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Flesh & Blood

Title: Flesh & Blood (An S/X adaptation of the Rutger Hauer movie of the same name)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, rape, violence, vague non graphic mentions of het sex, swearing, angst, harsh themes, mild Sub/Dom. OOC, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd, blatant use of movie dialogue.
Rating: NC17 Throughout
Pairing: 100% S/X
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note1: This is Europe in 1501. Times and people were harsh. Life was cheap and plague rife. This is not a cuddly story and Spike is not a cuddly character. Some might find his treatment of Xander, questionable.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. What sex there is happens in the natural course of the plot and as part of Spike and Xander's relationship.

Note 4: This is a human/medieval Spike and Xander expect them to behave as such.

Summary: When Prince Rupert is usurped and ousted from his city, he lays siege. He decides to use a group of wandering mercenaries led by the charismatic but dangerous Spike to supplement his army. When he goes back on his word to allow the mercenaries 24 hours free hand to loot the City unopposed, Spike plots revenge. Unfortunately it is Rupert's 18 year old, scholarly son Xander who must pay the price.

Chapter 7a/26 + Epilogue

Rating: NC17

Chapter: 7a/26 + Epilogue

Rating NC17 Throughout

Warning: M/M Rape

AN: The Fae does not condone rape in RL by anyone, to anyone. Nor does she use the euphemism 'Non-Con'. No means 'no', not 'maybe' or 'if you persuade/coerce/force me'. This is fiction, it is a plot device used to set up the future relationship of Spike, Xander and the other characters.

Spike cast a look at the boy, he'd been unmoving since Spike had stalked away from him; he smirked not that the lad had much choice tied as he was. 'Must be thirsty and hungry by now, perhaps Dru ought to take him something to eat and drink'.

"Dru," She raised her head. "take the whelp a bite to eat and drink, you can take off the gag, but leave his hands tied, and watch out for his feet." Spike warned. She nodded and scrambled to her feet. Spike and Gunn watched as she gathered some food and a tankard of ale and walked slowly to the boy.

Spike's weren't the only eyes that tracked her. Spike saw Lindsey and Forest watching, whisper together and then laugh. Gunn rolled onto his side facing Spike. "That little show earlier, whelp giving you trouble?" He asked.

"Nah, caught me off guard," Spike grinned. "got more spirit than sense, didn't expect it of him."

Gunn looked thoughtful. "Those two taking a lot of interest in him," he nodded in Lindsey and Forest's direction. "could be a problem."

Spike shrugged, watching as Drusilla knelt by the boy and pulled the gag from Xander's mouth and let it fall around his neck. "As long as he lives long enough to be ransomed."

"Do you really think once Rupert has him back he's going to let us walk away with the ransom?" Gunn reasoned.

Spike chuckled, "Of course not, that's why we'll take the whelp with us. Get far enough away without the bastard following and then release the boy." His eyes narrowed as he watched Drusilla talking to Xander and then hold the tankard as he lent forward and drank, when she offered food he shook his head, when she offered it again he turned his head away. Spike sighed.

They watched her walk back with the full plate and empty tankard. She stopped in front of Spike and pouted. "Puppy won't play, won't eat his food." She swayed. "He's a bad puppy."

Spike stood and took the plate from her. "It's alright Pet, I'll teach the whelp some manners."

Gunn pulled Drusilla down beside him. "Spike, a couple of missed meals won't kill the little bastard."

Spike turned his head. "I know, it's not that," he said grimly. "he's got to learn to do what I say, when I say it and not argue."

Gunn sighed, he saw trouble ahead.

Spike stalked towards Xander. Gunn and Drusilla watched and then Gunn rolled on top of her and she giggled as he fondled her breast and kissed her.

Lindsey nudged Forest and they watched, smirking as Spike headed for the boy, several others watched as well with milder interest.

Xander's eyes widened as he saw Spike stalking towards him and his stomach tightened as he saw the grim face and plate in his hand. He twisted and tried to scramble away as far as his bonds would allow. He watched warily as Spike squatted down beside him and Spike noticed with equal amounts of satisfaction and regret the fear in his eyes and trembling in his body. It was good the boy had respect for him but the fear was strangely irritating. Xander turned his head away.

Xander flinched as Spike fingers grasped his jaw and sharply turned his head to face him. "When I'm near you, you'll look at me!" He snapped. He noted the bruised cheek, split lip and dried blood on his chin. He sighed heavily. "Not going to hurt you, unless you make me," He warned. "but you'll do as I say, when I say and without argument. Now Dru was kind enough to bring you something to eat and I'm not having her upset by your display of ingratitude and petulance."

"But I'm not.." Xander tried to explain.

"I don't give a fuck whether you're damn well hungry or not!" He hissed. "I won't have you getting sick on me. Now either you'll eat this or I'll force you to and if I have to force you, you won't like it."

