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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Spike set things up in the bathroom. He put out soap, towels, and fragrant
rinses before returning to the bedroom for Xander. He gently helped him out
of the bed and carefully cut all the bindings from around his nearly healed ribs.
He then swiftly tugged Xander's boxers off and went about the task of
undressing himself.

"Ah, Spike, what are you doing?"

Spike looked bewildered.
"Droppin' me kit, Pet. Don't fancy gettin' me clothes wet."

Xander stared at the naked vampire. He considered protesting. He thought
about arguing that he was grown and certainly capable of taking a shower
by himself. He even considered stomping his foot to accentuate his maturity.

Then, he looked down at Spike's long, slim feet, up the firm shapely calves to the
slightly bony knees. His gaze strolled by the glorious strong thighs and paused
at the amazing light brown nest of hair that spewed forth a long, hooded
piece of man meat.

Pause for a three count.

He then forced his eyes to move up the flat stomach, the matching set of round,
brown nipples and stopped when they reached the smirking, knowing face.

Xander blinked.
"Yeah, o.k."

Spike turned on the water and tested it till it was exactly right. Together, they
stepped in with Xander in front, directly under the spray and Spike standing
supportively behind him. With a moan of pure delight, Xander tipped his head
back and let the hot water wash over him. He hadn't had a real, hot, shower for
weeks. Not since he had snuck in to the Y.M.C.A. He barely missed the cops
by minutes.

Spike reached for the shampoo.
He tried not to examine the bruised back or the protruding ribs. He didn't let his
eyes study the way the skin hung loosely from the bony, emaciated form.
This was not the Xander Spike remembered from last year. That Xander was
thicker, bordering on chubby with a look that screamed 'baby fat'. He was a
cushiony boy that Spike had often dreamed about snuggling with.

Spike was never technically a chubby chaser, but he did like a warm body with
some meat to it. Someone a bit fleshier to cuddle in with. He also liked a challenge
and this would be a good one.

Filling his hand with shampoo, Spike began massaging Xander's scalp as the
boy responded with a sigh and leaned back. Unfortunately, Xander always
had to peek into the mouth of the gift horse to look for cavities.

His voice was soft and he didn't turn around.
"Why are you doing this, Spike?"

"Washing your hair?"

"You know what I mean. Why did you bring me here? I look like shit and you
are dong well here. You are apparently successful and settled in your new life. I'm just
a reminder of the bad times. A Sunnydale leftover. Why even bother with me?"

Spike felt his heart tug at the resignation in Xander's voice. Calmly, he continued to
work the soapy lather through the thick, dark hair as he answered.

"Because we're friends, Xander. At least I thought we were. We stood side by side
and we fought the good fight. We had each other's back. I'm thrilled you are here
Xan. It feels right. It feels like home and I hope you will stay at least till you are back on you feet. Will you do that? For me? For old time's sake?"

Xander tipped his head forward letting the shower water flow over his face hoping
it would disguise the tears that fell. He wished he could tell the vampire everything.
He remembered that Spike got such a kick out of irony that Xander knew this one would
blow him away.

He wanted to tell Spike how he had suffered at the hands of mankind. How the
humans in his world had plundered and abused his body, his dignity and his soul and
how the only compassion and peace he has known was with an evil, bloodthirsty
demon vampire. Spike would love that.

But, he didn't. He kept silent. Spike had spoken of him in such glowing terms
that Xander couldn't bear the thought of Spike knowing the filth his life had become.
Besides, this was nicer. Surrounded by the steamy water, tended to by the gentle
vampire fingers and the only sound in the room was the pounding water that fell
over them. Spike understood and also stopped talking.

With his hair finally rinsed, Xander stood still as Spike hummed an unfamiliar tune.
He refused to allow the interruption of his stupid brain that kept poking at him
with aggravating questions like, why was Jack so afraid of Spike? Or, how did
he really get those bite marks? Can Spike bite now? Is the chip gone? And when
did he become so altruistic that he opened a homeless shelter for wayward boys?

Spike spread the lather over Xander's shoulders, bruised back and down to his
droopy buttocks. The very sight of the damage made him want to scream his rage
at the boy who had done this, but something distracted him. It was the smell of saline.
The tears and slight shaking of Xander's shoulders as he silently cried that told a
sad story that was more important than Jack.

Jack was only the last. There had been probably a hundred before him that had
used and abused this sweet, wonderful boy. Others had hurt him, beaten him and
taken everything he had to give. The pilfered money was unimportant. They had taken
his pride, his self esteem, maybe even his heart. They had stolen who Xander was.
Killing Jack wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket.

Suddenly, it was very important to Spike that he make his position clear. He didn't
care if he was revealing too much of himself or opening himself up to the possibility
of being hurt. He had to speak. It was the right time.

He stopped washing and pulled Xander's back against his chest. Spike wrapped
his arms around Xander's shoulders and he rested his forehead on the back of
Xander's skull.

"Xander, I don't know what happened back in Sunnydale. I don't know why
those bastard friends of yours sailed away and left you behind, but you are here
now. Please, stay with me Xander. I have missed you. Let me take care of
you. I'm so sorry for every bad thing that has happened to you. I'm sorry for
everyone who hurt you. Please stay with me, Xander."

Xander gasp and spun around. He threw his wet arms around Spike's neck and
he pressed their bodies tightly together. He was too choked up to answer. He
was too overwhelmed to do anything more than nod, rubbing his cheek against

Together they stood there, embracing, holding on to each other as if their very
survival depended on it, and maybe it did. Together they held on till the water
cooled and their tears ran dry.

Outside the bathroom, Judy Gessel quietly set down their dinner tray. She had,
against the strict standing orders of the Master, eavesdropped and was delighted
at what she heard. For some time, she had been of the opinion that the Master
needed a companion and knew that none of these boys were worthy of him.

She smiled and slipped out the door. It looked to her like things around Hope
House were in for a bit of a shake up.
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