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11th-Sep-2009 07:59 pm
supernatural: jared hmmm
(if not allowed, feel free to delete. But I figured this would be the best place to go;))

I have been on a Spander kick for a while now, cause I love Nick/Xander and James/Spike. Sooooo I was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a layout for here with those two. I really like how Bloodclaim looks. Colors and everything. Something like here would be AWESOME.

So if anyone would be willing, that would be awesome. I am not picky and I leave everything up to the artist, the work comes out better that way, always. ;) I only usually pick colors, like for instance for this I want ligther colors, not pastels mind. *shudders*

And I am not in any kind of rush, so take all the time needed. I wouldn't even begin to know what pictures to use, so I would leave that up to the artist too.

So if willing let me know and when the thing is finished I can send you my info. Thanks sooooo much:D *HUGS*

12th-Sep-2009 02:06 am (UTC)
I'm not so great at layouts, CSS coding is a bit beyond me, but if you wanted a banner I can do that. I made the one on my journal, to give you an idea, and there are some older ones in my scrapbook. I could give you some matching icons if you want. The info on my profile page is current if you wanna talk about it. I'm not the most amazing graphic artist or anything, but some of the stuff I make turns out okay. :)
12th-Sep-2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
I thought of one picture you could use, one of Spike in S5 when he is sitting on top of a coffin in his crypt painting his nails. *snorts* LOVE IT!
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