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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

After quickly dressing, Spike returned to the living area. Although he made no comment
when he entered, his silent arrival sent a vibration through the air like a sonic boom that
bounced off the walls and was felt by every boy there.

Unaware of the tension in the room, Xander turned to face him with a beaming smile
that lit up Spike's heart and twitched the corners of his stern mouth.

"Hi. You were sleeping so I snuck out to see what was going on. The other guys
have been great and, wow, you have all the newest video games. Mike here is kicking
my ass on Shadow Puppets."

The other boys were stunned when their Master chuckled, walked over and kissed
the newcomer on the top of the head. They had never seen anything like that.
Even a boy who was lucky enough to have been taken into the Master's bed was
never given any affection afterward.

"That's good. You go ahead and play, I need to speak to Mrs. Gessel for a few
minutes before dinner is ready."

With that, Xander cluelessly returned to his game and Spike left the room. The
other boys glanced at each other and just shook their heads. When he was sure
Master Spike was gone, Beanie tossed down his comic book and scooted over
to where Xander sat.

"So, how well do you know, Mister Spike?"

The very hutzpah of the question startled Michael into fumbling his controller
and gave Xander the chance to score a hit.

"AHA! Gotcha! What? Oh, Yeah, Spike and I go way back. We were friends
back in Sunnydale. I've had some setbacks and he is nice enough to let me stay
here. Spike's great. Heart of gold, but then you probably already know that."

Xander couldn't have gotten a bigger response if he had told them Spike used to
wear a tu tu and dance with the Russian Ballet. Although acutely aware that they
were treading on thin ice, they were dying to hear more. All action on the screen
stopped and Michael tossed his handheld onto the coffee table in front of him
as every head snapped his way and they waited with bated breath.

Personal knowledge of the Master was forbidden and asking or snooping would
result in a painful reminder that they were property, disposable and replaceable.
Still, if this stranger wanted to talk, was it such a sin to listen?

Xander looked into the inquiring faces and scratched his head.

"What? Spike? You want to know about Spike?"

Before they could respond, the kitchen door swung open and Mrs. Gessel announced
that dinner was ready. Her appearance caused several fluster, guilty faces.
As curious as they were, the boys were almost relieved. They had wandered out too
far into the jungle and knew the dangers of tarrying there.

As they filed into the kitchen, Xander realized that everyone had an assigned seat but
him so he hung back waiting for an indication of what to do. Before taking his place
at the head of the table, Spike pointed to the chair at his right.

"Sit there, Pet. That used to be Jack's seat but he has moved on. He left today
and won't be needing it any longer."

Hunter, who had just taken a big drink of water, spit it out, shooting it across the
table and directly into Chris's face. Chris, along with all the others, was too taken
aback by the information to get angry. They had assumed that Jack was simply on
another punishment and would soon be back to make their lives miserable.

The fact that he was gone was startling in it's very lack of conclusion. They were
all dying to ask what the fuck 'moved on' actually meant. Did the Master really
toss him out to live on the street? Was he sold to another whore house? Was he

Chris sat with his mouth hanging open and water dripping from the end of his slightly
pointed nose. When he was finally able to compose himself, he simply wiped his face
on his napkin, dropped his head and forced himself to eat.

Xander snorted and chuckled at the Three Stooge display and was a little surprised
that no one else saw the humor in it. With a shrug, he dove in to the hot meat pie.

"So you guys all going out tonight? Where do you go? Can I go too?"

Forks again froze in midair and all eyes went to Spike for an hint as to what response
he wanted. They were all pretty sure Xander was not to be going on the stroll.
Calmly, Spike answered for them.

"Not tonight, Pet. The boys all have made other plans. Besides, you are still healing
and I'd like for you to say in with me."

Xander wanted to protest. He felt much better and was beginning to suffer from a
case of cabin fever but the tone of Spike's voice told him that this was not a subject
for discussion. Along with that, as head of the house, Xander respected Spike's
position and didn't want the other boys to think it was all right to argue.

After dinner and a general house wide clean up, Xander stood by and watched
as all the other boys dressed, combed their hair and, together filed out the back
door and down the street. He thought it was odd that they all went at the same
time, but decided that an attitude of what the hell was best.

When they were gone, Xander wrapped his arms around Spike's neck and kissed
him deeply.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me. So what do you want to do? Watch television?
Play video games? Go out to a movie? Hey, I know why don't we play Shadow
Puppets? I think I'm finally getting pretty good at it."

Spike held him close, kissing and groping the warm, willing body. He cupped the
still flat butt cheeks and he pulled the boy in against him.

"All that sounds wonderful Pet, and we will do whatever you want. Later.
First, I need to run out for a bit and see a man about some business."

Xander was dumbfounded. He immediately stepped back and looked the vampire
in the eye to see if his leg was being pulled.

"What? You just said I wasn't allowed to go out because you wanted us to
spend the evening together. Now you say you're going out? What the hell Spike?"

Spike was NOT used to being questioned and it prickled.

"It's business, Xander."

"It's bullshit, Spike. Besides, you may be the boss of this house, but you are
not the boss of me."

Spike was quickly getting exasperated. He had an appointment with Wendell
and did not want to be late. Wendeego were notoriously punctual and he needed
this Jack business over and done with. He knew arguing would eat up valuable
minutes and decided instead on a bluff.

"You're right, Xan. You are free to go at any time. The door is right there.
If you can't just give me an hour and wait for me like I ask, then go."

It was a gamble Spike was pretty sure he would win and the expression on
Xander's face confirmed his suspicions.

The face that had been set on annoyed, quickly shifted to insecurity and fear.

"No, no, I'm sorry Spike. You're right. Shit I just show up out of nowhere and
expect you to change your life. I'll wait. You go. I'll be here when you get back."

"Thanks, Love. I promise I won't be long."
Spike kissed him gently on the lips and dashed out the door.

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