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Flesh & Blood

Title: Flesh & Blood (An S/X adaptation of the Rutger Hauer movie of the same name)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, rape, violence, vague non graphic mentions of het sex, swearing, angst, harsh themes, mild Sub/Dom. OOC, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd, blatant use of movie dialogue.
Rating: NC17 Throughout
Pairing: 100% S/X
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note1: This is Europe in 1501. Times and people were harsh. Life was cheap and plague rife. This is not a cuddly story and Spike is not a cuddly character. Some might find his treatment of Xander, questionable.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. What sex there is happens in the natural course of the plot and as part of Spike and Xander's relationship.

Note 4: This is a human/medieval Spike and Xander expect them to behave as such.

Summary: When Prince Rupert is usurped and ousted from his city, he lays siege. He decides to use a group of wandering mercenaries led by the charismatic but dangerous Spike to supplement his army. When he goes back on his word to allow the mercenaries 24 hours free hand to loot the City unopposed, Spike plots revenge. Unfortunately it is Rupert's 18 year old, scholarly son Xander who must pay the price.

Chapter 26/26 + Epilogue

Rating: NC17

Chapter: 26/26 + Epilogue

Rating NC17 Throughout

AN The last three chapters haven't really followed the course of the movie, but this is the last chapter that that has anything to to with the movie at all. Tomorrow's Epilogue is original writing and deals with the aftermath of Xander's captivity and those of you who want to remain faithful to the movie might want to exit the train after this chapter.

Angelus was torn as to what to do. "In God's name boy, listen to him, he knows you don't belong with him." Angelus reasoned. Xander straightened. "He's lying, and even if he doesn't want me, I'm not coming back to a life where I was ignored and laughed at." Spike sighed and stepped back. "Take him Captain, I'll not interfere." Angelus stepped forward, Xander's eyes flickered and he made a dive for Spike's sword, Spike moved to stop him but Xander grabbed it and held it up defensively. "If you try to take me Captain, I'll fight you."

Angelus sighed and rolled his eyes. "In the name of God, I'm not going to fight you Xander." Spike held out his hand, he'd trained the boy to obey him would he do so now, when it really counted?. "Give me the sword boy, you and I both know I can take it from you and you won't use it on me."

"No, not on you." Xander reversed the sword so that it pointed at his chest. "On me." Spike froze. Both men gasped "God Almighty Xander, think what you're doing, it's a mortal sin." Angelus implored.

"I am." Xander smiled. "I love him, I want to be with him." Spike clenched his teeth. "Listen to me boy," he hissed. "I. Don't Want You. I don't love you, you'd be nothing but trouble." For a moment Xander's smile and resolve faltered, he was pinning everything on Spike covering up his true feelings... But if he was wrong and the mercenary really didn't want him, what then? Then something in him uncoiled and raised it 'self up and he was certain, he looked Spike in the eye. "Liar," he said softly.

Spike glanced at Angelus, Angelus nodded. "Come with me Xander and Spike can go free." For a moment Xander hesitated, then he squared his shoulders. "We both go Captain." Angelus nodded and his expression darkened. "Then I kill Spike and you'll have no one to go with." Xander snorted. "Kill Spike and you kill me, do you want that Captain? My death on your conscience? " Xander's face hardened. "This is all your doing Angelus, from the beginning, if you'd stood up to my father and made him keep his word, none of us would be here now, but you didn't and we are." Xander saw the stricken look on the Captain's face and part of him was sorry to be the cause, but he was fighting for a future, a future with Spike and at this moment he was his father's son. "I'm giving you a way out, tell my father I'm dead and Spike too, Christ man just let us go." He implored.

Angelus lowered his sword, he felt like the boy had kicked him in the stomach. He staggered a little. "I did what I could, I let Spike live in reward for saving my life. Your father holds the power of life and death over us all, I had no choice Xander." He looked from Spike to Xander and back. That the boy thought himself in love with the blond mercenary he didn't doubt, but what of Spike? His assertion to not want the boy didn't match with the way he looked at him and was Spike even capable of being noble? Of giving up the boy for his own sake? He took a deep breath. "Xander, I know you think you love him, but a few weeks back where you belong and you'll realize this was just folly, a wild fancy."

