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Romancing The Stone

Title: Romancing The Stone (Apologies to Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner)
Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, possible humor, blatant use of movie misquotes, OOC, varying chapter lengths. UNBETA'D
Rating:Overall NC17 Individual Chapters PG to NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X (Is there any other?)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This was written for the Film challenge on Ultimate_Xander

Note2: This follows the general plot of the film with a few important deviations!

Note 3: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for kicking me up the ass into writing this and holding my hand through the writing and posting process. Without her it would never have been written. *Hugs*
Summary: Alexander Harris is a highly successful author of romantic novels under the pen name Xander Harris. His stories have a twist, his hero is a 500 year old, ensouled vampire called Angel and the love interest is always male. Shy and retiring he lives a quiet, orderly life in the town of Sunnydale where he was born and raised. In contrast his younger step brother Lindsey McDonald lives an exciting life traveling the world and lurching from crisis to crisis. When Lindsey lands in a spot of bother Xander's money can't solve, it's up to Xander to launch a rescue mission. Along the way he meets the handsome, roguish, soldier of fortune William Stone. Question is, is it the best or worst thing to ever happen to him?

Chapter 14/20

By the time Spike gently pushed a lubricated finger into his twitching hole, Xander was a mess. He'd been kissed, licked, nipped and stroked. His nipples had been sucked and bitten, lips were swollen from an assault of passionate kisses, his heart pounded his head swam, his cock lay leaking and hard against his belly. He gasped for breath and if Spike stopped now, he would kill him.

Spike was little better, he seriously doubted his ability to stop if O'Connor himself had stormed into the room. Their make out session in the street had reached fever pitch, Spike giving serious consideration to dragging Xander into a back alley and taking him there. The brunette was so wonderfully responsive and eager, riding a wave of lust and passion Spike knew he would have made no protest. He suspected that this wasn't Xander's first time, but it was damn close and whilst sex in an alley had it's merits, God knows he'd done it a few times, this called for a soft bed and plenty of lube.

So Spike dragged Xander back to their room, he'd manhandled Xander into the hotel where they'd fell through the door laughing and groping. Andrew glared at them with obvious disapproval, their behavior only confirming his belief the brunette was trouble and had been since he walked into the hotel with Stone's room key. His eyes followed them as the couple stumbled up the stairs.

As soon as his finger entered, Spike knew Xander had never been breeched, he was gloriously tight his muscles contracting attempting to force him out. He groaned with the wonder of it, the tight, silky channel grasping and holding him. Spike stopped. He'd taken virgins before, though they were a precious rarity these days and he had no intention of abandoning the idea. Xander moaned and tossed his head, his fingers dug into Spike's muscled back. "Breathe deep baby, relax." He purred. "Bear down as if you're taking a dump."

Xander giggled and Spike rolled his eyes, his finger slid in and the both cursed loudly in unison. "Fuck!" By the time Spike worked in a second finger and began scissoring them, his control was slipping fast. His cock was hard to the point of being painful and his balls heavy and throbbing.

Xander writhed and clutched the bedding, he bucked upwards his whole body sheened in sweat, his hair clung to his damp forehead. The initial discomfort he felt was gone and his whole world was centered on Spike arched over him. Spike pulled his fingers out and Xander groaned. "Fuck Spike, don't stop!"

"Not stopping Pet." He gave the sealed condom to Xander. "Here, put it on me." His voice thick and husky.

Xander's hands shook as he opened the sealed packet and the rolled the condom down Spike's hard, leaking shaft. Spike groaned and his eyes rolled back at the feel of Xander's hands on him. Lust surged and peaked, his eyes snapped open and he pushed Xander down and kissed him hard. He grasped his ankles and put his legs over his shoulders and bent forward, folding Xander in two. "Hold them there." He instructed hoarsely.

Xander grasped behind his knees.

Spike hastily applied lube to his fingers and Xander's entrance. He gently pushed three fingers into Xander and began to move them in and out. Xander groaned and panted. "Oh God, fuck yeah!"

Spike sought out Xander's Prostrate and stroked it once. Xander's eyes flew open and he bucked. "Holy, fucking Hell!" Spike grinned. "Your Prostrate." Xander was as ready as Spike could stand to make him. He grasped his cock and guided it to Xander's hole and pushed in.

He pressed forward slowly. "Breathe, relax. You're doing fucking great Pet." He gently encouraged. Spike braced his arms either side of Xander's head and rocked forward. Each time he rocked he pushed further in. Xander whined and twisted his fingers in the sheet, it felt foreign and uncomfortable. He was about to ask Spike to slow down when he felt something give and Spike filled him, it felt incredible.

