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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 15/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong M/M sexual content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.


Spike tore his eyes off the road just long enough to look in the rear mirror at
the fireball that used to be a cop car. His relief was short lived when he saw
the other cruiser take a wide cut around the wreck and continue, siren screaming
to close in on them quickly.

The driver of the second cruiser waved his arm out the window and shot wildly in
the direction of the escaping gangsters. The shots never came near them and
Spike mentally counted down the bullets. When he heard the sixth shot, he
knew the driver was out till he could reload.

Popping back in, Xander tossed down his own gun to the floor and he reached over
the seat to pry the sawed off shot gun out of Buck's bloody fingers. The brother's
head was cradled in Dru's lap and she rocked him back and forth. Her mood had
switched and she was now calmly singing and humming Rudy Valley tunes as Buck continued to thrash around groaning and cursing.

With Xander back in the car, Spike turned off the main road and sped down
the first bumpy, dirt covered, county road he could find, leaving a huge cloud
of dust in their wake. The last remaining cop car stayed right with them.

Once Spike had regained control of the vehicle, he looked over at Xander.

"You ready?"

Xander nodded and again hung out the window from the waist up. He
pumped a shell into the chamber and he took aim. "BOOM" The ear
splitting recoil nearly cost Xander his precarious balance and he grabbed
for the window frame as the dust choked his throat, clouded his vision
and the wind whistled in his face.

"Fuck! I missed! Hold it steady!"

The engine roaring inside the car, along with the constant scream of the siren
behind them, made it hard to hear. Spike had a plan and he shouted, hoping
Xander would understand.

"I'm going to slow down and let him catch up to us! He's out of bullets. Wait
till he gets close then let him have it! Don't waste your last shot! WAIT!"

Xander heard. His only answer or acknowledgement was to jack the last
shell and raise the barrel of the gun high in the air as a sign that he wouldn't
shoot till it was a sure shot. Praying that it was the right move, Spike lifted
his foot just marginally off the gas and the car began to slow. He had been
holding steady at nearly 80 and he watched as the needle on the speedometer
now dropped. 78, 76, 75, 72.

"Get ready! He's closing in!"

70, 68, 65.

Xander slowly lowered the barrel of the gun. The cop car was nearly on
their bumper and he could see the patrol officer fumbling with his gun on his
lap and Xander knew he was reloading. It didn't matter. He would never
have time.

Xander aimed. He held his finger on the trigger and for one fast, brief second,
he and Officer Pete Edison locked eyes. Both men knew that this was Pete's
last moment on earth and Xander pulled the trigger.


Mrs. Edison was now a widow.

Xander dropped back in to his seat. He took no joy in the deaths he had
caused but it was part of what the had signed on for. It was kill or die. The
cruiser behind them slowed and rolled to the side of the road where it gradually
came to a stop in a peaceful field of wild flowers.

The screaming siren of the parked cruiser quickly faded off into the distance as
the bank robbers flew on down the road.

When Spike felt he had a safe distance behind him, he jerked the wheel and
the car left the road, plowing through the high weeds and finally coming to a
stop in a small pocket of total concealment. At that time he jumped out and
ran around to the back seat where he jerked the door open and he and Xander
helped Buck out, laying him gently on his back on the soft, cool grass.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Liam, shit!"

Xander knelt down and tore open the man's pants open around the area
soaked in blood. He then slipped his hand in and felt the underside of the
leg. When he couldn't find what he sought, he shook his head at Spike.

"There's no exit wound. The bullet is still in there. If we don't get it out, he's
going to bleed to death. If we try to dig it out, he'll bleed out for sure. We
need a fucking doctor, Spike."

Buck grabbed Spike by the arm. His grip was weak but the look on his face
was intense and serious.

"NO! No, if we go to a doctor, we'll all be caught. They will send Dru to prison.
You can't let that happen!"

Drusilla sat on the ground, cross legged on his other side. She rocked back and
forth and ran her hand across Buck's chest. Her voice was now calm and quiet.

"Daddy is tired. He needs to go to sleep. We should sit here while Daddy sleeps."

Xander jumped to his feet and walked away to prevent himself from busting her
in the head. He didn't care if she was loony tunes, the bitch had nearly gotten
them caught and he desperately needed the satisfaction that a good slap would
give him.

Spike stayed by Buck's side. His brother was fading in and out of consciousness
and Spike was trying to clear his head and decide what to do. He knew Buck
was in no condition to go on and Spike refused to leave him behind to die. After
patting Dru reassuringly on the shoulder, Spike rose to his feet. He needed a
cigarette but before he could light up, Xander came charging back through the
weeds calling his name.

"Spike. Spike, come on. Come here. Look!"

Grabbing Spike's arm, Xander dragged him up the small knoll and he pointed.

Spike wanted to cry with relief. It was exactly what they needed. It was the
pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was an old farmhouse with a barn
and a long trail of smoke lifting from the chimney.

Spinning around on his heels, Spike planted a big kiss on Xander's lips.

"Fuck! I love you! Come on. Let's get him in the car and take him there.
We'll give them some money for water, bandages and medicine. God, Xander
I think we might just be o.k."

Both men rushed back to the car. They loaded the weak man into the bloody
back seat and shoved his wife in after. Xander climbed into the passenger's
seat and Spike turned the key.

Carefully, trying not to jar or shake the man in the back, Spike pulled on to the
road and headed for the lane that would lead them to what they prayed
would be their salvation.

"When we get there, let me do the talking, Pet. Hide those guns. Shove them
under the seats out of sight but keep the revolver in your pocket and make sure
it is loaded."

Xander nodded and hurried to comply. Within minutes, they were on a narrow
path that led past a huge barn, past a small chicken coop and ended at a ramshackle
farm house. As soon as they stopped, the wood screen door swung open, slamming
against the side of the house, and a tall thin man with a rifle of his own stepped out.

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