Seven (sevendeadlyfun) wrote in bloodclaim,

Improvising Atonement, 20/?

airing: Ensemble (Spike, Xander, Angelus)

Rating: NC-17 overall

Summary: Spike fights himself and his family in his struggle to atone. But can he save what he values most?

A/N: So, once upon a time, I wrote this story. It was a re-do of Buffy but with Spike instead of Angel as the souled vampire. Maybe some of you guys remember it from back in the day? I'm sorry for the enormously, embarrassingly long wait between chapters. Hopefully, now that I've wrestled the story back on track, it will continue to chug along to its conclusion. Thanks so much to my beta, anxiety_junkie who fought the good fight against her RL in order to polish this chapter into something resembling a good read.

Previous chapters can be found in my memories or maxing and relaxing in the tags.

( Soon, all of this humanity and grace will be nothing but a bad memory... )
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