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The Wolf And The Hawk

Title: The Wolf And The Hawk (An S/X adaptation of Ladyhawke)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, violence, swearing, angst, possible humor, blatant use of movie dialogue, OOC, varying chapter lengths. Unbeta'd
Rating:Chapters 1-25 R (For swearing and violence) Epilogue NC17 (For M/M sex.)
Pairing: 100% S/X ( S&Oz, S&Oz&Giles, X&Oz&Giles FRIENDSHIP only)
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note 1: This is derived from the movie Ladyhawke and is dedicated to two of the most handsome actors ever: James Marsters and Rutger Hauer. It is also dedicated to the memory of Othello the magnificent Friesian stallion who portrayed Goliath.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. Chapters 1 to 25 Rated R for violence and language. Epilogue (Original writing, not part of the legend or movie) Rated NC17 for MM sex.

Note 4: This is fantasy human/medieval Spike, Oz and Xander and behave as such. Although BTVs names are used, they are NOT in Sunnydale personas.

Summary: When the Count D’Anjou forfeits all his land and wealth gambling, his son the handsome, eighteen year old Xander is sent to live with a cousin in Aquila. It is hoped that Xander's good looks and title will attract a wealthy wife. But Xander meets William (Spike) Navarre the handsome, dashing Captain of The Guard. They fall in love. They keep their illicit love from everyone but their confessor. When they are betrayed to The Bishop of Aquila he calls down a terrible curse on the lovers. Can Daniel (Oz) Osbourne a thief and escapee from Aquila's dungeons help Spike and Xander defeat the curse?

Chapter 25/25 + Epilogue (This is not a WIP. One Chapter will be posted daily, until complete.)

Rating: 1 -25 R, EPILOGUE NC17

Chapter 25/25+ Epilogue

Rating NC17 Overall

They fought on the altar steps, swords ringing and echoing through the Cathedral as The Bishop watched. Angelus's superior strength forced Spike to his knees where he parried the bigger man's blows and then rolled and vaulted to his feet. Angelus came at him and in desperation Spike delivered a roundhouse kick which found it's mark an sent Angelus catapulting into a pillar and left him stunned. There came a roll of thunder and Spike looked toward the broken window. A black disc appeared at the very edge of the sun. his heart and hope soared. Was it possible? Was Giles right? "Night without day, a day without night." He murmured.

The Bishop emerged from behind the altar and looked at the window with growing horror on his face. Spike gripped his sword as Angelus came at him from the side and with a snarl of fury launched himself at Spike. Spike twisted round and parried his blow.

The men spun away from each other as Oz reached the front of the Clergy. They roared as their swords clashed and they fought round the pillars, first one and then the other seeming to gain the advantage. They fought up and down the aisle, Oz following looking for an opening to slide the Captain's broadsword to him, but mindful not to let it fall into Angelus's hands.

Twice Angelus's blows brought Spike to his knees then a movement caught Spike's eye. One of the guards had climbed into the gallery and was aiming for him with a crossbow. Spike heaved Angelus away from him and reaching for the dagger in his boot hurled it at the bowman, it struck true. The guard toppled forward, as he did so he grasped the rope of the great bell and as he fell the bell swung and began to toll.

A look of abject horror crossed Spike's face. "Arghhhhh!" He cried and staggered. Then he ran for the great doors yelling. "No Giles! Wait!" He realized he would never reach the barn in time and slumped against the door frame, his eyes brimming with tears. "Giles, make it quick." He whispered brokenly.

In the barn Giles heard the tolling of the bell and grief coursed through him. It was over, William was taken or more likely dead. He looked at Xander and gripped the knife tightly. "May God forgive me for what I am about to do."

All hope was gone. Now all that burned in Spike was a rage to revenge himself on The Bishop, he spun round and faced Angelus for the last time.

The last moments of the fight were furious, both men swung wildly, swords clashed and rang throughout the Cathedral. Desperately Oz looked for an opening to send the Captain's broadsword to him. Suddenly Angelus swept Spike's feet from under him and he was sent sprawling on his back, his sword slipped from his grasp and skittered out of each across the stone. Oz gasped it was now or never. He took the broadsword and skated it across the stone floor toward the Captain, it stopped a little beyond reach.

Angelus closed on Spike, he raised his sword, blade down, intent on pushing it through his heart. As the blade started on it's downward stroke Spike rolled toward Angelus, the blade struck the stone behind his back and broke. Spike rolled again this time away from Angelus, the remains of the sword was wrested from his grasp and Spike rolled in reach of his broadsword and grasped it. Before Angelus knew what was happening Spike surged up and drove the broadsword through his chest. Angelus sank to his knees already dead and as Spike pulled the sword free, fell face down on the stone in a widening pool of blood.

Spike spun and stalked toward The Bishop, broadsword in hand a look of rage on his face. The Bishop watched him coldly. As Spike neared he spoke. "But kill me William and the curse will go on forever. We must think of Xander."