"Is your love for Elizabeth folly? A wild fancy?" Xander snapped. "That's different boy!" Angelus retorted. "Why? Because she's a woman? Because you're older than me? I'll thank you not to take it upon yourself Captain to tell me how I feel." Angelus had never heard such resolve in Xander's voice or seen such fire in his eyes.

"Xander." Spike held out his hand. "Nor you!" Xander glared at him. "I love you, I don't know why or how, but I do." Spike sighed and shook his head and looked at Angelus. "What now Captain?"

"This is all my fault," He said brokenly. "I should never have let you live, but God forgive me I did."

"The fault is not entirely yours Captain." Xander softened his stance. "It was my father's treachery set this in motion and consider this, perhaps it was meant to be this way." Angelus drew a deep, shuddering breath. "And what of your father Xander? What do I say to him? If he knows you live he'll hunt you down, he won't rest until he has you back. You are is heir, his chance to carry on his line and he won't let you go easily."

"Then as I said, he must think me dead." Xander replied sadly. Angelus groaned. "I can't lie to him."

"Try Captain, you did it once." Xander reminded him. Angelus's jaw tightened and his fingers tightened on his sword. He looked Spike in the eyes. "Do you love him, care for him at all?" Spike hesitated and glanced at Xander and then looked back at the Captain. "He's, he's in my blood," he said falteringly. "seared into my soul." Angelus nodded, that was not the answer he wanted, but from Spike it was probably the best he'd get. "Will you at least care for him?"

Spike drew himself to his full height. "You have my word, as long as I live." Angelus sheathed his sword and Xander relaxed. Angelus stepped up to Spike. "If I hear of any harm coming to him I swear Spike I'll hunt you down, even if it takes the rest of my life and I travel the world over, I will kill you." Spike nodded. Angelus stepped back. "Go! Both of you before I change my mind!" He barked.

They moved quickly then. Xander gave Spike his sword and Spike grabbed the sack of loot. Xander turned to the Captain. "Thank you for this Captain. You are a good and honorable man and my family has done ill by you. My God bless you and your wife and grant you a long and happy life. " Angelus nodded dumbly. Spike and the Captain nodded to each other and Spike hurried after Xander.

Angelus looked around, how was he to convince Rupert both Spike and Xander were dead? Xander was easy, Graham would back him up that Lindsey had said Spike killed him and he would say he killed Spike, but if they searched the castle, all was lost. What if there were no castle to search?

Angelus sat at his vantage point overlooking the castle, watching it burn. The roofs and wooden structures had collapsed long ago and the stone was blacked where it had been licked by the flames. He was satisfied that any bodies inside were either burned beyond recognition or reduced to ash and teeth by the intensity of the fire. Now and again a tall flame leapt up as something was consumed, but mostly the castle smoldered and black smoke curled skywards. He pulled the blanket tighter round him.

The sound of horses made him turn and Prince Rupert, Graham and Prince Hoffran followed by heavily armed soldiers cantered towards him, he stood. Rupert stopped near him. "Xander?"

Angelus sighed. "As Lindsey said, dead by Spike's hand I saw the body, Spike died by mine. For a moment Rupert's eyes narrowed and he studied him before groaning and bowing his head. "My poor, dear son." Hoffran rode forward. "How came the castle to burn?" Angelus shrugged. "They had a woman with them, a simple minded creature called Drusilla, I think she set it ablaze." Hoffran grunted.

"Did any escape Captain?" Graham asked. Angelus hesitated then shook his head. "Those the plague hadn't taken, died in the fire." Graham frowned and then shrugged. Hoffran turned to Rupert. "Come back to my castle, rest, mourn your loss, allow Anya to comfort you." Rupert nodded.

They turned and rode away, only Graham remained. "What will you do now Captain?" Angelus swung up onto his horse. "My work is done here, I'm going home."

He set his horse toward the setting sun, home and Elizabeth.

The epilogue tomorrow in original writing. For those who exit here, thank you for reading and/or commenting. Join me on 1st October 2009 for the rollicking 'Hamunaptra'. (An S/X version of The Mummy.)

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