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The Wolf And The Hawk 
14th-Aug-2009 10:27 am
Title: The Wolf And The Hawk (An S/X adaptation of Ladyhawke)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, angst, possible humor, blatant use of movie dialogue, OOC, varying chapter lengths. Unbeta'd
Rating:Chapters 1-25 R (For swearing and violence) Epilogue NC17 (For M/M sex.)
Pairing: 100% S/X ( S&Oz, S&Oz&Giles, X&Oz&Giles FRIENDSHIP only)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This is derived from the movie Ladyhawke and is dedicated to two of the most handsome actors ever: James Marsters and Rutger Hauer. It is also dedicated to the memory of Othello the magnificent Friesian stallion who portrayed Goliath.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. Chapters 1 to 25 Rated R for violence and language. Epilogue (Original writing, not part of the legend or movie) Rated NC17 for MM sex.

Note 4: This is fantasy human/medieval Spike, Oz and Xander and behave as such. Although BTVs names are used, they are NOT in Sunnydale personas.

Summary: When the Count D’Anjou forfeits all his land and wealth gambling, his son the handsome, eighteen year old Xander is sent to live with a cousin in Aquila. It is hoped that Xander's good looks and title will attract a wealthy wife. But Xander meets William (Spike) Navarre the handsome, dashing Captain of The Guard. They fall in love. They keep their illicit love from everyone but their confessor. When they are betrayed to The Bishop of Aquila he calls down a terrible curse on the lovers. Can Daniel (Oz) Osbourne a thief and escapee from Aquila's dungeons help Spike and Xander defeat the curse?

Chapter 14/25 + Epilogue (This is not a WIP. One Chapter will be posted daily, until complete.)

Rating: 1 -25 R, EPILOGUE NC17

Chapter 14/25+ Epilogue

Rating NC17 Overall

As Oz crossed the yard to the tavern, the last rays of the sun disappeared and darkness descended. There was the far distant rumble of thunder heralding a coming storm, he hurried inside. By the time he came out, fat raindrops splashed on the ground and the growling thunder sounded nearer. He ran to the barn and hesitated, he knocked on the barn door. "Sir, Sir I'm coming in." He opened the door and slipped inside closing it behind him.

Xander was dressed in his familiar jerkin and britches and stood by Goliath petting the horse and talking to him in a low voice. He turned at Oz's entry and nodded a greeting. "Thank you for giving me the privacy to dress." Oz shuffled a bit. "It was nothing Sir."

"It was thoughtful and I thank you." Xander insisted. He turned back to the horse and stroked the powerful neck. "Where are we?"

"A small tavern Sir, the keeper said we may use this barn."

Xander nodded and after a pause said quietly. "He's taking us back to Aquila isn't he?" Oz took a step closer. "Yes Sir, he plans to kill the Bishop with the sword of his ancestors."

Xander didn't answer but his shoulders slumped a little.

Oz felt and overwhelming sympathy for the young man, he searched for something to say that would offer some comfort. "He told me to say he loves you." Xander turned smiling a little. "No more or less than I love him." He looked at Oz curiously. "Does that offend you?"

Oz shook his head. "No Sir, I have seen things I would not have thought possible in my wildest dreams.. dreams, nightmares.. daymares." He snorted and Xander nodded in agreement. "There are forces at work here which I do not pretend to understand," he continued. "but, I cannot find it my heart to believe God would turn his back on two men such as you and the Captain just because they love one another."

Xander smiled. "Thank you Oz."

Oz ducked his head and Xander sighed.

Oz drew himself to his full height. "The Captain left you in my charge." He asserted. Xander stifled a smile. "Did he now?"

"Yes Sir. Tell him we speak as one. He said."

Xander raised a skeptical eyebrow. "He said that?"

"Yes Sir, I swe........."

Xander raised his hand and cut him off. "There is no need to swear it. I am of a mind to believe you." He chuckled. "So what is it you suggest?"

Oz looked at Xander in earnest. "The tavern is warm and they have food and ale. I think we should sit in the warm a while and have a bite to eat and sup." Xander looked doubtful. "It is quite dark inside and there is a secluded table in the corner close by the fire." Oz prompted. "And forgive me Sir but the Captain did instruct me to see that you ate."

