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so you wonderful folks all know me by now. rarely ever do i remember author or title. and usually i just remember some random scene or even just a line. but bloodclaimers are the best at decyphering my random fic cravings. so if i may be so bold, i've got two in my mind that are haunting me. help?

in one xander makes a deal with spike, he will help deactivate the chip and be spikes' luvmonkey if the vamp agrees to take him along when he leaves sunnyhell. there is some reference to past abuse and a reference to xander being too pretty for a boy. what i remember most is the fact that i have the exact same dream car as spike does in this fic. the jaguar hearse from harold & maude. love that car and love the fic. anyone?

the other i can remember almost nothing. sorry. but xander is gagged for some reason and spike says something about xander smelling like "sunshine and puppydogs" to which an incredulous xander replies "ippyogs?" yeah nothing to go on here i know. but if you can recall the fic or have a reasonable guess.....

thanks all


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