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Fic search

I know I've read this fic recently, but I can't seem to find it. Willow is working for Giles at the Magic Box, and sneaking looks into some of the books she isn't supposed to read. She creates a banishing potion, which Xander somehow drinks (just part of it, I think.) He begins to turn into a demon ... can phase shift. I think that's what they called it. He can go noncorporeal, at any rate. Which turns out to be a good thing towards the end of the fic, as he saves the day by grabbing a super bad guy and taking him to whatever dimension he visits when he shifts. And leaves him there. Oh ... he also removes Spike's chip by phasing his hand into Spike's head. Any ideas?

I have to start bookmarking these fics, and tagging them so I'll know what's what. Sigh. Just call me Brain-dead.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:  Bangs head repeatedly against desk.  Tag the bookmarks, tag the bookmarks.  Thanks muchly, Darkhavens.  (Tag the bookmarks, she muttered as she wandered in search of something for her poor head.)
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