Spike gasped and swallowed hard. "Xander," He choked back a sob. "Xander is dead." A look of terror crossed the Bishop's face as he realized that he was facing his death. "Damn you." Spike raised his sword. "Damn you to Hell."


Spike froze. Every nerve in his body tingled as he heard a voice he hadn't heard for two years and thought he'd never hear again. Slowly he lowered his sword and turned, he gasped. Xander was stood a little way inside the Cathedral a gentle smile on his face.

Oz clutched the pillar for support and Giles appeared beside him. The Bishop filled with revulsion, turned away and closed his eyes in denial of the image.

Spike stared at Xander owlishly and his lips silently formed his name. Then he turned and grasped The Bishop by the back of his neck and shook him. "Look at him!" He snarled. "Look at him!" Slowly the Bishop turned his head and opened his eyes. Spike pulled him forward and onto his knees. "Look damn you! Look!" The Bishop looked at the handsome young man. Spike moved in front of the Bishop and put the blade of the broadsword to his chest. "Now look at me!" He growled. Reluctantly the Bishop looked at Spike. Slowly Spike rose and backed away. "Now look at us." The Bishop turned his head. "Look at us!" Spike roared. With a grimace The Bishop looked at them.

Xander and Spike felt it, a shudder passed through their bodies and every nerve seemed to vibrate. Giles put this arm around Oz's shoulder. "It's done, the curse is broken." Oz smiled at him tearfully.

Spike turned and looked at Xander who walked forward slowly. Spike sank to his knees tears coursing down his face and Xander extended a hand to Spike with a stifled a sob. He reached his lover and cupped his face between his hands. "I love you," he whispered. Spike nuzzled the hands and looked up. In one hand Xander held the jesses and hood of the hawk. Spike nodded and Xander's face darkened. He stepped behind Spike and up to the Bishop, who was mesmerized in terrible fascination. Xander drew back his hand and with a sneer flung the hood and jesses into his face. The Bishop recoiled.

Xander turned and walked back to Spike. As he did so The Bishop reached into his robes and pulled out a dagger and rising to his feet lunged at Xander's back. "Then no man shall!" He muttered.

It was Giles who shouted out. "Spike!"

Xander spun round. Spike rose and turned in one fluid movement and hurled his broadsword at the Bishop. It stopped the Bishop's forward momentum and passed through his abdomen and impaled him to the wooden altar behind. His eyes widened and blood gurgled from his mouth, the dagger fell from his grasp as he died.

For a moment Xander and Spike just stared. It was Xander who moved first. He went to Spike and encouraged him to rise, and then taking his arm began to lead him from the Cathedral. After a few steps Spike stopped and facing Xander drew him into a tender, lingering kiss. When they separated both were smiling broadly. "I love you." Spike whispered.

Oz and Giles hugged each other and began to make their way out of the Cathedral. The movement was caught by Spike. "You two," Then more softly, "come here."

Giles and Oz went to him. Spike grasped Giles shoulder and Giles his. "May God's Blessings be with you both, from this day forward." Giles nodded. "

"I bless the day he bought you back to us, Father." Spike smiled. He looked at Oz and grasped the back of his neck pulling him into a hug. "And you little thief, and you." Spike kissed the russet hair and released him. Xander grasped his hand. "The truest friend we could ever have." He kissed his cheek. "Thank you." For the first and only time in his life, Oz blushed.

Giles grasped his hand and walked him towards the great doors. "What now Oz?"

Oz shrugged. "Back to thiev..." Giles raised his hand stopping him. "I have a lot of work to do undoing much of what The Bishop has done and helping the sick and needy. I could do with an assistant. " He raised an eyebrow. "I can offer you a place to stay and three meals a day and whatever clothing the generous see fit to provide. What do you say? It's honest work." Oz looked uncertain. "What do you say to trying it for a while and then we'll see?" He coaxed.

Oz smiled and nodded. "I'll give it a try." Giles slung his arm round his shoulder and they exited into the bright afternoon.

Spike pulled Xander to him and kissed him breathless, then grasped his hand. "What do you say we go home?" Xander beamed. "Sounds good to me, William."

They walked hand in hand to the door.

"Call me Spike."

"But I like William."

"I like Spike, besides William sounds prissy."

"Spike sounds like a hound."

"Does not, sounds tough, I worked hard to earn that nick-name."


"Not saying."

"How about Will?"


"I'll call you Will."

"Bloody Hell love, call me what you damn well please."

Hand in hand they exited into the sunshine.

This is the end of the story as it relates to the movie, however there is an Epilogue. The Epilogue is a piece of original writing and is offered as a glimpse into the lives of Will and Xander post curse. It is NC17.

For those readers who would rather get off here, thank you for reading and/or commenting, I have enjoyed your comments and kind encouragement. I hope you will join me on 1st September for another Rutger movie, the medieval romp very, very different to Ladyhawke: Flesh & Blood.

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