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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 12/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong M/M sexual content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander's finger's fumbled and his hands shook as he unbuttoned his shirt
and trousers. He tried to look nonchalant and Spike chuckled as his boy
failed miserably. When he had stripped down to his one piece, Xander
climbed into bed, Once under the blanket, he modestly wiggled out of the
long johns and tossed them to the floor, and waited. He watched as Spike,
who was much more comfortable and accustomed to public nudity, striped
down and jumped into bed.

As soon as the two men had entered the bedroom, Andrew had turned
away from Drusilla and made no attempt to disguise his interest as they
undressed and climbed into bed with him. The perceived insult to his
loyalty had melted away in the face of sharing a bed and God knows what
else, with two such dangerous, sexy as hell men confronted him with all
the possibilities the situation implied.

Even the limited amount of light that was offered by the half moon outside was
more than enough to confirm Andrew's suspicions that this was about to be
the best time of his young, inexperienced life. Faking a yawn, he stretched
his arms high over his head.

"Wow, I'm sleepy as hell. I sure won't be awake long."

He then quickly snuggled down under the quilt and grinned at Xander who
was next to him and Spike who was stretched out on the far side. The three
of them, crammed into the small space, almost assured a fair amount of
bumping and accidental rubbing that had Andrew's willy plumping and reacting
with anticipation.

Xander's head snapped to the side and he glared at the boy with what he hoped
was a threatening look of warning. Andrew giggled. Before anything could be
said, Buck came stumbling into the room, a cloud of alcoholic stench surrounded
him and filled the room.

Standing between the two beds, he hooked his thumbs under his suspenders
and popped them off his shoulders before unbuttoning his trousers. He tugged
the heavy cotton shirt out and slid it off before dropping the pants to the floor.
There he stood, stark naked with a freakishly huge erection reaching nearly to
his belly button. When he turned sideways to climb in next to his wife, his rigid
cock was inches from Andrew's nose.

The first sound to break the silence was the noise of Andrew sniffing rapidly like
a hound dog on a rabbits trail. The next sound was Drusilla. It started out low
and soft. A humming that could barely be heard. When she got louder,
Xander's brain finally put a title to it and he rolled over to face Spike, whispering

"Tip Toe Through The Tulips?"

Spike, who was already reaching on the floor under the bed, then twisted back
around. He held his finger to his lips and showed his lover the small bottle of
Dru's lotion he held in his hand.

"Shhh. Yeah, whenever Buck slides the meat to her, she sings like a canary.
She may be off key, but she is loud enough to cover any other sounds. You
still want to?"

Fear gripped Xander's stomach and he gasp. He didn't want to tell Spike
that he had never done that before and the fact was that, yes, he did want to.
So, without hesitation, he leaned over and kissed the blond on the smiling lips.
He then placed his lips on Spike's ear.

"Fuck, yeah I want to. Just tell me what to do."

Startled, Spike examined Xander's face and he knew. The boy was still a virgin.
The implication was stunning. Spike would be the first and, if he had any say in
it, the only. Xander would be truly his. Mind, body and soul. It overwhelmed
Spike and he kissed him, making no sound, his lips formed, 'I love you'.

The statement hit Xander with a power that could not have been matched if it
had been shouted at the top of Spike's lungs for everyone in the Paradise
Cabin Motel to hear. It filled his heart and warmed his soul. It gave justification
to every thing he had done and all the things he had agreed to do. Spike loved
him. That, for Xander, was all there was.

With tears in his eyes, Xander did the same.

Spike placed his hand flat on Xander's chest. It was strong, broad and
covered with thick, wiry hair as the men laid on their sides facing each other.
Leaning forward, Spike continued to cover Xander's mouth and neck with light,
gentle kisses as his hands pinched the nipples and tugged handfuls of hair

Xander was just beginning to get a clue as to how hard it was going to be to
remain silent. He gasp and bit his lower lip when Spike's hand drifted south
and the backs of his fingers brushed very lightly over the leaking head of
Xander's cock. He wanted to cry out his outrage when the cool fingers
retreated, till they quickly returned only to wrap around his heavy, thick meat
and slide slickly up and down the shaft, filling the room with a lavender scent.

The only sounds in the room were Buck's grunts, Andrew's exaggerated snoring
and the tune that had now started to form lyrics.

"Tiptoe through the window by the window, that is where I'll be...."

After only a few strokes, Spike removed his hand and he pushed, indicating
that Xander should roll over on his other side. Quickly, he complied. Even
lacking in experience, Xander's body knew what it wanted and he canted his
butt backwards. Spike moved closer and kissed his boy between the shoulder
blades. He then ran his tongue down the nubby backbone leaving a wet trail
that cooled in the night air and caused Xander to shudder violently.

"tiptoe from the garden by the garden near the willow tree....."

Spike ran his hands over the round swell of Xander's ass and he felt his
own need surge at the thought of pushing his rigid dick up into that tight,
untouched hole. After dipping his fingertip back into the lotion bottle, Spike
ran his finger between the firm cheeks and sought out the opening.
Immediately, Xander went tense and clamped shut.

Without removing his finger, Spike again kissed and rubbed his face
reassuringly against Xander's back. He bit little areas of flesh lightly hoping
Xander would understand that he would never intentionally hurt him. Almost
immediately, he felt the boy relax and he tried again.

This time his well slicked finger slid in. To Xander, it felt uncomfortable, silly,
and somehow natural. He forced himself to open his eyes and see if anyone
was suspicious. Andrew was flat on his back with his eyes closed and his
hands under the blankets. Buck and Dru were moving on the other bed and
the sound of springs was the accompaniment to her tune.

As Spike's fingers continued to move in and out of him, Xander was not even
aware that his hips had joined in and he was humping just slightly back
against them. It felt good. Jesus it felt so good. His own cock was still
coated with the lavender lotion and his hand lightly stroked when suddenly
the fingers inside him were gone. His hand stopped. His hips stopped.
Dru sang on.

Then, the hand was back and Xander sighed happily. This time, Spike lifted
one of Xander's butt cheeks up and held it open as he positioned his wet,
slippery cockhead at the relaxed hole.

"knee deep in the flowers by the flowers we will stray, we'll stay, so......."

Before he had time to consider the next move, Spike thrust his hips forward
and the head of his cock popped in. Immediately the pain and burn of being
split open shot through Xander's body and he didn't think he could stop himself
from crying out. Spike froze. He held perfectly still to give Xander time to
adjust. When he felt the channel ease fractionally, Spike slid slowly in till
his nuts touched ass.

Now it was his turn to struggle to remain silent. The incredible feel of the
hot, tight viselike clamp around his cock was absolute heaven. He wanted
to roll Xander over on his stomach and pound into that sweet ass till his nut
sack filled and overflowed squirting out his slit.

Pulling back, he then pushed in faster as he squeezed his eyes and grimaced
his jaw in an effort not to scream out his pleasure. He could tell by the movement
of the quilt that Xander was jacking off and he let himself go. Snapping his hips
back and forth, he pumped into the wonderful snug grip that was rapidly hurtling
him toward heaven.

Suddenly, he heard Xander gasp, stop moving and inner muscles grabbed
and rippled around Spike cock sending it into an orgasm that rattled his teeth
and filled his boy to overflowing with pools of warm, sticky love juice.

At the same time, Andrew arched up with a squeak, Buck moaned and Drusilla

"Oh, sweet Jesus, come tiptoe through the tulips with meeeeeeeeee."

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