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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Spike loved irony.
It was the silly little quirks in life that would pop up unexpectedly and keep
things interesting and amusing. Some things ironic just happened. Some needed
to be designed, like the fact that the basket the boys used for their morning money
drop was a stolen church collection bowl swiped from one of the parish priests
that regularly used his boys.

It was also ironic that both of the discarded Scoobies had found themselves living
in the city and working in the street meat trade. It was a coincidence that they
should have been able to laugh over and bond with, but Spike knew better.
Humans were an odd species. A people that over thought things, making mountains
out of mole hills and Xander no doubt would see this mountain as one too high
to traverse.

No, something had pushed the small town boy to become one of the dregs of society
and Spike would not shame him by forcing a face off yet. He would wait till Xander
was stronger, more filled out and back to his old self. Then they would talk.

Spike was patient. He could wait. And while he did, the knowledge that he and
Xander were again sleeping under the same roof thrilled him beyond belief. It
made his heart light and, surprisingly, his cock hard. It felt like old times, like
home, like family. Eagerly, he waited for his worker's return.

The night had been a good one. It was the beginning of the month and the johns
had their welfare checks, food stamps and the baby's milk money to spend on the
luxury of a sweet young man who knew what a blow job was really all about.
As they filed in, they emptied their pockets and the basket overflowed.

Happily, they talked, laughed, ate and yawned. Spike looked over the group
hungrily. When they rose to drag themselves off to bed, he spoke.
"Beanie, you and Hunter go to my room and wait for me."

The reactions were mixed. Pride shone on the selected boy's faces and a mix of
envy and sleepy relief showed on the others. Mrs. Gessel winked her approval.

When Spike arrived in his suite, the two were already there. Without a word, Spike
undressed and flopped onto his huge bed. He sat with his back against the headboard
and he began to stroke his rigid erection. The other two scrambled to strip and
climb on too, waiting on instructions.

With his knees bent and his feet apart, he tightened his fist, squeezing a thick, pearly
drop out of the slit.
"Lick me. Both of you."

"Yes Sir."

Immediately, both faces wedged between his legs and together they went to work.
Taking turns, they licked his shaft, sucked the head and wrapped their warm young
lips around every inch of cool flesh they could reach. Spike widened his thighs as
far as they would go and placed a hand on top of each boy's head.

Hunter scooted his face lower and sucked Spike's nuts, one at a time, in to his
mouth, poking them with the tip of his tongue and coating them with hot saliva.
Beanie took over his Master's cock, sliding it in till it hit the back of his throat.
Spike jerked upward and the sound of the boy gagging shot his pleasure through the
roof. When he felt the familiar tingle, he pulled back.

Wrapping his fist loosely around his cock to slow his need to release, Spike
nodded between them.
"Hunter, I want to watch you fuck Beanie. Make it good. Make him cum."

Immediately, the two boys fumbled around at the foot of the bed, making
sure Spike had a clear line of sight to Beanie's entrance. On his knees, with
his ass high in the air, Beanie put his head down and waited. Hunter's own
cock was rock hard and he couldn't wait to slide into the warm, tight, brown

Pulling Beanie's cheeks apart, Hunter made sure Spike got a good look at
the small winking entrance. Spike inhaled the heady, musky smell and
stroked himself faster as he nodded for them to continue.

Hunter leaned his face forward and spit on Beanie's hole. He then fingered
the saliva in and around, wetting and stretching him. Beanie moaned in
pleasure at the feel and he gripped his own throbbing dick.

"Yeah, finger me. Fuck, that's good."

Wasting no more time, Hunter scooted forward on his knees and lined up
his eager cockhead to the boy's hole. Spike moved a fraction of an inch to
get the best view.

As soon as the head popped through, Hunter smacked Beanie on the ass
sharply, causing the boy to flinch and clamp down.

"Fuck, that's good. Pinch me again."

Beanie did and Hunter arched his back. Spike reached down with his other
hand and slipped a long cool finger into his own channel.

Lost in their warm fog of pleasure, the two boys forgot all about their Master
and they really let go. Hunter's fingers dug into Beanie's hip bones unconcerned
that it would leave bruises and marks the customers would love.
Humping, riding and cursing they fucked without restraint. Spike knew neither
would last long yet he allowed it to continue.

Within minutes, Hunter's body went rigid and as he came, filling the other's
rectum with a flood of sperm. When that happened, Spike grabbed Hunter's
arm painfully and shoved him back. He then turned Beanie's buttocks toward
him and he licked his lips as he looked at the open, gaping, hole and the
warm cum that dribbled out.

"Sit on me, boy. Ride my cock. I want to feel Hunter's spunk lube me
up as I shove my cock into you."

"Yes, Yes, Master. Oh, God, yes."
Beanie was breathless as he quickly repositioned himself over Spike's lap.
Hunter made no pretense to be anything but fascinated, his young libido
recovered and his cock again struggled to harden at the sight of the Master
preparing to fuck his friend.

Guiding the boy over top of his lap, Spike dropped him down as the room
filled with the odor that was forced out in the fluid of at least three other
men. Spike felt the wave of possessive anger as his demon screamed and
charged Spike's need even higher. He made no effort to check it and, in
fact, allowed his vampire visage to take over as the rage turned to an
erotic pleasure and he fucked the boy roughly.

"Oh, Master."
Beanie's voice was filled with shock and awe as he looked into the terrifying
face of his vampire Master. His own small hand stripped and jerked his hard
cock as his body was plundered and used.

Hunter gasp and moved closer as he continued to masturbate his sore,
sensitive cock. He prayed he could be part of what they all knew would
happen next.

As Spike felt the familiar burning in his balls and the tingle in his spine, he
grabbed the back of Beanie's head and bent him impossibly forward, his
neck at Spike's lips. With a roar, his cock jerked inside the young body
and when the first spurt pumped out, Spike bit.

Beanie screamed in wondrous pain and erupted in orgasm as the first
swallow left his body. In shock and sympathetic jealousy, Hunter also
let loose a nearly dry series of jerks,draining the last few drops of semen his
body could conjure up.

For Spike, the trigger of his own release was not either of the boys in his bed,
or the skilled, practiced things they had done to him. For Spike the ultimate
moment of his erotic surge was the unexpected flash of Xander's face in his
mind as his fangs split through the warm, living flesh.

The thought of Xander sleeping so near was what pushed him over the edge.

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