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Bait Bus plot Bunny

Ok, here is a sort of a request / plot bunny.

The Bait Bus is very favourite site of mine... full of man on man porn of delicous proportions... lol.   The basic premise of it all is that a bus with a driver, a gay male and straight female and camera man drive around different areas each week. They scout locations such as beaches or work sites or even the street until they see a potential 'pick up'. They then offer the 'victim' a lift or even more bazenly, a free feelup of the womans boobs in order to get them into the van. They make small chitchat and let victimguy feel the chickybabe up until she convinces him that he will get a blowjob from her if he allows her to blindfold him. He, of course, immediately agrees to this and gets blindfolded. However, once blindfolded, teh gay dude swoops down to do the dirty deed on victimguy. Halfway through the blowjob, the blindfold is removed and victimdude is allowed to see who is giving him a brilliant blowjob. Naturally, victimdude is all up in arms and horrified that he is getting a blow job from another dude... lol.  Everyone tries to calm the raging dude down and then offer him a couple of thousand to actually go all the way and fuck the gay dude on camera.  And of course, once done, they then offer him more money in exchange for his virgin cherry ;)  Some victimdudes take the extra money, some dont. Now, I'm well aware that this all staged shite but really, there are one or two episodes where the pure outrage on victimdudes face is such oscar worthy material, you really wonder if that particular guy was a random pickup or not.
Anyhow.. last night I was perusing my favourite site and I just thought, what a good idea for a Spike/Xander story with a few more men from the fandom's thrown in?

I would love this to be a multi parter if possible? The adventures of the Buffy Bait Bus? I can see it all in my head.. not that I am going to write it myself...  Giles being the driver, organiser of it all... Oz being the camera man... Faith as the booby girl, with some chapter swapping to Buffy or Dawn or even Tara... Spike as the gay dude in the bus.  And of course, Ethan being the financial backer of this newly assembled whorebus.


Chapter one -  The making of the Bait Bus... finding the perfect vehicle and a broke man realising that porn may actually offer the financial salvation he so desperately needs, he then thanks ameteur porn on Youtube for the idea.

Chapter two - getting the team assembled. Tougher than it seems.. Cameraman, gay whore dude, straight grope girl, and the cash to actually tempt the guys. Will it ever get off the ground?

Chapter three - A few test runs with the Bait Bus. A few mistakes made, one very angry straight dude who was actually straight, despite all the nail polish and lipgloss.. lol. 

Chapter four -  Their first official Bait Bus pickup - Lindsay, a lawyer whose car just happened to break down, what perfect luck!

Chapter five - Driving past Sunnydale UC, they spot their next pickup, Wesley, a newly promoted senior librarian.

Chapter six - Can Tara, taking over from Faith for a few days, tempt a hot and sweaty construction worker called Xander into hte van with the promise of being able to touch her big boobs? or is Xander actually eye'ing off a sultry and slutty Spike?

Chapter seven - Having been made an offer he couldn't refuse to join Bait Bus, Xander faces a huge challenge on his first day with Bait Bus, thankfuly, Spike is there to hold his hand. Can both Xander and Spike manage to convert an all American duo of Riley and Graham, who are fresh from a tour in Iraq?

And so it goes... don't forget about Gunn, Angel, Andrew, Gavin Park, Holland and Forrest.

Now, this is just an idea of my plot bunny, not going to write it myself, as I don't actually finish anything. So, kudo's to anyone who actually takes this up and even finishes the story :)

Thanks and goodluck.

PS -  I had no freakin' clue that 'I don't hook up' was sung by Kelly Clarkson?? I thought it was bloody Pink?? I was yapping all last week about my favourite Pink song.. lololol.

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