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Romancing The Stone - EPILOGUE

Title: Romancing The Stone (Apologies to Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner)
Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, possible humor, blatant use of movie misquotes, OOC, varying chapter lengths. UNBETA'D
Rating:Overall NC17 Individual Chapters PG to NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X (Is there any other?)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This was written for the Film challenge on Ultimate_Xander

Note2: This follows the general plot of the film with a few important deviations!

Note 3: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for kicking me up the ass into writing this and holding my hand through the writing and posting process. Without her it would never have been written. *Hugs*

Summary: Alexander Harris is a highly successful author of romantic novels under the pen name Xander Harris. His stories have a twist, his hero is a 500 year old, ensouled vampire called Angel and the love interest is always male. Shy and retiring he lives a quiet, orderly life in the town of Sunnydale where he was born and raised. In contrast his younger step brother Lindsey McDonald lives an exciting life traveling the world and lurching from crisis to crisis. When Lindsey lands in a spot of bother Xander's money can't solve, it's up to Xander to launch a rescue mission. Along the way he meets the handsome, roguish, soldier of fortune William Stone. Question is, is it the best or worst thing to ever happen to him?

You didn't REALLY think I'd end it there, did you?


Giles tapped the manuscript with his finger. "It's the best thing you've ever written, Xander and so quickly too." Xander shrugged. "What can I say? I was inspired." Giles smiled. "How's that brother of yours?"

"In Tibet."

"Lord Almighty what's the Dalai Lama ever done to him?"

"He met a guy called Gunn, they've gone to capture a Yeti." Xander smiled. Giles shook his head and chuckled. "I seriously believe if anyone can find a Yeti, Lindsey can." He paused. "You never did tell me what went on in Colombia."

"There's nothing to tell," Xander shrugged. "I paid Lindsey's fine, they let him out of jail and we came home." Giles studied his young friend. He'd changed since coming back from Colombia, there was a sadness in and around the eyes, not there before. The lent forward, elbows on his desk. This is your story, isn't it Xander?" Xander shook his head. "Only there was no happy ending," he persisted. "he didn't meet you at the airport with the emerald and fly home with you."

"It wasn't an em...." Xander stopped and stood up. "I have to go Giles," He turned away. "it's fiction, a story, things like that don't happen in real life."

Spike stood on the deck of the launch, Xander's neighbor had told him Xander was at his publisher's dropping off a new book and shouldn't be long. She seemed nice and he almost regretted turning down her offer of hot chocolate and waiting instead in the street. The truth was he was too wired up, he needed to see Xander's face and when he saw him, then he'd know.

He fully expected Xander to take a swing at him, God knows he had the right, he'd already decided not to make any attempt to defend himself. If a few punches was what it took for the brunette to work out his anger, Spike could understand and take that, then maybe they'd find a common point to start again. Spike hadn't felt like this in a very long time, he was so nervous his hands shook. He knew fear, fear was sensible, it was normal, it kept you alive, this bordered on sheer terror; terror Xander would reject him, tell him to get out of his life and never come back; Spike wasn't sure he could deal with that.

Xander turned the corner fishing in his bag for his keys, he pulled them out, looked up and stopped dead.

A long, low trailer was parked outside his building, seated on the back a sleek, black motor launch. But what made his jaw drop and a chill pass through his body was the sight of the man stood on the deck. Dark blond hair, a black, leather jacket over a black T shirt and black jeans. High cheekbones and a deep look of concentration on his face. Xander nose stung and tears welled up in his eyes.

Xander dropped his keys back in his bag and he rushed forward. Spi...? Spike!" Spike saw Xander turn the corner the tousled head lowered. Bloody Hell he still had that fucking bag! Xander lifted his head and Spike held his breath. For several moments time seemed to stop then Xander rushed forward.

Spike breathed.

Spike let down the ladder as Xander careered towards him and began to scramble up, he reached down and hauled him the last few feet, pulling him onto the deck. Xander looked at Spike's boots. "Crocodile skin?" Spike grinned. "What can I say? That poor croc died in my arms from a fatal case of indigestion."

Spike took Xander's hands and held them against his chest. He looked in his eyes. "Missed you Pet. Thought about you everyday, dreamed about you at night." Xander nodded. "Me too. I hope you don't mind I wrote our story." Spike grinned. "You did? I read your books, all of them."


Spike chuckled. "I did, they're good, pretty hot stuff. Only please tell me you didn't called me Angel?" Xander smiled. "You'll have to read it to find out."

"Why you...." Spike snaked a hand round his waist and cradled the back of his head with the other and kissed him tenderly, then with more passion as Xander's arms entwined his neck. Wolf whistles and calls of "Get a room." and the need to breathe broke the kiss.

They leaned their foreheads together, just holding each other.

Spike spoke softly. "I can't promise you forever but I know if I let you go, don't try then I'll regret it for the rest of my life." He drew back a little. "So I got to thinking maybe you could write your books on a yacht sailing around the World as easy as sitting in an apartment in Sunnydale. Will you do it Xander? Will you sail around the World and back with me?"

Xander looked around, a look of doubt crossed his face, Spike swallowed hard. "I swear Xander, I'll do everything I can to make you happy." Xander looked at him. "It's not that, this is a beautiful boat and everything, but isn't it a bit small to go around the World?" Spike frowned and then burst out laughing. "This isn't the yacht you git, that's berthed in Miami. This is a launch to get to and from the yacht when we anchor off shore!"

"Oh." Xander paused. "Spike just what did we find?" Spike gave a wicked grin. "Well, I had to have it authenticated and appraised of course."


"And valued, and then there was the legal side, getting registered as the owner, can't sell a thing like that quietly bound to attract all sorts of attention and arranging the auction."


Spike laughed. "It was a blue diamond, the rarest gem stone in the World, only a handful exist."

"Uh, no wonder everyone wanted it, was it worth much?"

"About one point three million a carat."


"American dollars."

Spike caught Xander as he staggered. "How, how many carats?" He mumbled.

"Nearly six." Spike replied. "But that's" Xander tried to do the math, his brain refused to work and so Spike took pity on him. "Bidding went off the scale, it went to an anonymous Arab for eight million and change." Xander paled and gasped. "So will you Xander? Will you come with me?" Hope filled Spike's eyes.

Xander smiled. "Do you like cats?"

"I love cats."

Xander nodded and looked up. "Anya, start packing your basket!"


Thank you for reading. The boys will be back in the sequel 'Jewel of The Nile', starting July 1st 2009
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