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Writer's Block

Title: Writer's Block
Author: BmblBee
Rating: NC17 overall.
Paring: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing. Certainly not the characters or products
mentioned in this story and unfortunately, the Bee makes no profit from it.

Summary: This story is a light hearted comedy/mystery.

It is based slightly (very slightly) on the plot of the old movie
"House Of Long Shadows". It is an HUA that tells the story of a very successful
mystery writer, Alexander Harris, who is suffering from a severe case of writer's
block. Against his better judgement, he accepts a $10,000.00 bet with his
publisher after claiming he can crank out a full manuscript in a 24 hour period. This
short story is his struggle to do that and the bizarre obstacles that pop up.

Warnings: Sexual dialogue and M/M slashy acts.

As always, special thanks to the amazing Petxnd for her wonderful banners.


The black denim clad ass that protruded from the open refrigerator door waggled
a bit before it's owner popped up with a chunk of left over roast beef in one
hand and a beer in the other.

"Oh, there you are, Love. Was wondering what was taking you so long. What's
that in your hand, Pet? No pussy this time? Ooo. a stiff, wooden bat. Much
better, Love. Very phallic."

Xander set down the Louisville Slugger, he had forgotten he still held it.


Spike laid his snack on the island and booted the fridge door shut with his butt.
Xander stared, a million questions dancing about in his brain and he tried to
decide which one to ask first. How did Spike know where he lived? How did
he get in? Finally, a slow grin spread across his face as he realized that right now,
none of them was as important as the fact that Spike was here. A sentiment that
seemed to be shared by little Xan who was twitching and nodding in his pants
as the exhaustion again retreated.

With a stern scowl on his face, Xander crossed his arms.

"How dare you break into my home, you felonious felon. I should immediately
call 911 and have you taken away, but that would be too simple. No, as the
violated homeowner, I believe it is my right to exact my own revenge. Turn
around and assume the position! This, my friend, is a citizen's arrest!"

Spike's expression tried for shocked innocence. He failed badly, however, he
did follow instruction. He turned, placed his palms flat on the island and bent
at the waist. Xander groaned quietly at the yummy sight. He then did a quick
pat down and emptied all the items from the blond's pockets.

"AHA! What have we here? Hey, wait a minute. Aren't these condoms and
lube packs from my night stand?"

Spike glanced back over his shoulder and batted his eyes sweetly.

"Been waiting for you, Love. Figured I might as well have a bit of a look see."

Xander's brain catalogued all the personal items in his room and he instantly
flushed hot in a combination of embarrassment and arousal. When he detected
the hesitation, Spike wiggled his rump.

"Tut, tut, Love. No shame. Nice little collection of porn you have there. I'm
sure it will take us quite a while to get through it all. Together. Naked. With oil
and a couple of those nasty toys you keep in the box under the bed."


Xander quickly jerked his shirt off over his head, toed off his shoes and began
wrestling with the stubborn snap on the top of his jeans. When they dropped
off his legs, he kicked them to the side and he sighed as the cool air caused
goose flesh to raise all over his hot naked body. He then started on Spike.

Taking his time, Xander reached around and popped open each button on
the fly of the tight black jeans. As he shimmed them down, he realized Spike
wore no underwear and the long, pale cock bounced free. Spike stepped his
feet apart and tipped his bare ass high in the air.

Xander's breath came in ragged, irregular gasps as he ran his hands over the
smooth, round globes. The hair at the top of his crack was soft and finer than
frog's fur. Spike lowered his head and reveled in the attention as Xander gripped
a cheek almost painfully in each hand.

"Fuck. Just fucking beautiful. Jesus, you are going to feel so good."

Reluctantly, Xander released his treasures and with fumbling, shaky hands,
he quickly ripped open the condom and rolled it on. The very feel and anticipation
nearly pushed him over the edge. With a whimper, he twisted off the top of the
puffy lube pack and let it dribble onto the ultrasensitive head of his throbbing cock.

Then he stopped. He wrapped his hand around his shaft, fearful that he would
erupt before he even got it in, and he fought for control. He prayed that Spike
would hold still and not say anything, not yet. Unfortunately, Spike was flushed
too with urgency and passion.

