Becca (beccers4469) wrote in bloodclaim,

Help from an artist.....

(if not allowed, feel free to delete. But I figured this would be the best place to go;))

I have been on a Spander kick for a while now, cause I love Nick/Xander and James/Spike. Sooooo I was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a layout for here with those two. I really like how Bloodclaim looks. Colors and everything. Something like here would be AWESOME.

So if anyone would be willing, that would be awesome. I am not picky and I leave everything up to the artist, the work comes out better that way, always. ;) I only usually pick colors, like for instance for this I want ligther colors, not pastels mind. *shudders*

And I am not in any kind of rush, so take all the time needed. I wouldn't even begin to know what pictures to use, so I would leave that up to the artist too.

So if willing let me know and when the thing is finished I can send you my info. Thanks sooooo much:D *HUGS*

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