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Fic search


If anyone could help in a desperate Spander fic search I thought it would be you guys. I originally read it on Spanderfiles I'm pretty sure but I can't find it again anywhere! Just know I wouldn't bug you unless it were serious!

Basically what I can remember of it is that Xander and Spike were kind of heading towards the possibility of a relationship but there was a lot of pig headedness on both sides (mostly Spike). Angel was there. There was a particular scene where the gang goes out and for some reason Faith is with them and Xander dresses up for Spike who makes fun of him and goes and dirty dances with Faith. I think he goes home with her too. The trigger for the Spander I'm pretty sure was a car accident. Xander cracks it and leaves, on the way out tries to take the keys off his drunk dad and then is driving Buffy home and they get run into a ditch? Then Spike kinda wakes up and gets with the program.

Anyway, if anyone can discern the story from the ramble above, or maybe stories if I've gone and blended a few, please could you let me know, it's been like three months and I still can't find it. I'm going spare!



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