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Beta Reader Search?

I hope I'm allowed to post this, otherwise feel free to delete with vigor!

I'm looking for a beta reader for a fanfiction that I am writing for the fall_with_sx community (if anyone hasn't checked it out, they really should!). I am not sure how exactly to go about in my dire search for a beta, but I am mostly wanting the beta for extreme editing over: sentence structure, grammar, consistency (in events, tense and dialogue). I'm beyond good as far as taking criticism goes, and am looking for someone whose willing to tear apart my fic with a vampiery-viciousness! I need someone who enjoys getting down to the nitty-gritty details and making a big deal out of everything from word tense to "that just doesn't flow".

Because it is for a community, I'm not going to give out any more info than the fic is Season 4 Buffy with both Buffy and Angel (S1) characters. There is a focus, beyond the Spander, on Spike/Angel friendship (as well as some William/Angelus remaining rage). Prologue and Part One (1/6) completed, but this fic will not be released until it comes out all at once on 31/10 and then again on November 15th -- in two massive sections.

Contact me through PM here quickest, but if you prefer, e-mail me at username is: E. E. Kelley
And hope everyone here checks out the community too! I'm excited for the long line-up of Spandery goodness!

Hope I posted this in the correct section!
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