Spike gave time for the threat to sink in. Xander dropped his eyes and his shoulders slumped a little. Spike held out the meat and reluctantly Xander took it from his fingers and chewed, it tasted good and hunger blossomed making his stomach growl.

Spike's mouth twitched slightly. "Good pup," he praised. "See it's better when you do as you're told." Xander swallowed and Spike offered more meat.

Shadows fell over them, both of them looked up to see Lindsey and Forest, with Lars and Sommer supporting each other behind them. Forest swayed and slurred. "Playing with Rupert's whelp, Spike?"

Spike went back to feeding Xander. "Go back to your campfire, you're drunk."

Lindsey gave a mock pout. "Aww c'mon Spike," He whined. " we want to play with him too." All four men laughed.

Xander's eyes flickered from Spike to the men and back, Spike's face was impassive.

Lindsey's eyes narrowed. "What's the matter Spike? He raised his voice for everyone to hear. "That's the whelp of the fucker who screwed us, now I say we screw him!" There was general assent from the group and Spike noticed more men take to their feet.

"The statue has sent us a pretty virgin boy for me to play with," Forest shouted."

"And me," Lars echoed. Several other gruff voices joined in a chorus of "Me too.", "Give me a piece of that virgin ass." , "And me." Let's screw the little fucker!"

"Been a long time since I broke in a virgin ass." Forest growled.

Xander's eyes widened and he looked terrified as he realized his situation. He looked at Spike for help. "Spike?"

Gunn looked up at the commotion and frowned.

Spike stood abruptly and nodded. "Try not to kill him." As he walked away Xander screamed, pleading after him. "God, no! Spike! Please Spike!" Spike continued to walk without looking back.

Rough hands grabbed at Xander, he kicked out and struggled. Lindsey pulled a knife and cut his wrists free. He yelped as his injured arm fell and Lindsey latched onto it like a wolf to injured prey. He was pulled to his feet by this hair and the four men half carried, half dragged him to their fire. He kicked out, bucked and struggled cursed and screamed as Lindsey twisted his arm. Others had already gathered round to watch the show or join in.

Spike threw down the plate. Drusilla blinked at him. Gunn sat up. "Spike?"

"Leave it!" He snapped.

The men formed a circle and they threw Xander in the middle, he struggled to his feet. Hands grabbed at and pushed him, he tried to dodge and twist away. "Don't touch me!" He spat.

Lindsey straightened in mock indignation. "Touch you? Touch you? Why no-one is touching you boy!" There was scornful laughter.

Forest roared. "I'll more than fucking touch you!" He lunged knocking Xander to the ground. Xander kicked and twisted as his jerkin was torn open. "Fucking hold his arms and legs!" Forest snarled. Hands grabbed his arms and legs in a vice like grip and Xander was held down. He tried to buck, cursing and crying, threatening that his father would kill them all.

Forest grabbed his britches and tore them down to his knees exposing his cock and balls. Xander howled as Forest roughly squeezed his cock and there was laughter. "Put the bitch on his belly," Lindsey commanded. "let's see his ass!" Xander was flipped onto his belly exposing the round globes as he was held down anew.

Spike began to prowl round the outside of the circle. Listening to the boy's muffled cries and pleas for mercy and the laughter and derision they produced. Lindsey pulled off the boy's boots and yanked away his britches completely.

Forest unlaced his own britches and pulled them down to his thighs and exposed his thick, hard cock and aching balls, producing a murmur of approval. He stroked himself. "Spread his legs!" Xander's legs were pulled wide and Forest knelt between them.

Spike watched, desire unfurling in his belly as he gazed at the globes of Xander's ass and heard his pleas. He wanted the whelp, he wanted to be the first to push into that tight, virgin channel, to split the boy open, hear him scream, buck and writhe under him. His erect cock pressed painfully against his laced crotch and his balls grew heavy, his nostrils flared and his eyes darkened.

Forest sucked a finger then pulled open Xander's ass cheeks to expose his tightly clenched hole. The circle fell quiet except for Xander's crying and pleas. Forest ran his finger once down the crack and then without warning plunged it into him. Xander let out a keening cry as he was breeched. Forest could barely move his finger as Xander's muscles clamped down and fought the intrusion.

Forest delivered a resounding slap to Xander's ass, the boy yelped and a red hand print bloomed on his cheek. "Relax bitch or it'll go worse for you!" Xander didn't relax and Forest was in no mood to wait, he abandoned all thoughts of preparing the boy and held out his hand. "Spit!" Several men spit into his palm and he hissed as he ran is hand up and down his throbbing cock till it glistened with spit and pre cum. "Lift the bitch." The men holding his legs lifted Xander a little, Forest grasped his cock and nudged it against Xander's virgin hole, he cried and struggled, begging for it to stop shaking his head and issuing a litany of broken. 'No's'.

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