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5th-Jul-2009 04:45 pm
I saw this post and got curious...maybe someone can help.

"Hello...all. Hope someone can help me remember the title and where to find this one story it Can't recall if Spike and Xander are already in a relationship but what I do remember is it is an old childhood friend(s) with her mate and heal & take in Xander after his father beat him almost to death. Also she is a natural witch, Willow apparently didn't like her and undid all the protective spells she had placed on Xander's home to prevent the father from going as bad as he did for her to fell his pain... that is all I can recall I hope someone recognizes this story and where it is at... Thank you all in advance. JC"

10th-Jul-2009 01:27 am (UTC)
And I wonder if anybody's actually read this?
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