Spike was in Heaven the feel of Xander's channel tight round him was almost more than he could bear. He wanted to give up control and pound into the brunette beneath him, so he did. Slowly at first pulling out a little and thrusting in. When Xander moved with him, Spike sped up until he was pulling almost out and slamming back in, he grunted, his hips snapping back and forth as he powered into the brunette.

Xander groaned and whined with each thrust. Spike knew he wasn't going to last. He adjusted his angle slightly and pushed into Xander's Prostrate. Xander bucked, cursed and tossed his head, he trembled, stiffened and came with a loud cry, ropes of pearly cum spurting over his belly.

Spike gave up all control as Xander's channel spasmed round him. He pounded into Xander till fire licked down his spine and his belly tightened. He threw back his head and his thrusts lost rhythm, his face contorted and he grunted loudly as he emptied and filled the condom.

For a few seconds he arched above Xander, then holding the condom pulled out. Xander's legs fell from his shoulders and he rolled to the side, took off and tied the condom throwing it into a waste basket. He lay on his back breathing hard.

Xander muttered sleepily and Spike chuckled. "Well thank you too." He looked at Xander and groaned, his face was relaxed and he had a soft, soppy smile. God he really felt like a prize heel. Sighing, he padded to the bathroom, got a dampened wash flannel and cleaned Xander up. Xander stirred and blinked at him sleepily. "That was fantastic." He murmured. "I'd never.."

"You're welcome." Spike hurriedly cut him off. Spike got Xander under the covers and crawled in himself. He lay flat on his back arms under his head, staring at a spider on the ceiling. He'd give Xander a few minutes to make sure he was asleep then he had some Xeroxing to do. Xander rolled onto his side and snuggled up to Spike. He flung his arm around his waist and attempted to cuddle closer.

Spike arched an eyebrow. He. Did. Not. Cuddle. Ever.

Cuddling suggested a level of affection, commitment and intimacy he was not prepared to give. Over recent years Spike's sexual encounters had been just that, encounters. He saw someone he was attracted to, male or female, turned on the roguish charm, bedded them and left. No harm, no foul. He never allowed himself to go back for seconds.

It hadn't always been that way. But Spike was a quick learner, you only kicked a puppy a few times and it stops coming back. He looked down at the tousled head. Damn it, now Xander had crawled onto his chest and was rubbing his cheek against him. For a moment Spike considered pushing him away.

Xander mumbled Spike's name.

'What the Hell?' Tomorrow he'd put Xander on the bus and never see him again. He pulled him up and closer. He tucked his head under his chin and closed his eyes. Xander smiled. "This is nice." Spike opened his eyes. "I thought you were asleep." he chuckled.

"Do you mind?" Xander asked worriedly.

"Nah." And the truth was, for now Spike didn't. Xander sighed. "I saw it you know, the dead tree like the one on the map. We're close to the treasure aren't we?"

Spike blinked in surprise. "Probably."

"Do you think it's worth much?"

"A man like O'Connor wouldn't waste his time chasing you if it wasn't ." Spike replied frankly.

"If you got it, what would you do?" Xander asked.

"We could march into Cartagena holding all the aces. Get your brother, sell the treasure." Spike replied.

"Would you buy your yacht?"

"Yes," Spike stroked the black hair. " I'd sail around the world with you and that's no lie."

Surprised, Xander looked up. "You, you said you'd go alone."

"No, I said I'd never met anyone I wanted to take with me." Spike corrected. Xander's mind raced. "Why haven't you taken the map from me? You could, I couldn't stop you." Spike tensed. "Wouldn't do that Pet, you need it to rescue your brother."

"Do you think we'd have time to get the treasure before the bus tomorrow?"

"Maybe. Doesn't matter anyway. We can hire a car and drive to Cartagena." Spike explained.

"If we had to give up the treasure, to save Lindsey. You would." Xander paused. " Right?"

"No question Pet, it's your brother, give it up, no argument." He promised.

Xander nodded. "Then we'll do it. We'll look for the treasure tomorrow." He asserted.

Spike's eyes narrowed. "You sure Pet?"

"Yes." He replied certainly.

Spike kissed the top of Xander's head, this was a turn up for the books. "Go to sleep Pet we need to be up bright and early."

Spike waited until Xander's breathing was deep and even and he was sure he was asleep, he reached down the side of the bed and pulled the map from where he'd tucked it under the mattress. He slipped it into Xander's bag, he'd never know it had been gone. He wouldn't need the Xerox machine after all.

Spike fell asleep, a wry smile on his face.

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