moya_no_baka (moya_no_baka) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic search

I know it must be quite a popular fic and I searched through all my saved fics and web pages and I still can't find the story that's been haunting me lately. All I can really remember is that Xan and Spike were together/getting together and something made Buffy react really badly to their relationship if Xander got too close to her. She was saying really hurtful things about Xander not being smart enough to make decisions like getting involved with Spike. I can especially remember them arguing in Magic Box's training room.

Other then that, I've been wondering if there are some good X-men crossovers out there, since I've been rewatching the movie trilogy lately. I'm going through archives on Twisting the Hellmouth page but lot of stories are incomplete. I'm looking for Xander-centric stories with Xan/Spike pairing, possibly with Xander's powers awaking and him being approached by X-men crew. Epic-size and movie-timeline fics are especially welcome.
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