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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Sparks 9&10 *Complete* 
30th-Jun-2009 08:53 am
Title:  Sparks (9 and 10/10) *COMPLETE*
Author:  Jasonsnene
Pairing:  Spike/Xander (descriptions of Spike/others, mentions of Xander/Angel)
Rating:  NC17
Warnings:  HAU, M/M
Betas:  aayesha_r and carinas_carinae
Summary:  Spike is a wealthy night club owner.  Alex is a dancer at the club.  Spike wants more.  Alex really doesn't.

Previous parts

A/N:  Sorry for the delays!  Comp problems tentatively resolved!  Let's hope this works!


Don't worry. I'll take real good care of you. )


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