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Yahoo! Geocities will be closing down on the 26th October

As has been reported earlier, GeoCities, which hosts many fannish resource pages and archives, announced that it will be closing down at the end of the year. They've now announced a more specific date: October 26, 2009.

In response, the Open Doors Committee of the OTW would like to announce their GeoCities Rescue Project: http://transformativeworks.org/announcing-otws-geocities-rescue-project.

If you are the owner of a fanfiction archive or resource, meta or other fannish page on GeoCities and you are looking to house your fiction or other content, the OTW can help! Open Doors is teaming up with the Archive of Our Own and Fanlore to preserve as much material as possible.

Fanfiction: They are offering AO3 beta accounts to fanfiction authors currently hosted on GeoCities --both single author and multiple author archives are welcome--so that you may preserve your fiction. If you are not the author, owner or site administrator, you can still document and memorialize parts of a fanfiction site on Fanlore, but they need an authorized person for an AO3 account. Contact Open Doors for more information!

Resource sites: If you are the owner of a fannish resource site, they recommend a page in Fanlore with a summary of the information and purpose of the site along with screencaps of the entry page and/or other key pages to convey the feeling of the site. They have volunteers who can help you set up a Fanlore page documenting both the content and feel of a GeoCities page. Even non-owners of a resource site can document and memorialize a site on Fanlore. Contact Open Doors for help or for more information!

For either a fic or a resource site, please include the URL of the site you wish to archive/preserve, and an email address. If you are the administrator of a multi-author site, please include email addresses for each hosted author (if possible).

Alternative free hosting sites



suggestions in the comments of makeuse:

Please don't bother asking me about any of these sites as I don't know anything about them. I freely admit I grabbed the contents of this post from several others (posted in locked comms, or I would have linked instead).


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