spiceblueeyes (spiceblueeyes) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Searches

Okay, I'm looking for two fics.
One, Xander was raped by Angelus as a Valentines present for Buffy but he never told her. Spike knows and falls for him. Xander has scars on his back.

Two, Xander is some sort of demon, but the rest of his demon family don't think he's demon enough or something so he and Spike go to Angel in LA. Then he ends up being kidnapped and Spike and Angel have to go rescue him from his family.

FOUND- One is What Makes Us by Laikokae.
                 Two is Demon's Child

Links are in comments.

Another question. The link for What Makes Us is a geocities site, isn't that the site that is shutting down? Is anyone saving this fic?
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