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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Xander cringed at the loud 'CLINK' as the rusty metal handle lifted from it's clasp.
When he was fairly certain that the sound had not alerted Mrs. Gessel, Xander
cautiously eased the door open and peered inside.

Just as he had suspected, it was a doorway that led to a narrow set of wooden steps
ascending up to an attic area. Xander would have thought nothing of it, assuming it was
another storage area, if it hadn't been for the food tray in her hands.

'Why would someone be up there?' His mind tried to find a reasonable explanation
as he stared up into the darkness. 'Maybe someone is sick? No, if that was the case
they would be in the clinic. All the boys were downstairs tonight so who else lives here?'

All the questions the churned about in his brain demanded answers and Xander
knew the only way to find those answers was to go and look despite the tiny
voice of self preservation whispering in his ear, 'Curiosity killed the cat and you
have already used up at least 5 lives'.

Xander shushed his brain as he stood on the bottom landing. He wiped his forehead
on the sleeve of his shirt and the palms of his hands on his pants. Finally he took a
deep breath and nodded. He was ready.

With his left hand on the crude, rough hewn wooden banister, Xander quietly
climbed the stairway toward the unknown. Before he reached the top, he raised
up on tippy toes to see what was ahead. What he saw was a basic, unpainted
open area to both his left and right. Directly ahead was another door. Before
he could reason with himself and convince his feet to turn and run, Xander went
the rest of the way up.

When he reached the top landing, Xander crept over and placed his ear against
the door, listening for any sound of distress or pain. He heard nothing.
With his heart slamming against his chest, his throat tightened in fear and his
fingers shaking, Xander turned the loose, wobbly doorknob. He was conflicted
with regret and relief that the door was not locked and the knob turned easily
in his hand.

Praying that he would not pee himself, Xander took the monumental step of
sticking his head inside and calling out with a cautious, small voice.

"Hello? Is someone here"

Jack had just dozed off when he was startled awake. With a mind like a steel
trap, he woke, determined the general situation and instantly grabbed onto it.

"Wwwho is it? Who's there?"

Setting aside his own fear, Xander instantly responded to the terror in the
voice of the person who had answered and he stepped into the room.
When is eyes focused in the dark, he spotted the boy, wearing nothing but
boxer shorts, stretched out on a small bed.

"Jack? Oh, my, God! What the hell happened to you?"

Jack was delighted. This idiot was exactly what he needed. He had two
days of bullshit ahead of him before Spike would let him go and he was bored
to death already. A bit of game playing with this fool would help to pass the
time considerably.

Rattling the chains that held his wrists and ankles to the bed, Jack whined pitifully,
as the horror showed on his face. Xander immediately ran to his side and tried
to unhook the chains. It didn't take long to realize that the locks were solid and
would need a key to release.

Jack cringed, drawing his nearly naked body as far from Xander's touch as the
restraints would allow.

"Spike did this. He beats us and chains us up when we don't make enough money
for him."

Xander stepped back apprehensively.
"Spike did this? Why? What money? What the fuck are you talking about?"

Jack was delighted and could barely control his urge to giggle. This was better than
he could have ever hoped for. Still, he maintained his kicked puppy persona.

"Don't you know? Don't you know why you are here?"

Xander tipped his head slightly. He remembered Spike saying that Jack was a liar
and that he should stay away from him. Still, Xander could tell there was more going
on here than was floating on the surface and he needed to know.

"No. Why do you think I'm here?"

Jack jerked on his leg chains for emphasis then continued.

"You are here cause you work the streets just like we all do. Spike is our pimp.
He keeps us trapped here and every night we have to go out on the streets and
let men fuck us for money. In the morning, Spike takes all our money and locks
us in our rooms."

Xander's eyes were huge and he felt as though he had been punched in the stomach.
His brain spun trying to unravel the facts and weigh them for validity. Certain
pieces fit and some did not but Xander wanted to hear more before deciding.

"How do you know about me?"

Jack blinked innocently.
"Andre said you were fucking for pocket change. Takin' it up the ass from any
diseased prick with a couple bucks when you got mugged and beat up. I even
heard Master Spike tell Mrs. Gessel that Andre might have been the one who
knocked you in the head. He figured he could patch you up and make you work
the stroll for him, seeing as how you was doin' it anyway."

Jack snickered internally when he saw the insecurity and hurt that flashed across
Xander's face. Xander felt sick, yet he knew something that Jack didn't.
Jack apparently knew nothing of Spike and Xander's history together and right
now, that was a bit of information Xander would hold in reserve.

Over their years together, Xander had seen Spike do a lot of crazy things, but this
didn't feel right. Even with the chip gone, this didn't fit with the Spike Xander had
come to know. Not the Spike that fought and nearly died to save the world.

"So, he chained you up for not making enough money?"

Jack sniffled and nodded.
"I was still weak from the last punishment and he made me go out anyway. I
couldn't earn enough and now he has chained me for two days."

Xander thought about that.
"Two days? Spike said you had moved on and weren't coming back."

When he heard that, Jack's head snapped up and the look of terror in his bugged
eyes this time was genuine. If Spike had already told them that he was gone, Jack
knew that whatever would happen at the end of his two days was not going to be
a welcome home party. Suddenly, the painful jerking on his chains took on
a frantic believability.
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