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More Hard Times for S & X chapter 1

Title: More Hard Times for S & X (sequel to Hard Times for Spike and Xan)
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: male/male sex, future mpreg!
Summary: Just what are all those “tests” leading up to?
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters. We do not make any money off of this. We are only having fun.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. Warped = Spike. Nightmare = Xander.


Xander woke up around 10am that morning and carefully escaped the apartment.

Finding a pet shop that sold cats was harder then he thought and finally decided to just go to the pound. 

He was walking up and down the cages when he saw a little kitten sleeping in the back of one. Right away, he knew that was the one. He was smaller than the other kittens and was gray with black stripes. When the man came, took him out, and handed him to Xander, big, grey eyes starred back up at him. 

After taking care of the paper work and stopping by a pet store to pick everything up, he made his way back home. 

He snuck back into the apartment and was happy to find Spike still asleep in bed. Xander placed the kitten down on the bed and stood back to wait for Spike to wake up and find his surprise.

Spike smelled something different near him, it wasn't quiet Xander, but... it was... small and innocent. He turned his head and saw a little kitten next to him. 

"Aww, pet! Thank you!" he gasped, reaching down and lifting the little kitty into his arms and cuddled it close. He looked up at Xander, "I thought you wanted to get a dog?" He purred against the kitten.

"Yeah, but you wanted a cat. And what my Spike wants, my Spike gets. Plus we can get a dog once we have kids running around." The last part slipped out but he didn’t care, he loved making Spike happy like this. It was like a little kid at Christmas. 

He went and sat on the bed next to Spike and the kitten, a huge smile on his face. 

"So, what are you going to name him?"

Spike actually had to think. "I... have no idea. Charcoal? But, he isn't really black," he looked at the cat, "I don't know. I want you to name it!" He pointed the cat towards Xander, "Cuddle with him and think of a name," he smiled cutely.

"Great put all the pressure on me," Xander muttered with a put-upon sigh. He took the kitten and lay down on his back, putting it on his chest right in front of his face.

The kitten tilted his head and then touched his nose to Xander's. He laughed out, "He seems like a doofus to me. Ummm lets see... what about Merton?"

Spike laughed, "Alright pet. Merton it is. But... he isn't a doofus. He seems very smart. But… if we get a dog, he will probably be a doofus. And we can name him Tommy." 

The vampire grinned brightly, his day already great.

Xander scratched under Merton's chin and purred when he did. He put the kitten down on the bed and stretched out.

"Alright, now what? We took care of the Toth thing, I'm pretty sure all my 'tests' are done..."

Spike laughed, "Yeah. I hope so." He leaned over and kissed Xander's lips tenderly. "I love you so much. You do so much for me that I don't deserve." 

When Merton pounced onto his leg he giggled and lifted the little thing up and kissed it softly.

'God they are so fucking cute,' Xander thought when he saw Spike kiss the kitten.

"You deserve everything I give you. And don’t you forget it!" He sat up and leaned against Spike's side. "Kinda weird to think that we're like a real family now." he said as he reached over to scratch Merton's back.

Merton purred and arched his back, and then waddled over to Xander on the uneven blankets. 

Spike smiled brightly, "I think he likes you," he teased, kissing Xan's cheek.

"He better like me. I'm the one who took him out of that awful place. I'm also the one who's going to pay for his food, toys, kitty litter, vet bills, ... the list goes on my friend!" Xander said this while holding Merton up to his face and looking into innocent grey eyes. 

Merton, knowing Xander was talking about him, licked the human’s nose.

Spike opened his mouth, and then closed it. "Do... you want me to start paying for things?" he tilted his head curiously. He would get a job if Xander wanted him to bring more money into the place.

"Hmm?" Xander asked absently as he put Merton in his lap on his back. The kitten was swatting and Xander’s fingers and meowing. When he noticed Spike asked him a question he looked up at him. "A job? You?" he was giggling from a combination of Spike and Merton. "You don’t have to get a job, baby. To tell you the truth, I'm loaded."

Spike looked down and nodded, "Alright pet. If you say so." He reached up and ran his fingers through Xan's hair. "Your amazing." He moved closer to him and smiled brightly, "You would be a great mom or dad."

"I get told that a lot. I think that’s part of the reason I saved up so much fucking money. I just kept telling myself not to spend it because imagine what I can buy my kids instead." 

He wrapped an arm around Spike and smirked "You would make one hell of an overprotective dad. Could you imagine if we had a girl and she brought home a boy? I feel bad for the kid alread-" he trailed of and his eyes widened. He turned his head to face Spike, "Are we seriously talking about this?"

