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Fic search

okay I'm gonna stick an apology here first up! I'm not 100% sure this is pure Spander, but I think it starts out that way even if it doesn't end up totally just them. (could be Spander +???)

I've one little scene in my head where Xander is in Angels hotel in Angels room and he's Vamped(? maybe) but the hyena has changed that and he's gone a bit feral and is green eyed crouching on the floor. Oz is there and in semi wolf mode and they are protecting Spike(?). I can't remember if Angel is there. I know they are protecting Spike from something coming through the door but not if it's friend or foe.

Vague enough to stir a memory?

I really don't wanna get yelled at for bringing non-spander here but I'm sure (since that's all I mostly read!) it is Spander in some form.
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