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Notice of Posting and Details/Preview: HAMUNAPTRA

Title: HAMUNAPTRA (An S/X adaptation of The Mummy)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, humor, mild angst, things coming to life, scarab beetles, OOC, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd, blatant use of movie dialogue.
Rating: NC17 Overall Individual Chapters PG-NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X

I will begin posting this fic from 1st October 2009.

The story is complete and consists of a Prologue and 31 chapters. One chapter will be posted daily until completed. Wesley fans might like to note he plays a major role and we see the return of Oz as the comic villain.



Thebes: City of The Living and jewel in the crown of Pharoh Seti I.

Thebes: Birthplace of Xan-uk-amun the beautiful youth Pharaoh took as his male concubine.

Thebes: Home of Angelus High Priest of Osiris, Keeper of The Dead.

Xan-uk-amun walked through the elaborate halls of the Pharaoh's palace, long, black hair hanging loose. He was tall and slender, his large, brown eyes outlined in khol, full lips painted berry red. He was naked except for a pair of gold sandals and a short black and gold loin cloth. His olive skin was painted with intricate patterns as Pharaoh had ordered, for none were allowed touch him but Pharaoh himself and any doing so would smudge the intricate artistry and Pharaoh would know.

They said Xan-uk-amun had a smile that could light up a room, but he seldom smiled these days. Since he had been the Pharaoh's concubine he had gone each day to pray in the temple of Osiris, under the watchful gaze of the High Priest Angelus, a tall, dark, muscular, bald-headed man, with a handsome if somewhat sinister expression. The Priest watched and wanted the youth, they talked and laughed together and gradually they fell in love but never touched. Angelus, himself a powerful man with an army of warrior priests grew resentful and jealous of the Pharaoh, till at last he dared to risk life itself to spend one night with Xan-uk-amun.
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