beds as he ran his hand over
the soft, clean worn quilt. He was slightly concerned about the lack of privacy
but decided that even if Andrew did have to sleep in one of the beds, at least
Spike and Xander could sleep together in the other. He wondered how far away
Buck and Dru's cabin was.

Returning to the main room, Xander was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a
room full of rocking chairs. They had been here almost an hour and he hadn't
seen hide nor hair of his lover since the two brothers had gone off together
and he had been banished to La La land with the queen of Okeydoke. It hadn't
taken him long at all to realize that Drusilla was not playing with a full deck and
it only added to Xander's unease.

Andrew, on the other hand, seemed more than comfortable with her eccentricities.
He happily pealed potatoes and carrots while she cooked a ham bone and piece
of pork fat into a big pot for soup. Xander had to admit, it smelled great but as
hungry as he was, his thoughts were outside, near the car where the two men
had their heads together finalizing the plans for the big bank robbery that Spike
had promised would finance their future.

When all the ingredients were in the iron kettle, Xander and Andrew carried it
out to the back yard behind the cabin and set it over a fire that Buck had
prepared earlier. Right on schedule, as the heavenly aroma bubbled from the
soup pot, Spike and Buck strolled happily back into the cabin, laughing and
joking as if talking about nothing more important than the number of fleas on
an old hound dog.

The rest of the evening was relaxed, easy going and Xander was beginning
to wonder if the brothers had decided against carrying out the planned armed
robbery when, finally, as the sun set in the sky, the group all sat outside
around the rough hewn picnic table and Buck pulled out a bottle of whisky
signaling it was time to talk business.

Spike sat next to Xander and ran his hand up and down his lover's back. He
took a big swig of the golden liquid and flinched as it burned it's way down
his throat before he handed it to Buck. He then turned to Andrew.

"Time for the grown ups to talk, Andrew. Why don't you go on in. We'll be
there in a while. You go on to bed."

Andrew, who was trying to intercede the bottle was flabbergasted. He had
begun to think of himself as part of the gang. He had told himself that he
was wanted, that he was important.

"No! That's not fair."

"Git the fuck outta here you little twerp!"

Buck drew back the half empty bottle of whisky and aimed it as though preparing
to toss it in the direction of their hostage's head. Immediately Andrew threw
both arms over his face in protection and he jumped to his feet. Pouting at
the rejection, he ran toward the cabin, shouting over his shoulder,

"Fuck you!"

Buck just chuckled and took another swallow before slamming the bottle down
on the table. Xander watched the boy go, feeling sympathy for him. He then
glanced over and noticed that Drusilla was concentrating on braiding dandelion
stems and wondered why she was allowed to stay.

Spike gripped Xander's hand and intertwined their fingers making sure he had
the boy's undivided attention.

"Listen up, Love. We do the heist tomorrow. We are going to head into town
early and catch the bank as soon as it opens. We park in the alley behind the
back and Dru is going to wait in the car with the motor running. Buck has
checked it out and there is no security inside the bank. There are only two
tellers and one manager at that time of the morning. We go in fast and hard.
I'll lock the front door and you are going to hold a shotgun on the tellers and
any customers. Buck will take the manager in to clean out the safe and I'll
empty the cash drawers. If anybody tries to escape or interfere, you shoot 'em.
No warnings. No conversations. Can you do that, Love?"

Xander swallowed around the heavy lump in his throat and he thought about it.
He knew this is what he was signing on for when he agreed to go with Spike
and now this was the test. Did he have what it took? Did he have the balls?
Suddenly, confidence and self assurance flooded his body and he knew. For
Spike, he could do anything.

"Hell yes! I can do it! Anybody tries to get in our way, and I'll blow them fuckers
to kingdom come."

Spike grabbed his boy by the back of the neck and pulled him in for a searing
kiss as Buck watched with interest. He never understood Spike's interest in
men, but fuck, sex was sex and Buck just might be up for a trip to Wienerville.
Maybe when this job was done, he would find him a sweet piece of boy meat
and give it a go. He could always shoot them afterwards so no one knew.
Liam smiled and nodded to himself. Sounded good.

Finally, Spike rose to his feet and tugged Xander by the hand.

"Come on, Love. Bedy bye time. We need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed
for our little adventure tomorrow."

Xander stood, his fingers locked tightly with Spike's and his eyes full of love and
Without a glance back at the dangerous, evil, older brother, Xander focused fully
on Spike and together they returned to the dark, quiet cabin where they proceeded
directly to the bedroom.

Xander was psyched. All evening his thoughts had been on the promises Spike
had made. No more sleeping in barns, fields or the backseat of the car, which,
note to Henry Ford, the back seat was NOT designed with a six foot man in mind.
Not to mention Andrew's rickety old truck. But all that was behind him now. Now
he had a bedroom and a bed and.......


Xander froze at the doorway. Both beds had been turned down and were now
Drusilla was dressed in a cotton slip and sitting up in one and Andrew, stripped
down to his union suit was in the other giggling and gossiping with her like two
old hens.

"What, Love? What's wrong?"

Xander looked at Spike who, clearly, didn't have a clue.

"We're all sleeping together? I mean, yeah, me an Pa sleeps together and whenever
Oz comes in town, he sleeps with us but I thought,....I mean you said.....I just...."

Spike placed his hands on Xander's face and made sure he was looking him in the eye.
He kept his voice low so what he said was just between them.

"Listen, Pet. Two cabins is more money than we can spend and that would draw
attention to us. Besides, if anything did happen, we need to all be together to
back each other up. Remember, if you ever have to shoot your way out of a
situation, two guns is better than one. Yeah?"

Xander had to admit the logic was flawless. There was so much to this outlaw
business that he had to learn. Thank God he had Spike to teach him. Still, he
couldn't hide his disappointment.

"Yeah, I know you're right. I just though we were gonna do stuff, ya know?"

Spike leered as he looked the boy up and down.

"People do "stuff" all the time when theys other folk around. Ya just gotta be quiet.
Cain't be yelling and humpin'. Think you can be quiet?"

Xander's mouth dropped open. His eyes darted wildly around the room assessing
the space and doing the math of the number of people plus the square footage
times the level of need and divided by the possible positions.

Xander had failed arithmetic in school but he had passed puberty with flying colors.
His voice, when he was able to answer, came out in a cracked, hoarse whisper.

"Yeah, fuck yeah, I can be quiet as a mouse!"

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