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The Wolf And The Hawk

Title: The Wolf And The Hawk (An S/X adaptation of Ladyhawke)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, angst, possible humor, blatant use of movie dialogue, OOC, varying chapter lengths. Unbeta'd
Rating:Chapters 1-25 R (For swearing and violence) Epilogue NC17 (For M/M sex.)
Pairing: 100% S/X ( S&Oz, S&Oz&Giles, X&Oz&Giles FRIENDSHIP only)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This is derived from the movie Ladyhawke and is dedicated to two of the most handsome actors ever: James Marsters and Rutger Hauer. It is also dedicated to the memory of Othello the magnificent Friesian stallion who portrayed Goliath.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. Chapters 1 to 25 Rated R for violence and language. Epilogue (Original writing, not part of the legend or movie) Rated NC17 for MM sex.

Note 4: This is fantasy human/medieval Spike, Oz and Xander and behave as such. Although BTVs names are used, they are NOT in Sunnydale personas.

Summary: When the Count D’Anjou forfeits all his land and wealth gambling, his son the handsome, eighteen year old Xander is sent to live with a cousin in Aquila. It is hoped that Xander's good looks and title will attract a wealthy wife. But Xander meets William (Spike) Navarre the handsome, dashing Captain of The Guard. They fall in love. They keep their illicit love from everyone but their confessor. When they are betrayed to The Bishop of Aquila he calls down a terrible curse on the lovers. Can Daniel (Oz) Osbourne a thief and escapee from Aquila's dungeons help Spike and Xander defeat the curse?

Chapter 21/25 + Epilogue (This is not a WIP. One Chapter will be posted daily, until complete.)

Rating: 1 -25 R, EPILOGUE NC17

Chapter 21/25+ Epilogue

Rating NC17 Overall

Between them Giles and Oz quickly explained the plan to Xander, he was unhappy and distressed at the confinement of the wolf; but the truth was that in all probability even he would not have be able to coax a free wolf into the cage.

They set off.

Xander and Oz rode behind the cart on Goliath where the wolf could both see and smell Xander. It continued to growl and snarl but stopped throwing itself against and biting the bars. They traveled well into the night and came to the end of the forest. They followed the road and a mile or so from Aquila they turned off into a secluded spot amongst some trees and bushes.

They tethered Goliath to the rear of the cart and covered him with blankets in an attempt to disguise him. Xander took off Spike's cloak and concealed it, he put on a rough, simple cloak and pulled up the hood.

Giles reminded Oz that the cart would be left in the cul-de-sac at the North wall of the Cathedral. Oz made his sad goodbyes and received hugs from both Xander and Giles with an added blessing from the monk that God go with him and instructions from Xander to stay safe. He made his way along the river bank and found a place to hide and settled down for a long wait, it would be midday before the Clergy began their procession to the Cathedral.

Xander made sure that the cage was as covered as possible and then climbed up beside Giles, the monk squeezed his hand, the pale, young man gave a weak, sad smile. Despite loud objections from Moses about the added weight, they pulled out onto the road and drove toward the City gates.

As they neared the City there were more people. Rough camps were made near the City wall and even at this time of night people sat near small campfires and guards rode to and fro. Giles drove steadily on, up the earth ramp and they began to rumble over the drawbridge. Xander lowered his head and pulled the hood forward.

A guard flanked each side of the great arch into the City. Torches blazed at either side and more guards could be seen just inside the City gates. The cart rumbled forward and one of the guard barred their progress. "Hold." He commanded. "What have you there Father?" He scrutinized the men, the cart and the rather large horse tethered to the rear of the cart.

Giles twisted round in his seat. "A gift my son for His Grace from the grateful people of my parish." Giles nodded and smiled. The guard made his way to the rear of the cart and pulled back the blankets. The wolf threw itself against the bars of the cage snapping and snarling. The guard jumped back. "A wolf?" He said incredulously. "They heard how His Grace wanted a black wolf pelt for his wall and that's a particularly fine one." Giles called out.

The guard walked forward. "And who do we have here?" He made to pull back Xander's hood and the wolf went berserk. He threw himself so hard against the bars of the cage that the cart rocked, he snapped and snarled, growled furiously his ears flat against his skull and fury in his eyes. The guard was immediately distracted, he drew his sword and chuckled. "I've never killed a wolf."

Xander's head snapped round and he gave Giles and alarmed look. The guard drew back his arm planning to plunge the sword through the bars and into the captive wolf. "Funny that's exactly what His Grace said." Giles said quickly. " Still, I expect he'll understand when I tell him you deprived him of the pleasure." Giles paused. "After all we all know what a forgiving man he is," he added. The guard grunted and lowered his sword. "Wisdom is beyond price my son, be grateful you have it."

The guard sheathed his sword. "Drive on." He waved the cart on and Giles drove under the great arch.

The cart trundled on into the City. Away from the main gates the streets were dark and deserted. Giles drove towards the great Cathedral, at the sight of it looming out of the darkness, Xander shuddered. Giles turned the cart into one of the narrow, cobbled roads and drove onward. He knew of a barn once used by the Cathedral but now abandoned and fallen into some disrepair.

The barn reached, the two men struggled to lift the cage from the cart and into the barn. While Xander comforted the wolf, Giles led in Goliath and brought in Spike's clothes and weapons. Then he closed the barn with Xander and the wolf inside and drove the cart to the cul-de-sac at the North wall of the Cathedral, as he had told Oz. He took Moses from between the shafts and rode him back to the barn, to where Xander was anxiously waiting. There was nothing to be done now but wait for dawn and the unfolding of the day's events.

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