Spike was just grinning brightly at Xander, "Yeah. And ya know what pet?" he leaned closer and kissed Xander deeply, "I like it. I wanna make a family with you. I want to see you have a bigger belly, a belly that is holding our little nippers."

Xander looked down and put a hand on his stomach. He imagined what he would look like pregnant, holding Spike's baby. He looked back up, his hand still on his stomach, with tears in his eyes. "That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it.”

Spike held Xander's face in his hands as he tenderly kissed his lips, "Yeah, pet… it would. It would look very cool."

He smiled sweetly as Merton looked up at Xander and gave a pitiful meow, wanting to make him happy not sad.

Xander wiped at his eyes and laughed. "We should stop talking about this. I doubt its even possible." Now he felt even more tears slid down his face and he sniffled while trying to whip them away. He gave up when they just kept coming and started to pet Merton, trying to act like he was fine.

Spike pulled Xander close and rubbed his back gently, hushing and humming him a small song he liked. "It's alright pet. We will talk to Red, Giles, Glinda... whoever to get that dream to come true." He whispered. 

Merton licked and rubbed against Xander's hand. 

Xander gave up holding back his tears and wrapped his arms around Spike, being careful of Merton who was still in his lap. He pushed his face into Spike's shoulder and sobbed. 

"I want it so bad. I want it so fucking bad, Spike."

Spike kissed Xander's head, "We will. We will find a way. I promise you. I want this just as bad... and I am so happy we can do it together."

'Now...who can I talk to about this with...?'

"We will go talk to Ripper and them in the mornin'."

Xander pulled back and wiped his eyes and nose. "Okay."

He put Merton down onto the floor and turned back to Spike, kissing him deeply. "I love you. Need you."

Spike purred into the kiss, and nodding his head said, "Alright, pet, you can have me." He smiled, deepening the kiss more. 

Merton let out a yowl but gave up and walked out of the room, looking to see his new home. 

Spike gently bit on Xander's bottom lip.

"Please... Spike..." he panted out. Xander moaned and fell back pulling Spike on top of him. Running his nails over Spikes back, thankful that Spike slept naked. "Baby, please... please fuck me," he was thrusting up into the vampire and devouring his mouth. 

Spike growled, as he started ravaging his lover's mouth. "Yes pet... that's good. Beg me." He reached down and started to stroke Xan's cock. "Good boy." He kissed down his body, pulling off their clothes, and nuzzled the pubic hair before gently licking the tip.

"FUCK!" Xander screamed when Spike licked him. 
This is the first time Spike has ever done that and he didn’t know if he could take much more. His hands reached down and fisted in the curls of the blonde. "God, please. Suck me! Fuck me! Anything, please!"

Spike chuckled, his breath rolling over Xander's quivering cock. "Pet, relax, I will take care of you." He purred, his tongue pushing hard against the spongy head, and his mouth covered the cock, taking it all in, and he started humming random things to Xander, making the vibrations go straight to Xander's balls, encouraging him to cum.

Xander arched his back and pushed Spike's head down as his cum shot out. "SPIKE!" 

When his cock stopped twitching he fell back on the bed and panted harshly. He ran his hands through Spike's hair, an apology for holding it so rough. 

"Fuck, that was good."

Spike swallowed the cum, and wiped the excess from his chin. He grinned as he crawled up his lover’s body and captured Xan's lips with his. "Come on, baby, beg me to fuck you," he purred. His hand was stroking his own cock and he made the most seductive look as he moaned out his love's name.

Xander smirked at the fact that Spike wanted him to beg. "Spike! So hot for you. Need you. Please, fuck me with you huge cock. Fuck my tight whole and fill me with you cum."

'Good enough?' he laughed.

Spike pouted, but smiled as he gently kissed Xander's lips. "Alright, honey. Maybe you don't want me to fuck you," he sat back on his knees and raised an eyebrow at the brunette.

Xander's jaw dropped. "What? ... but... but I... What?"

'He's joking right? Well I'm not waiting to find out. I feel like a fucking cat in heat.'

Xander stuck two fingers in his mouth and quickly slicked them before taking them out and shoving them into his own hole.

"Fuck!" he pushed his fingers in and out of himself while stroking his own cock with the other hand.

'Damn it. Why am I so fucking horny?!'

Spike stared at Xander, his eyes wide, and his mouth open. He wasn't sure if he was drooling or not, but... fuck! That is the hottest thing he had ever seen. He grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock.

