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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 13/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong M/M sexual content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander opened his right eye marginally. He inhaled deeply and was surrounded
by the heady funk of sex, fluids, sweat and just a touch of pussy stench.
He rolled to the side and grinned like a loon when the pain poked him in
the same spot that Spike's cock had the night before.

It hurt so good that he knew with very little effort, his dick would stand
at attention and wait patiently to be saluted by Private Palm. Only then
did it occur to him that there were no other bodies in the bed with him and
he popped both eyes wide open.

Both beds were empty and Xander was alone. Panic stabbed him in the
heart and he immediately tossed back the crusty cover and he jumped to
his feet. Dashing through the main room, Xander's ear caught the sound of
distant voices and he hurried toward them.

Following the muted sounds, he located the other four members of the
odd ensemble in the back yard of the small cabin. They had a fire ring
of red hot coals that they were standing around. Drusilla and Andrew
fussed over a coffee pot while Spike and Buck had several weapons,
hand guns and shotguns spread out on the picnic table.

Spike was dressed in his three piece suit. His shoes were shined and his
fedora sat proudly low on his head. Buck was in his usual flannel shirt,
cotton trousers and ever present suspenders. Drusilla wore a flowered,
frilly, Sunday, go to meeting dress. As soon as Spike glanced up and
spotted Xander standing nude in the cabin doorway, he sauntered over to him.

"Hey, Love. What are you doing out here nekid in the cold. Where are
your britches? You know you belong to me now and I don't want the others
looking at my property, don't you?"

Xander's panicked heart rate slowed to normal as he mentally kicked
himself for even thinking that Spike would leave him behind. He blushed and
grinned happily at the gangster's possessiveness.

"Sorry. I guess I overslept. Why didn't you wake me?"

Spike smacked Xander on the butt and pushed him toward the bedroom.

"I thought you might need a little extra recovery time. You feel o.k?
Anything hurt? Anything hurt that you might want me to hurt again?"

Xander gasp. He wanted to throw his arms and legs around Spike and
shimmy up him like a monkey on a coconut tree but he knew today was
not the day. Besides, Spike was clean and neat and Xander was as
funky and disgusting as he could ever remember being. He would hate
for tomorrow's newspaper to say that the National Bank was robbed by
men that smelled like butt sex.

"Fuck, Spike, don't go makin' my willy all hard. I need to get to the creek
and wash up so I can get dressed for the job cause later, after we get far
from here, I want you to hurt me so many times your dick will stop getting stiff."

Spike scooped Xander's clothes up off the bedroom floor and tossed them
to him.

"That's a hell of a promise, Love and I'm going to hold you to it."

15 minutes later, Xander was wet, dressed, and back at the cabin. All
traces of personal belongings were gone, the fire had been doused and the
cabin closed up. All of the guns had been loaded in the car and they were
ready to go.

Drusilla was sitting in the passenger's side of the car arranging a bouquet of
wild flowers and Buck leaned against the driver's side door smoking. Spike
was off to the side having a quiet argument with Andrew who was resisting
all attempts to shove him in the direction of his Father's truck.

Without hesitation, Xander grabbed Andrew up and threw him over his shoulder.
He carried the slight boy to the truck, opened the creaking door and tossed
him in behind the wheel.

"It's been great, Andrew. Now, you go straight home. Be sure and tell your
Pa how you was kidnapped and held prisoner till you ran away. You tell him how
it was some crazy escaped convicts from down at the state prison. If you
tell it pitiful enough, he won't whoop you."

Xander then marched back over to the big sedan and he climbed in the back
seat, slamming the door behind him.

"Let's go."

Spike grinned with pride at his boy while Buck ground the rest of his cigarette
out and they all piled in. After firing the huge engine up, the wheels spun in
the dirt and they tore off in the direction of town. Andrew sighed and waved.

"Bye. Bye you guys. It was fun."

The cloud of dust was his only response.

The next forty minutes were spent in silence. Lost in thought, each of the men
used their time in transit to consider the job they were about to pull and the
intricate points of everything that could go wrong and how they would deal
with it. Drusilla's mind was full of plans to use her part of the money to buy
that special doll she had see in Woolworth's display window. The one with the
long black hair and the lace bonnet.

By 10 AM they had reached the city limits and the car slowed to a respectable,
lawful speed so they would not attract any attention. As planned, Buck turned
down 3rd. street and proceeded to Jarvis. He cruised through the business
district and they all checked out the level of activity in the stores, diners and
parking lots. By the time they reached the bank, they were satisfied the town
was reasonably quiet and things were as expected.

Buck turned the corner and they circled the block.

"O.k. Is the job a go? I say it's a go. Spike?"

"Yeah. It feels right. Xander?"

Xander was trying not to hyperventilate. He wiped his clammy palms on
the thighs of his trousers and looked Spike in the eye and nodded. He knew
this was so much more than the Western Union job. This was the big time.

"Yeah. I say we do it."

No one asked Drusilla and she made no move to vote.

Buck jerked the steering wheel to the right and he aimed the sedan toward the
side alley. He parked between two tall brick buildings and he tugged the gear shift
into neutral, pulled the hand brake and he placed both hands in his lap.

He then turned to his wife, and Buck took her face in his hands making sure
she was focused.

"Listen to me Dru. You stay here. You don't get out of this fucking car no matter
what, you hear me? I don't care if you hear gun fire or if the fucking sky falls.
You stay here till I tell you to move. Do you understand?"

Drusilla pushed Buck's hand away and she scowled.

"Of course I hear you. I'm not deaf you know. Now, you boys skeedadle
and go get some money so you can buy me that pretty doll you promised."

Buck studied her eyes till he satisfied himself that she was reasonably coherent.
He then called over his shoulder.

"That's it. Check your weapons and let's roll."

The three men stood in the narrow alley outside the back door
of the National Bank. Spike gripped his sawed off shotgun in his hand
and he steeled his face. Xander took a deep breath and cleared his brain
of any clutter that may distract him and he held the rifle Buck had
given him in sweaty hands.

With his fingers on the door knob, Buck glanced back to assure himself
that Drusilla was still sitting where he had left her with orders not to
move. She appeared to have dozed off and he hoped that was true.
He then wiped all thoughts of her from his mind and he turned the knob.

The back door was always kept unlocked as some customers liked to
use the rear entrance and hold ups were unheard of in this part of
the state. Buck smirked and nodded to the two men behind him.

They then slipped inside.

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