Xander nodded. "Very well, I would hate to get you into trouble with the Captain." He reached for Spike's cloak and put it about him. When he turned back he was surprised to see Oz rummaging in the straw and come up with the great broadsword. He chuckled. "He appointed you my protector too?"

Oz struggled to conceal the sword beneath his cloak. "The truth is Sir, if I lost it he would kill me." Both men laughed. Xander slung his arm around Oz shoulders to offer him the added protection of the black cloak and they made their way out of the barn and across the rain soaked yard.

The table was secluded and the fire warm. They each ate a bowl of vegetable broth and a hunk of bread, they drank a tankard of ale. People came and went all evening, paying them little heed. The keeper watched them curiously, but said naught. Each time the door opened Xander would tense and look up, only to relax when a shepherd, farmer, woodcutter or cowherd entered. They talked little but spent their time in companionable silence. At last the storm withdrew into the distance and they slipped almost unobserved from the tavern and made their way quickly over the yard, splashing through the puddles.

Inside the barn Oz made his way to the ladder that led to the hayloft, but Xander turned aside and went into Goliath's stall taking off the cloak and making to settle in with the black horse. Oz looked back. "Sir the hayloft will be more comfortable."

"And you should use it. It is not the first time Goliath and I have shared accommodation." Xander settled onto the straw.

Oz frowned, was he not good enough to share a hayloft with? "But Sir.." He protested.

"The truth is Oz I am a restless sleeper and do not wish to disturb you with my tossing and turning and such." Xander explained.

"Sir you wont........" Oz was cut off by the distant mournful howl of a wolf. Xander sat up and listened. It came again, far distant and Oz cocked his head. "Is that...........?"

"Go to sleep Oz." Xander cut him off, settling back. "Dawn will come soon enough."

Oz settled into the hay, cuddling the sword. He couldn't really believe Xander felt himself too good to share a hayloft with him, but still he was a little disgruntled and fell asleep muttering to himself.

A short while later Oz was gratefully pulled from his dream in which he was being chased by a wolf, by noises of movement from down below. He hung over the edge of the hayloft and watched as Xander swathed in the Captain's cloak exited the stall and made his way quietly to the barn door. Oz frowned. "Sir, Sir where are you going?"

Xander sighed and turned. "Go back to sleep Oz, I had hoped not to disturb you."

Oz started down the ladder. "But Sir, where are you going?" He persisted.

Xander opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the anguished howl of a wolf, not close but much nearer than before. "He's been circling for an hour now and grows distressed, the wolf in him dare not come nearer so I must go to him." He explained.

Oz paused on the ladder. "But why?"

Xander grunted. "It is difficult to explain." He hesitated. "It is our custom, he hunts for an hour or two, then comes to look for me. Sometimes he catches a rabbit or other small creature and brings it for me to eat; and then he guards me through the night as I sleep. By day I hunt and then seek him out."

Oz stepped off the ladder and faced Xander. "Do you remember anything of being human when you are beasts?" He asked quietly, sadly.

Xander nodded. "A little. I remember bits of what has happened, fragmented thoughts of a bird." He sighed. "By day I, I remember I love him, that I must be with him, in truth not much else." A look of deep sorrow crossed his face. "I expect it is much worse for him, the wolf has greater understanding of our situation I think, I see it there when I look into his eyes." The cry came again. Xander started. "I must go. Tomorrow morning set off along the road, the Captain and I will find you."

Oz nodded. Xander opened the door and the barn was filled with the smell of rain and damp earth, he hesitated half turning. "Tell him I love him, that I have faith in him and I trust him, whatever he decides to do."

Oz nodded and watched sadly as Xander crossed the yard, cloak billowing behind him and was swallowed up by the night.
14th-Aug-2009 10:23 am (UTC)
Ah! This is so sad!
15th-Aug-2009 09:31 am (UTC)
This and a few other scenes were very hard to write because they are so sad. :(
14th-Aug-2009 10:47 am (UTC)
Poor Xander and poor Spike! It's really hard to be so nearly to each other and still so far away from each other.
Thanks for sharing this new emphatetically written chapter.
15th-Aug-2009 09:31 am (UTC)
The Bishop knew what he was doing to make them suffer the most.
14th-Aug-2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
So beautifully written, so poignant and sad a story. I bow to your literary prowess and beg for another chapter soon. Thank you

15th-Aug-2009 09:32 am (UTC)
Thank you for your kind words!
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