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Flesh & Blood

Title: Flesh & Blood (An S/X adaptation of the Rutger Hauer movie of the same name)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, rape, violence, vague non graphic mentions of het sex, swearing, angst, harsh themes, mild Sub/Dom. OOC, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd, blatant use of movie dialogue.
Rating: NC17 Throughout
Pairing: 100% S/X
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note1: This is Europe in 1501. Times and people were harsh. Life was cheap and plague rife. This is not a cuddly story and Spike is not a cuddly character. Some might find his treatment of Xander, questionable.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. What sex there is happens in the natural course of the plot and as part of Spike and Xander's relationship.

Note 4: This is a human/medieval Spike and Xander expect them to behave as such.

Summary: When Prince Rupert is usurped and ousted from his city, he lays siege. He decides to use a group of wandering mercenaries led by the charismatic but dangerous Spike to supplement his army. When he goes back on his word to allow the mercenaries 24 hours free hand to loot the City unopposed, Spike plots revenge. Unfortunately it is Rupert's 18 year old, scholarly son Xander who must pay the price.

Chapter 25/26 + Epilogue

Rating: NC17

Chapter: 25/26 + Epilogue

Rating NC17 Throughout

"Hurry Spike," Xander urged. "The drawbridge is down, Angelus and my father could be here at any time, we have to get away through the tunnel." He reached for Spike helping him the last few feet and to climb out of the well. Spike frowned. "Tunnel?" Xander pulled at him urging him into the castle. "Dru and I found it in the dungeon, there's a false wall, it runs about half a mile from the castle. Comes up a few yards short of the forest. Spike blinked at him. "You found a way out, you could have escaped and you didn't?" Xander looked at him, confusion on his face. "I told you, I don't want to go." Spike shook his head in disbelief, had the boy gone mad?. They hurried inside. "Are Gunn and Dru still here?" Spike asked urgently. "Yes and Willow and Andrew and Jonathan I think." Xander replied.

" Right get them into the tunnel and away." Spike ordered. Xander shook his head. "Not without you." Spike glared, even now the boy defied him. "You'll do as I say," he growled then his face softened slightly as he saw determination on the boy's. "I'll be right behind you, I just need to get the loot."

"Spike leave it, please," Xander implored, holding his arm. "we'll manage without it." Spike shook his head. "The loot is what all this has been about, if I leave it everything will have been for nothing." Xander felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach by a mule. Spike moved away. "Go on, go we're wasting time." He bounded up the steps as Xander watched, tears in his eyes..

Xander gathered the small band of mercenaries together. Andrew and Jonathan carried torches and divided everyone's loot between themselves and Willow. Gunn carried an unconscious Drusilla. Xander led them to the dungeon and opened the secret passage. He refused their entreaties to go with them, stating that he would wait for Spike and they would come together. Gunn looked uncertain, but he needed to get Drusilla away and so they all started along with promises to wait in the forest for Xander and Spike.

Angelus thundered over the drawbridge and halted in the courtyard, vaulting from his horse. He looked round and made to enter the castle.

Spike took mainly jewelry and a few of the best pieces of gold plate that wouldn't weigh him down too much. He had more than enough to buy a decent sized farm and some quality livestock.

Angelus opened the main door quietly and stepped inside the castle. He quickly checked the bodies, satisfying himself that none were Spike. A noise above drew his attention to the spiral steps and he hid in the shadows. Spike bounded down, his sack of loot slung over his shoulder. On the last step, Angelus showed himself and Spike froze.

The two men assessed each other. Spike let the sack fall with a clatter and drew his sword, stepping onto the stone floor. "Captain." He greeted.

"You bastard Spike why'd you have to come back and why he boy?"
Spike shrugged. "Scores to settle, debts to collect, the boy was a means to an end." They circled each other. "Your quarrel was with his father not the boy!" Angelus hissed. Spike nodded. "Both you and I know sometimes the innocent suffer."

"You evil bastard, I should have had you hung instead of showing you mercy."

"Perhaps." Spike snapped. "But you didn't."

"A mistake I won't repeat." Angelus lunged, Spike parried and spun, Angelus perused him. Angelus was bigger and stronger a skilled swordsman, Spike was quicker and more agile, equally skilled. Swords clashed as each looked for an advantage and found none. Spike broke away and they circled again.

"Why Spike? why'd you kill an eighteen year old boy?" Angelus growled. Spike scowled. "What the Hell are you talking about? I haven't killed the boy, he's alive and well."

"Liar!" Agelus roared. "Lindsey told us, you tried to rape him and," Angelus's voice broke. "and when he tried to defend himself, you killed him!" Spike's scowl cleared. "Lindsey was lying, he'd say anything but his prayers. The boy's alive, I swear it on my honor." Angelus shook his head. "You have no honor and you're not fooling me!" Angelus snarled. "This time Spike, this time I'm not showing any mercy!"

Angelus came at him, Spike raised his sword to parry the blows as Angelus forced him back towards the steps.

Xander paced anxiously in the dungeon, Spike was taking far too long. At any moment Angelus and this father could invade the castle along with God knew how many soldiers, he needed to get Spike away and then, and then what? He shook his head he'd worry about that later, he needed to get Spike. He bounded up the dungeon steps.

Spike tried to dodge away from the heavy blows, caught his heel in the sack of loot and sprawled onto his back, his sword spinning away from him across the floor. Angelus pointed his sword at his chest. "This is for the boy." He made to strike.

"Stop!" Xander yelled running into the great hall. Angelus froze and blinked at the boy. "Xander?" He staggered back. "But you're dead." Xander stood between Angelus and Spike. "Obviously Captain, I'm not." Behind him Spike slowly got to his feet. Angelus shook his head. "But Lindsey said."

"I told you he lied." Spike glowered. Angelus narrowed his eyes. "Xander come stand by me." Xander shook his head. "You're not hurting Spike." Angelus kept his eyes on Spike. "Be sensible Xander he kidnapped you, held you to ransom."

"Which my father never paid." Xander interrupted. "Nevertheless your place is with your father." Angelus said flatly.

"No I'm not going back." Xander shook his head. "I want to stay with Spike." Angelus frowned. "What are you talking about boy? You don't belong with him, you were raised to be a prince, come with me."


Spike spoke quietly "Go with him Xander, he's right, you have no future with me." Xander gazed at him. "You don't mean that?"

"Yes boy I do. I don't want you." Spike nodded.

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