"Come on, Xan. Fuck me. Fuck my arse. Hurt me so good."

"Oh, Jesus, Spike, yes."

Immediately, Xander plastered himself against Spike. His warm, solid chest and
stomach pressed tightly over the smaller, muscular back and butt. He then
slipped his arm between them. Using the excess lube that ran over his hand,
Xander slicked up his fingers and he slid one smoothly inside Spike's hot, willing

Spike lifted his head and closed his eyes. He rocked back and forth as the finger
slowly manipulated and stretched him, coming so close, but not quite reaching that
magic spot that would cause the colors to flash and his balls to harden.

"More, Xan, come on, I can take more."

Xander pulled his finger out and pushed two back in. He felt the muscles of
Spike's ring clench with the delicious, familiar burn and pain and he knew it
wasn't the kind of pain you wanted to stop. After quickly stretching and wiggling
Xander pulled his hand away. Patience had run it's course and he needed to fuck.

"Are you ready? Christ, I need to be in you. You're so fucking hot and tight
I can't wait to shove my cock inside you."

Spike gripped the counter with one hand and began slowly massaging his meat
with the other as his body moved back and forth waiting for the wonderful,
screaming pain of being split open.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ready. Use lots of slick and just shove it in. Hurry."

Xander lined himself up with the concentration of a man inventing the wheel.
He positioned the fat head at Spike's snug wrinkled hole and Xander pressed
his hips forward, sliding in as though he were diving for home base. When he
was fully seated, he stopped. Gently, Xander ran his hands up and down the soft,
flawless skin of the smaller man's back. He wanted to say something sweet.
He wanted to be romantic but all his brain could provide was "Wanna fuck!"

Spike arched his back. He reached around behind himself and ran his hand
up and down Xander's thigh. The coarse leg hair was like steel wool on his
fingertips. Spike loved a man with body hair.

"Oh, fuck, I knew that big, hard cock was going to feel good. Come on, Xan
fuck me. Split my arse."

The heat in Spike's voice cracked Xander's resolve to be gentle and his hips
went on auto pilot, snapping rapidly, pumping his dick in and out of that wonderful
viselike grip of hot, slick passion. Both men's higher intellect shut down as the
primordial need for sexual release surged through them.

Spike shuddered each time Xander's cock rammed into that small bundle of nerves
and he roughly jerked his own cock, rushing toward a bone melting orgasm while
Xander slammed his throbbing meat in and out at a blinding, pleasure sweeping
speed. Within minutes, both men were panting, moaning and cursing as the
inevitable end began it's slow sizzle up their spines and down to their toes.

Within seconds, Xander threw his head back. His eyes rolled up and he
pushed in as far as he could go before his cock began twitching and jerking
inside, filling the tip of the condom with what seemed like a gallon of hot spunk.

Spike was barely aware of his companion's pleasure as his own release washed
through him causing his inner muscles to squeeze and his cock to spurt blobs
of stringy, white cum to splatter and run down the side of the clean kitchen island.

When both had ridden out the waves and aftershocks of a body numbing release,
Xander gently eased out and together they slumped to the floor.

"Holy fuck."

Gradually, as his brain again filled with blood and resumed seminormal function,
Xander reached over into the pocket of his discarded jeans and he pulled out the check,
handing it to Spike.

"Here. Since you were my inspiration, I think this belongs to you. Now you can get your
own place and don't have to break and enter."

Spike grinned as he looked at the amount. He then folded it and set it up on the

"Thanks, but I think I'll just set it aside for a future nest egg. Don't really need it right
now. Turns out I have a very rich and successful boyfriend who is a famous author
and he wants me to live with him so he can take proper care of me. Least, I think I do."

Xander noticed the slight twitch of insecurity in the blond's smile and he quickly kissed
it away.

"Just so happens I know that boyfriend and, yes, he wants very much to take care
of you. Later. Right now, he's fucking whipped. It has been one hell of a day."

Spike laughed. He stumbled to stand and pulled his lover to his feet.

"And tomorrow might be even better."



Thanks so much to everyone who read. Comments are what encourages a writer
to keep telling the stories. Don't forget to vote on the next one then watch
for posting to begin on Monday, August 17.

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