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TITLE: Gangsters
S/X do Bonnie & Clyde 20/20

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Overall NC17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named
in this story and have no relationship to the original movie.
Summary: This story was written for the movie challenge at UX.
It is my take on Spike and Xander in Bonnie and Clyde.

Warnings include violence, bad language and strong M/M sexual content

As always, hugs and thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander glanced over at the farmhouse, watching intently until his lover reappeared
and returned.

"So, when can we go?"

Spike grinned and ran his hand down Xander's arm.

"Is right now too soon? I told Timothy that if anything goes wrong he can
send word to us by general delivery in Galveston. So, get your things
together and get that sexy, wonderful arse in the car. It's time to leave!"

Xander whooped and cheered. He kicked up his heels like a spring colt and
he ran for the barn. Safe, secure and comfortable were fine for a few days,
but he had forgotten how wonderful the adventure of the run could be.
He still had reservations about driving back through the counties where they
were most wanted, but if no one knew they were there, what was the harm?

Within minutes, after dumping a can of tractor gas into the tank, Spike
turned the key on Buck's prized Ford and the black sedan roared to life.
With Xander perched shotgun, Spike backed out of the barn and turned
toward the lane that led to their new life of love and promise.

Lucy and her father stood on the front porch and watched as the hulking
vehicle crept out of the barn, turned and headed away from the house to the
main road. Lucy waved her hand high in the air and she smiled when they
blew the horn. She continued to wave as they disappeared till her father
grabbed her wrist and jerked her arm down.

"Now you stop that foolishness, you hear, Girl?"

With her head bowed, she nodded but knew better than speak. Clutching
her by the arm, Timothy dragged her off the porch till he was certain they
were in a distance that would prevent them from being overheard by anyone
in the house. He then whispered to her harshly.

"Now you look here, Girl, you stay with them folks. I gots to run down to
the Miller place and use that there telephone they got. Iffin they ask,
you tell them I'm in the barn with the cow. You hear me?"

Timothy punctuated the statement by shaking her small body till her teeth
rattled. He then pulled a scrap of paper with a name and a number out
of his overall pocket and he hurried off to jump in his truck and disappear
down the same road the other two men had just gone.

That first day, when he went to town, he had met with the lawman and
together they had cut a deal. Seemed that Mr. Texas Ranger Hamer was
paying good money to know if Spike Barrow was headed back to Texas.
Said there wasn't no need for Oklahoma to be involved in the arrest. So,
what with the money he got from the Barrows and now from the fine state
of Texas, the Pierce farm was safely covered.

He hated to do it, but times were desperate and a man had to do what a
man had to do. A clear conscous was a commoditiy not always affordable.

The first afternoon had turned dark, chilly rainy and cold. While they drove,
Spike and Xander had contented themselves by talking about what they would
do on their little holiday and they discussed the differences between a train
robbery and a bank job. They had stayed to the back roads, avoiding the main
highways and hadn't seen so much as one cop car all day.

They drove as far as they could stopping only to get gas and buy some food
which they saved till they were out of town then ate, like a picnic in the grass.
Both men were filled with love and hope. They touched, kissed and held hands,
certain that nothing could go wrong.

At night, they cuddled in the back seat of the car agreeing not to take any chances
while they were still in Oklahoma. Though he doubted there would be any road markers, Spike was certain by early tomorrow morning they would be across the state line and
back in Texas. From there, they would run straight south to the coast.

Xander watched Spike with eyes of love as the blond gangster talked of how they
would frolick in the sun and sand. Their lovemaking was slow, languid and easy.
The night was cool from the rain and Xander could never remember being this happy.

The second morning had dawned bright and early. The rain had passed and the warm
sun offered a day of promise and good fortune, reflected in an amazing rainbow that
arched in the eastern sky. Both men had their windows rolled down and their arms
hung out feeling the rush of damp fresh air as it brushed across their skin. The horrible oppressive heat of the past weeks seemed to have broken and the wonderful breeze
kissed their faces as they drove on.

Although Xander had complained of being hungry, Spike had placated him by promising
that as soon as they were safely back over the Texas state line, they would stop
and Spike would buy him the biggest breakfast he could eat.

"Look! Xander, Love, look there."

Spike pointed happily at the large, painted wooden sign that proudly announced
that they had just crossed over, leaving Oklahoma behind. It was a giant board
that had "Welcome To Texas" stenciled across the top and the poorly drawn
picture of a long horn steer smiling to all who were now joining him in the biggest
state in the union.

Spike was delighted. He felt safe. He felt home. He felt giddy and elated and when
he saw the old pickup truck parked sideways in the road ahead, he felt no fear. Then,
when the old man climbed out of the cab and waved his arms, Spike felt downright benevolent.

For Xander, apprehension began running it's sharp fingernails up his spine uncomfortably, especially when he realized Spike was slowing down. Suddenly, Xander's heart began hammering in his chest and the air in his lungs turned thick and heavy. Xander clamped
a hand over Spike's arm.

"Spike, don't stop."

Spike glanced quizzically at his partner before looking back at the vehicle ahead.

"Don't be silly, Love, probably just a dead batter or such. Hey, doesn't that look
like Andrew's truck? Wait....I think it is. Look, it even has the same scrape on the
fender. What the hell.....?"

Spike pulled the car to a stop in the middle of the country road as he stared at
the odd coincidence. His brain waffled between 'is it' and 'isn't it' as his lover's
voice, now raised to a shout, continued to repeat,

"Go, Spike, go!"

Before Spike's brain could add together the numbers that spelled out their fate,
Andrew's Father darted away from the truck and he dove into the deep culvert at
the side of the road and disappeared out of sight

At the same instant, both sides of the road exploded as two dozen men jumped up
from their places of concealment, surrounding the gangsters from all sides, guns
aimed and voices shouting.

Then time stopped.

In a split second, faster than the first bullet could fly, Spike and Xander turned to each
other and their eyes locked in love and understanding. Spike quickly grabbed Xander's hand and the two men entwined their fingers, holding on tightly and they waited till, as
seconds later, they were instantly and violently hurled into history.


Love is stronger than death. Passion is fiercer than the grave.*

The end

*Song of Solomon.


Bee note: Like a baseball game, some stories are a hit and some a miss. The Bee
is aware that this store had very few readers and even fewer commenters. Those
of you who did read and stuck with me throughout all earned a big Bee thank you.
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