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Notification of Posting : Jewel of The Nile

*Waves* Jewel of The Nile begins posting tomorrow 1st July 2009 and is the sequel to Romacing The Stone posted earlier.

Ten months into their Round-The-World Trip finds Spike and Xander anchored off the French Rivera and there are cracks beginning to show in their relationship. When Xander is offered a commission to do some serious writing, he jumps at the chance and leaves Spike to travel to the banks of the Nile. A series of misunderstandings, micommunication and a bogus Prince send them on a helter skelter desert adventure, will they still be together at the end of it?

A sequel to Romancing The Stone, but you do not have to have read that story to enjoy this one.

This features 'Spike' William Stone (Adventurer), Xander Harris (Novelist) and Daniel Osborne (Thief). Original character (and possible star) Humphery The Camel.

Please Note: Although characters have 'Sunnydale names' they are not necessarily wearing their Sunydale personas and you may not enjoy this if OOC is not to your liking.

Title: Jewel of The Nile (Based on the movie of the same name)

Pairing: SPANDER all the way!
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Action/Adventure
Rating NC17 Overall. Individual Chapters PG-NC17
Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, mild angst, possible humor, blatant use of movie misquotes, OOC,, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd
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