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The Wolf And The Hawk

Title: The Wolf And The Hawk (An S/X adaptation of Ladyhawke)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, angst, possible humor, blatant use of movie dialogue, OOC, varying chapter lengths. Unbeta'd
Rating:Chapters 1-25 R (For swearing and violence) Epilogue NC17 (For M/M sex.)
Pairing: 100% S/X ( S&Oz, S&Oz&Giles, X&Oz&Giles FRIENDSHIP only)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This is derived from the movie Ladyhawke and is dedicated to two of the most handsome actors ever: James Marsters and Rutger Hauer. It is also dedicated to the memory of Othello the magnificent Friesian stallion who portrayed Goliath.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. Chapters 1 to 25 Rated R for violence and language. Epilogue (Original writing, not part of the legend or movie) Rated NC17 for MM sex.

Note 4: This is fantasy human/medieval Spike, Oz and Xander and behave as such. Although BTVs names are used, they are NOT in Sunnydale personas.

Posted on Bloodclaim with the knowledge and support of Darkhavens *Hugs*

Summary: When the Count D’Anjou forfeits all his land and wealth gambling, his son the handsome, eighteen year old Xander is sent to live with a cousin in Aquila. It is hoped that Xander's good looks and title will attract a wealthy wife. But Xander meets William (Spike) Navarre the handsome, dashing Captain of The Guard. They fall in love. They keep their illicit love from everyone but their confessor. When they are betrayed to The Bishop of Aquila he calls down a terrible curse on the lovers. Can Daniel (Oz) Osbourne a thief and escapee from Aquila's dungeons help Spike and Xander defeat the curse?

Chapter 4/25 + Epilogue (This is not a WIP. One Chapter will be posted daily, until complete.)

Rating: 1 -25 R, EPILOGUE NC17

Chapter 4/25+ Epilogue

Rating: NC17 Overall

A crossbow bolt whistled through the air and buried itself in the guard's arm and he dropped the sword and staggered back, immediately Angelus ducked behind the protection of the trellis. The man who fired the bolt was dressed as a knight in black armor a dual crossbow in his hands, his blond hair almost white in the sun. He narrowed his blue eyes.

Angelus recognized him and stepped forward cautiously. A guard loosed a bolt at the black knight and it embedded itself in a post near his head. Swiftly he turned and shot the guard through the heart. "You there, boy. Out!" He motioned with his head toward Oz. The guards glanced at Angelus and then released Oz and he ran toward the knight.

Angelus held up his hand and signaled for no one to move.

As Oz ran passed the knight he pressed the crossbow into his hands. "Here, take this." He ordered.

Oz went on a short distance and then dropped the bow and ran for his life.

Behind him, the black knight drew his sword.

Angelus walked slowly toward the knight. "Spike. One of my men told me you were in the region. I almost cut his throat for lying because I knew you weren't that stupid. Apparently I was wrong." He smirked.

" 'Gelus, still getting others to do your dirty work?" The knight replied coldly.

A guard extended his sword, the knight knocked it way with his blade. The guard gasped and smiled. "Captain Spike"

The blond smiled a little and nodded. "Riley."

"Captain!" Angelus roared and pushed the guard forward onto Spike's blade. The blond gasped as the blade plunged into the guard's chest and he fell. "No!" He cried in anguish. He surged forward and swung a left gauntleted fist at Angelus's chin. It caught the taller man off guard and he stumbled back, lost his footing and crashed to the ground.

The guards lunged at the knight, he turned, jumped on a table and kicked out sending two guards sprawling. He leapt to the ground, picked up a barrel and threw it at two more, sending them spinning. Dazed, Angelus staggered to his feet. The blond grabbed the front of his tabard and shook him. "Your dead," he hissed into his face and heaved him into the fire. Flames licked at him and set his tabard alight, he howled and guards rushed to beat out the flames.

Spike knelt by Riley. "I'm so sorry my friend." He mumbled as he pulled out his sword and ran for his horse grabbing the fallen crossbow on his way.

Oz made the road and began to run as fast as he could along it. He was sorry for deserting his savior, but he was a thief not a fighter. The black stallion emerged from the trees behind him. Spike spotted the boy and urged the stallion in pursuit, his black cloak billowing behind him.

A hawk screeched and swooped.

At the thunder of hooves Oz glanced behind and saw the horse and rider bearing down on him. "Fuck! No! No! Please no!" He ran faster, weaving from side to side. For all his great size the stallion was nimble and weaved with him and in a few strides drew alongside Oz and Spike reached down and scooped him up, throwing him across the saddle.

Without faltering the stallion thundered on. Guards appeared on the road riding in pursuit, ahead the road was barred by a gate.

Oz screwed close his eyes and clung to the side of the saddle for all he was worth. Spike urged the horse on and with a whinny the stallion soared into the air and cleared the gate and without hesitation galloped away.

The guards reached the gate and struggled to open it the hawk swooped down at them screeching, talons extended; the horses reared and the guards tumbled to the ground.

The hawk soared into the air and flew after the stallion.

Spike galloped on until he was sure they were free from pursuit and then reined his horse to a stop.

Oz slid to the ground and landed with an 'oomph' . The hawk swooped and landed lightly on Spike's out stretched hand, he smiled a little and stroked it's breast.

Oz peered up. Now he could see the knight clearly. It was hard to judge his build under the armor, but in height he was shorter than Angelus, the skin was paler and the cheekbones high and sharp. His hair was white blond and his eyes a startling blue. His eyebrows were darker with a scar over the left and he had a full, generous mouth.

His armor was black as was his horse and his attention was drawn to a beautiful, broadsword attached to the front of the saddle. "I can't thank..." He began.

Spike cut him off. "Was your story true? Were they after you because you escaped from the dungeons of Aquila?" Oz sat up. "Yes Sir. I was a prisoner and I escaped." Spike raised an eyebrow. "I've seen those dungeons boy, no one has ever escaped from there," he snapped.

"You Sir?" Oz frowned. "I can't imagine you as a prisoner."

"Not a prisoner boy, before Angelus, I was the Captain of The Guard."

Oz scrambled back, his heart racing.

Spike's mouth twitched. "You have nothing to fear from me on that score boy, The Bishop and I parted company some while ago and not on good terms."

Oz nodded warily.

"How did you escape?" Spike pressed. "And the truth boy! Lie to me and it'll go badly for you!"

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