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Fic Search

I hope this is allowed, I recently posted a search request at btvs_ficfind and they recommended I come here and see if anyone knew what in the world I was talking about. the following is the req made there ....

Because my brother is too lazy to get his own livejournal acct he asked me to ask you guys to find a fic for him. The basis of it is starting right after the bathroom scene where spike gets shall we say carried away with buffy in season 6, buffy is arguing with xander about what happens and she makes a wish that xander could see things from her perspective/her way. Anya in turn grants her wish by turning xander into a woman. Spike heads off to get his soul and the rules of the curse are that xander has to sleep with spike to break the curse so he ends up stuck as a woman named alex working in a grocery store/mini mart and his co-worker and him go out one night and he almost gets raped by said co-worker. Spike is back at this point and rescues xander/alex. And that's all he remembers clearly, he can't remember if spike and xander get together after they sleep together and xander is a guy again but he wanted to know if anyone can point him in the right direction on where to find it.


if anyone know's what this one is that would be great then I could get my brother to stop bugging me about it...lol...

Thanks Bunches

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