"Bloody hell pet. You are a site to see right now," he growled, his eyes flashing yellow as he pounced on Xander. He yanked the fingers out of Xander's hole and replaced them with his lubed cock. 

"How fast you want me, baby?" Spike purred shyly.


Xander was already pushing down on Spike's cock, not able to wait for him to move on his own. His body felt heavy and light at the same time and he was so fucking hot. He could feel his hole gripping around Spike's cock and it made his shiver. 

'Okay sooooo past the whole 'cat in heat’ thing. Something is going on here but I really don’t care right now.'

Spike groaned, staring down at Xander. "God pet. What is going on?" he moaned, his cock harder than a rock, and he refused to stop fucking this tight and hot hole. He saw how horny his lover was, and he could tell this wasn't normal, but he wasn't going to stop now, he was going to figure it out later.

Xander was holding on to Spike to make sure he couldn’t leave, even if he wanted to. 

"Harder. Harder. More. Harder." he repeated over and over. He was quivering around Spike and he could feel that he was close to cumming.

Spike growled deep and low as he vamped out all the way and he yanked out and flipped so Xander was on his hands and knees and he shoved into him as hard as he could, and started thrusting like there was no tomorrow. 

"Take it!" the vampire yelled, his hands moving all over Xander's body, pinching his nipples, and grasping his cock and stroking it with his thrusts.

Xander pushed back with each of Spike's thrusts and yelled when they hit is prostate. He felt himself cum and clench Spike's cock even harder. 

Even though he came twice now, he was still hard and continued to push back into Spike. He just hoped his lover could keep going. 

Spike's eyes shut tight as he continued. It felt like his cock was going to explode, but he could feel that he had to keep going for his love. 

"Baby... please.... I don't know how much longer I can last. You’re so tight. So hot, so mine," he yelled diving down and shoving his teeth into Xander's neck, and he deeply sucked a couple gulps. He ripped his mouth off, "Xan... I can't last much longer!"

Xander felt the need to transform hit him like a train. He bent over and rested his head on his forearms, trying to hold the demons back. If he did change, he could hurt Spike with all the spikes on his back.

When Spike said that he couldn’t last, he lost control and felt the spikes and claws emerge. And with a yell he came again for what seemed like hours.

Spike could feel the spikes ready to emerge so he moved his hands from where he saw the spikes, but kept thrusting, and when Xander started coming again the tightness made him cry out and cum deeply into him, his cock twitching out his release. 

"Ohh... Xan... babe. Damn," he felt light headed so he laid down. He wanted to hold his lover close, but with the spikes... he couldn't.

For five minutes after Xander started to cum, a spurt would shoot out every now and then. He didn’t know where all this cum was coming from. He tried to move or to change back, but was so worn out he could only lay there and pant. 

"Wha-" he managed to get out before his world turned dark.

Spike gasped when Xander became unconscious, "Shit! What do I do?" He carefully moved Xander around so he was facing Spike, and he cut his wrist deeply and pressed it to Xan's mouth, "Drink it, pet. Please?"

Xander managed to suck on wound on Spike's lips and opened his eyes. 

"What the hell just happened?" He tried to pull the spikes back in again but still couldn’t seem to do it. "You okay? Did you feel that too?" he had to know if Spike just went through the same thing he did or if it was just him. 

'Maybe it was another test? But what kind of test is that?'

Spike shook his head, "Not really, no." He ran his fingers lovingly through Xan's hair. "No. I was just turned on by you... but I have no idea what is going on with you. Maybe you should talk to the PtB..."

Xander nodded absently, "Sure. Just... tomorrow. I don’t think people are supposed to live after cumming that much," he pointed to the giant wet spot with a laugh. 

Getting comfortable with the spikes was difficult and he was so tired he eventually just gave up and fell asleep.

Spike moved so he got Xander lying on the pillows, so it could make it more comfortable, even with the spikes. "I'm sorry pet... this is just shitty." 

He moved about the room and started cleaning up the very, very big wet spot. "God… he did cum a shit load," he chuckled. 

Suddenly the vampire blinked and gasped. "Merton?" he called softly and he smiled brightly when the kitten meowed pitifully and ran to Spike, begging for attention. 

"Aww, were sorry. We had to fix something, come here," he purred, lifting Merton up and cuddling him. He walked to the kitchen and got a bowl out , put cat food in it, and a small saucer of milk both on the floor, then placed Merton down with it. He watched the kitten for a bit before going and lying down near Xander.


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 Merton the cat is named after Merton from Big Wolf on Campus (a freaking great show).

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